Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Premlatha comes home afraid and says family that she has a ghost in her home. Hetal calms her down and asks what happened. Urmila says she heard chair falling and someone gurgling in a