Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura does god’s aarti and address god that her disciple killed many birds with 1 arrow. She kicked out Meera and killed Chanda and made Vidya believe that she killed Chanda, now Vidya will die in guilt. Time circle has turned in her favor, Kokila will be in jail forever and she will destroy Kokila’s whole family. She will be sole queen of her haveli and will enjoy like a queen. She then starts dancing and singing.

Kokila in jail reminisces Gaura’s threat that she will bomb blast Modi bhavan if Kokila does not accept crime. Kokila cries that she will not let anything happen to her family, whatever it may happen.

Jaggi jokes with Gopi and says one should be jovial always. Jai and Veeru come from school and run towards Seeta. Seeta does not smile and looks tensed.

Gopi says Seeta looks like in some other tension and is hiding it.

Vidya serves tea to Gaura with tears. Gaura asks her to forget what happened. Dharam and Shravan enter and ask why she is crying, what happened to her. Gaura thinks Vidya should not tell truth. Vidya says papaji…Gaura says she is crying reminiscing Meera. Vidya says papaji..chanda.. Gaura interrupts and says all this problem happened because of Chanda. Shravan says something has happened here. Gaura says Chanda was not taking care of babies, so Vidya scolded her, so Chanda ran away. Dharam is shocked and asks how will they find Meera now.

Urmila sees all her slippers missing and panics. Seeta brings shoes. Urmila yells if he is a shoe thief. Seeta says she cleaned her shoes. Urmila says she has cleaning disorder. Gopi says seeta cannot see dirt and has OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder. Urmila says same, disorder. Jaggi drops sauce on floor and Seeta cleans it. They all laugh

Gaura calls herr lawyer and asks if property is transferred in her name. Lawyer says yes, with the finger prints on papers, he will transfer all property in her name. Gaura laughs.

Seeta dreams about her mother torturing her and gets very shouting. Gopi with Jaggi and Urmila enter and console her. She thinks Seeta is worried about something. In the morning, Gopi does aarti and camphor is about to blow off when Seeta comes and adds camphor. They both perform aarti and sign bhajan. Gaura comes holding aarti thali. Everyone are surprised to see her.

Precap: Gaura goes to Urvashi’s room and says she prayed for Urmila’s health. Gopi says Urvashi is in coma since the accident. Gaura tries to leave. Urvashi opens eyes hearing her voice and holds her pallu. Gopi notices it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. When will modi bhavan residents notice the cameras? Are they all blind? Also why has no one checked the tabeet in urvashi’ s stuff. Why drag this track for so long. Why doesn’t kokila give a clue or hint to jaggi or gopi?

  2. hi nandi,sid,somi,chithu,rani,sharad,isaaq,mahi,rose thank u so much for ur warming wishes. exam was postponed due to special backward class reservation matter now it is solved by supreme court so within 2 to 3 days rpsc will publish notice regarding exam date. so i want to recover again whole syllabus n will revise it regularly.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Akshay prepare well and wenever u are free comment here k ?. Bcoz after u returned there is always nearly 80+ comments frm last 10 days ?. So keep commenting once in a day k ?.

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Akshay! Study well and at the same time take a break for sometime and refresh ur mind…as sid said comment here whenever you get time?

    3. Bhai all d vry Bay but please do comment when u r free and come back soon

    4. Chithu

      All the best Akshay do well ?

  3. Gaura is not even half as good the villain Radha was.

  4. tanya aka meera leave the show she is new chandrakanta of ekta kapoor show

    1. Tanya is not leaving the show SNS.Tanya and Makers confirmed this News Tanya is not leaving the show SNS.EktaKapoor ki Chandrakanta ki cast abhi tak finalize nahi huva hai.some News mein ye aaya ki Tanya bhi us audition ke.liye gayi thi. But ye kab kiya hai,ya uska koi pic nahi dikhaya hai.Tanya ne bhi kuch nahi kaha .Kyunki pehle.some misunderstandings ki vajah se SNSmakers and that actress ne aisa kaha.But abhi they confirmed it they solved their misunderstandings and she is not leaving the show SNS.Aur ye khabar bhi vahi Newschannel diyi hai.

      1. And Don’t know that audition vala news mein kitna sach hai ya nahi.

  5. Isaaq

    Guys I am honestly really serious of this new guy. We have so much in common. He really cares about me and understands me very well. All Adam has been doing is neglecting me and living his life.

    He’s a bit shy and he’s not as arrogant as Adam. I mean when I sat next to him today, he was shy as I wanted to sit next to him today.

    But… I don’t love him??? I scared you all didn’t I?????? I don’t love him. I care for him as a friend. I’ve always wanted a caring friend. I’ve just searched his name up on google and he has all these great awards. I’m not infatuated with him at all- I’m just happy that I have got a caring friend. I’ve been lonely in my life and I’m happy that I have new friends who are amazing.

    1. Motilal Johns Dad

      Beti issaq kaise ho

    2. Nandhini

      Yes Isaaq you scared the hell out of me and i thought you must be playing some kind of joke on us…i expected today you will be saying this, that it was a joke…thank goodness! naughty girl!??

      1. Isaaq

        I’ve spent more time with the new guy. He’s amazing. We have so much in common. He loves reading books and poems- he has this favourite poem and he’s just so educated and so interesting. He’s exactly like me. I gave my number to him and he said whenever I’m in trouble, I can call him and he will sort them out? I searched him up on google and he’s won all these awards and hes brilliant. Today we became so close to each other that I was about to cry of joy that God had sent another man in my life. It feels like a dream. It’s too good to be true. He really cares about me and he’s always worried about me. He scolded me today for not eating my breakfast? The fact we both are law students and we both have the same goals in life, he’s perfect for me. I’m at the infatuation stage but soon I might fall in love with him. Hes doing everything that I’ve been waiting for Adam to do. We’ve only just met a few days ago and he already cares about me.

        It’s been 3 years. Has Adam ever messaged me or asked about
        me in these years? When you weren’t commenting on here as you were ill, you don’t know Adam was drunk on Christmas Eve. He was dancing drunk with other girls at nightclubs. I don’t want a husband like this at all. He doesn’t believe in any God. He believes no God exists.

        This new guy believes in God and he’s religious like me. He’s all the qualities I look for in a husband who is mature, smart and sensible.

        I wish you all are happy for me. I’m grateful for Adam giving me a new life but no way am I accepting him as my husband. He has never cared about me in these 3 years. He doesn’t know any little thing about me.

        The new guy has only met me for a few days and he remembers everything I’ve told him about myself. He’s just so sweet and shy. When he saw my expensive laptop and IPhone 7 Plus, he felt a bit intimidated that I had more luxurious things and I had sympathy for him and I was really nice to him and I made him feel I care about him.

        For so many months I’ve been waiting for a new saathiya to enter my life and God has sent a saathiya who already cares about me in matter of a few days. I am actually crying of joy. I don’t want to separate from him and I don’t want to lose him. He’s lucky that now I’m going to pray for his safety all the time and God will protect him.

        Adam will never keep me happy. I hardly know Adam. All he does is drink and go to parties. I care about the new guy more than Adam. If Adam ever enters my life and tries to harm this new guy, then I won’t spare Adam. Adam is my past now.

        My real love story has begun?

      2. Isaaq

        He’s just so innocent and pure. And I always talk about him to my friends. I was tell them how amazing he is and how good he is. I always blush when someone asks me about him.

        It just feels like a dream you know. My suffering is over because of this new man in my life. He’s another angel in my life. Someone else that has entered my life and given me happiness. The pain and suffering Adam has given me, the new man has given me a new life. Because of this boy, I’m able to live my life happily and succeed in my education. The new guy cares about my education and he always helps me

      3. Isaaq

        I prayed to God today that bring happiness back into my life and he sent the new guy as my saviour. This saviour has come into my life to protect me. The fact that I requested God to bring my happiness back into my life and he brought a new man in my life and I’m grateful to God

    3. Isaaq u r giving twists to us yaar I don’t know what to say but just once try to speak with Adam and sort the matter just once give a try……..And I’m happy that u r much happy now stay this way….. Nandini di did Bhai chithu di wat do u say

      1. Isaaq

        I don’t want to speak to that Adam. He only gives pain to others. He claims he loves me but all he has done is ignore me and neglect me. He doesn’t even believe in God at all and he drinks a lot. He isn’t the man who I loved.

        I’m not speaking to that man ever again. Spending time with the new guy made me realise that what real love is. I was infatuated with Adam ( I hardly knew him) I’m not going to be happy with a man who only drinks and goes to parties.

        This new guy is the opposite. He likes studying and he is obidient towards his parents. He’s very sensible and sanskaari. He actually cares about me. Adam never even bothered to contact me in these 3 years. There was no relationship left.

        The new guy has taken away all my sadness. It just feels like I’m in a dream. My suffering is over and I’m not in pain anymore.

        Its weird… my life has changed this week. Wednesday is the day my life changed when I’ve met this new guy, who could be my real soulmate?

      2. Isaaq

        Truth is that I hate Adam now for the pain he has put me through. I call him by his full name now. Mr Adam. I used to call him my Adam but no he’s only Mr Adam for me now. He doesn’t care about me. I hate Mr Adam

        I’m grateful to him though. If he never helped me become confident, then maybe I would of never met my new lover.

    4. Chithu

      I really don’t understand what u r doing with ur life Issaq. Once u were praising and loving him unconditionally. Next u r hating him and fall head over heels with another guy. One thing am sure if u love a person with all ur heart and if if u cant marry him u just cant hate him.
      Its entirely ur choice whom do u want to spend ur life with. I will only request u go easy on relationships. Understand this new guy properly. His real character may not be like he is projecting now. Once u give ur heart its difficult to tend a broken heart.
      I will say that be only friend with him because I see a huge chance that u will fall for this new guy. U r so impressed by him. Don’t let him affect ur studies n future. Also try to spend tym with other girls. U may like whatever am saying now. I just don’t want u too suffer from yet another blow. Stay happy

      1. Isaaq

        Adam has never kept me happy in these 3 years. I know I was praising him but the truth is, i want to forget him. I was only infatuated with him. I’ve been losing interest in him. We have nothing in common. Like it’s so boring when I talk to him. I was being stupid. I hardly know Adam as well. I never looked into his background either. I only spoke to Adam for a few months then he left.He’s not the man who i want to be with. He’s drinks alcohol and other stuff I can’t mention here but let’s just say he’s done stuff with his ex girlfriends.

        I am going to understand this new guy properly. Let me investigate till Valentine’s Day. My heart is telling me he’s a good person. He’s much more better than Adam I’m sure

      2. Isaaq

        And he isn’t affecting my studies at all. He loves studying and he motivates me to study. That’s what type of person I want in my life.

      3. Isaaq

        Adam said himself that there was no rishta left between us anymore a year ago but I was keeping on hoping for him to come back. If he said there was no rishta left then what’s the point liking him

  6. gaura should get exposed.

  7. I want Seeta to become more open with her feelings and not hide them.

  8. P.N. Bhargava

    Drag on and on. At present you have made an entry of Seeta, not enter Geeta. Afyerall the serial has to continue and Gaura has to play winning villain.

  9. Shakaib

    Hi sunshine friends….how are you all? Episode was nice. Chithu di…. KLKAH isn’t base on reincarnation, I think.. Its promo are different.

    1. Nandhini

      Hi shakaib! I am good?

      1. Isaaq

        Adam said himself that there was no longer any rishta between us. It was me who kept on going after him when he wanted to move on. I’ve never been more happier in my life with this new guy in my life.

        If Adam said there’s no rishta left then what can I do. I want to move on and set him free. I have complete faith the new guy isn’t a bad person

    2. I am very well Shahkaib

    3. Hi shakaib I’m fine how about you

    4. Chithu

      Hi Shaikaib
      I read it somewhere that its based on supernatural powers and reincarnation. I am not sure

    5. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

      so its going to start from25th feb sat and sun 9pm

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi SUNSHINE Friends
    Hw was episode I think gaura may not send Vidya jail after getting property papers she WL throw Dharam,Shravan&Vidya out of the house . I think meera’s role WL be played by other actor or Meera might return wt say friends.

    1. Nandhini

      Hi Sid! Definitely meera’s character will return but dont know if it will be played by the same actress or different actress…and as there is no clue of chanda’s missing coz she has been burnt,, i think there will be no police enquiry so as you said, Gaura will kick out everyone out of suryavanshi’s house after the properties got transferred to her name.

    2. The epsiode was alright

    3. Chithu

      Hi Sid
      I think Gaura will treat everyone as her servant. She will rule the house and make others her puppets. I too think Meera’s role will be reprised by son other actresses. I will miss Tanya

  11. Hi all Sunshine friends.Episode is Ok.

  12. So sick of Gaura, how many people she killed? amd she is so old and still can move agile in Modi home and set camera etc. is she a superwoman? pls… this is too much forGaura now. get rid of her. y guys are making her so bad. geez.

  13. Nandhini

    At first i also thought sita might be having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) of cleanliness.,, but now i think its not OCD…she might be made to clean her house by her step mom all the time and she was being tortured mercillesly to work everytime by her step mom from her childhood…so her mind tells automatically to clean stuffs if she finds dirt even when she is alone…poor girl??

    1. Chithu

      Yes Nandhini poor girl she was torturing very much. She gets scared by even little noice

    2. Isaaq

      You’re right. Let me investigate till Valentine’s Day. And Adam has been declining my follow requests therefore he wants to move on. You don’t understand that he’s making me lonely and upset.

      My happiness is back and I want to stay like this. Adam is just a dark past for me now

  14. gaura deserve a very cruel punishment which she never though of even in her dream.

  15. todays epi was good buy thry are dragging it too much.. cameras in the house and tbey cant see it??? wat nonsense.. whilst cleaning the mandir they vant see the bomb … ?? kuch bhi… anyways .. lets c wat next.. bdw this urvashi she has cot this gauras pallu.. now its urvashi turn to die.. omg .. wats happening…

  16. would also like to thank chithu and nandini.. for well wishes.. very pleased.. 🙂

    1. Chithu

      U r welcome dear. Hope u r good now

  17. Guyzz…meera didn’t leave the show..she is off to london and yesterday she returned mumbai…so just waiting for her entry….

    And from two days wen ever I m trying to comment it shows we r making server maintenance..please try later so I couldn’t comment…I am sorry

  18. Hello evry1..hw r u all ..episode is nce n litlbit draging..hope gopi vl think abt guara n get sme clue against guara..hw can vidya so stupid shez such an intelligent n hw she vl fall in guara wrds..she trapd vidya vry easily..
    Mahi Rithvik is my son n hez dng Gd..
    Sowmya all d BST fr practicals n exams prepare well..
    Akshay all d BST dear tke rest n prepare well for exams..
    Shakib n chithu evn I saw promo of koi laut ke aya hi..its really interesting..
    Isaaq I dnt understand Wt to tell u..tke ur own Decision n think twice while taking it..u kW dat Adam gas drunk on Christmas evng den also u really loved him alot u want to talk to him n clear all misunderstandings bt wat hapnd to u in few days yaar..ur lov stry is realy inspired all dese days bt hw can u hte Adam nw..dnt tke me wrng yaar v all r vit u v vl pray for u..i tld it as a sistr sry if I hurt u..
    Sid hw r u dear..

    1. Isaaq

      I know it was inspiring. But you’ve got to understand that people aren’t destined to stay in your life forever. Sometimes they come into your life as a lesson to guide you and then they leave. I haven’t seen Adam in 3 years. What love story is there when we don’t even know each other anymore??

      When Im with the new guy, I feel very happy and that pain and suffering was gone. If my love story was inspiring, then this is even more inspiring that this new guy came into my life when i requested God to bring back my happiness. I’m trying to forget Adam because all he ever does is hurt me these days.

      What the new guy has done in a few days, Adam could never do. I just don’t understand why you guys are telling me to give that loser Mr Adam another chance. I’ve given him thousands of chances over these 3 years. I just want forget my past that’s it.

    2. Isaaq

      The fact that this new guy is exactly like me. I love the way he hates parties and clubs like Adam does. He likes studying and reading books. Mr Adam was lazy and he didn’t get good grades. The company he works for, they only asked for 1 B and 2 Cs which is so easy.

      I just like spending time with the new guy. He’s so funny and he loves studying law. I’m grateful to God that he’s brought him into my life when Adam was making me feel lonely and upset.

      1. Nandhini

        Ok Isaaq whatever you feel…we cant judge that…i agree Adam is being wrong in his part…but there must be some reason for he is neglecting you…is he committed to someone else or is he still single?? Whats the reason he is avoiding you yet he claims to others he loves you?? Here i am not asking you to give him second chance…you try to find out the reason for his negligent behaviour and after you are parting ways,, make him know the fact that you are moving away from him and before that let him know how much you loved him,, waited for him and gave him many chances in these 3 years…why this relationship going off unspoken?? Let him know ur pain before you are signing off from him…
        And about the new guy,, i dont think just because being caring and sweet in initial days of friendship wont show a person as lovable forever…dont take decision too quickly about this new guy…you said he is exactly like you..then he is compatible to be a good friend….you already googled him..but before starting to love him you must check once again about his character and background…this is my suggestion…

    3. Di how r u I am DNG good is my chubby making u much busy ?

    4. sowmya ( huge fan of dipika kakar )

      thanks for the wishes akka
      also thanks for mahi and chithu di

  19. Yes chanu Thank you for the information about Meera aka TanyaSharma.

  20. Kal ka episode mein Dharam with babies scene and he reminisces Meera is emotional.

  21. Seeta and Urmila’s scene is funny.

  22. I don’t think Gaura kick out Dharam,Shravan,Vidya out of the house.She want to make them servants of her Aisa huva tho I think may be Dharam apni bachon ko lekar ghar se chala jaayega.But vivan vahi rahega Gaura ki seva karte huve.But kabhikabhi lagta hai ki Gaura abhi bhi Dharam ka khyal rakhti hai.

  23. Chithu

    I feel so bad for Vidya. She will get sick by guilt. On the other hand Gaura is having no regret of murder she committed. How can she dance and sing. She has no conscience

  24. Hi guys, I want to say u all one thing
    Y all of u wasting ur valuable time on that girls isaaq love story.I am sure she was just telling lies, no Adam no love story.may be she was a story writer.she was telling us the story written by her.Just think guys how can a girl hate so much one person whom he loved alot till for few days.girls r really don’t like that.she loves him a lot even though that so called Adam has not communicated with her.she accepted all his flaws and loved him unconditionally.but now with the entry of other guy she was hating Adam.what the hell was this??? If this another hurts her in future then what??? Then will she love another 3rd guy.I don’t understand what was she saying.she was just fooling us.Wake up guys,don’t waste ur time on reading her love story and giving suggestions to her

    1. Isaaq

      I’m not lying. Maybe you’re right. How can I easily hate him? In fact I do love unconditionally but what Can I do? He doesn’t want to speak to me.

      I wasn’t fooling you. I just don’t want to accept that I still love him. I think it’s best I just leave and I don’t comment if you think I’m a liar.

      1. Umeir

        Yh I think it’s best if you leave. Forgive sunshine group but I can’t tolerate liars on here.

      2. Umeir

        I’m Muslim and as far as I know, Isaaq is a boys name? If anyone doesn’t believe me, google it

      3. Umeir

        Forgive me*

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Hi Neha why are u saying this Issaq is our best member in Sunshine group.

    3. Boss(Siddarth)

      Neha plz dont do comments like this being a sunshine group member It WL spoil the atmosphere of this page

    4. Umeir

      I agree with Neha. I’ve been a silent reader and all this girl does is change her mind all the time. Sorry if I offend anyone but I think it’s best if everyone ignores her. She’s from England and I know plenty of girls like her that claim they love someone. Look how easily she fell in love with someone else??

  25. Boss(Siddarth)

    Issaq by reading ur comments today I remember yeh hai mohabattein serial story wer watever Ishita does good to bhalla family or Raman at last she is blamed for everything. Even Raman loves Ishita he always shouts at her and ignores her wen problem comes and he things that she is the big problem in his life . I think you also given many chances to adam but it didnt work so u are fed up of him .
    If u feel that Adam is not right guy for you u can move on in life but before falling in love with ur new friend u just make sure that he loves u or not and check his background and confirm that whether his behaviour is same all the time or he acts as good person. For a time being be as a friend to him and u can confess that u love him after some time.

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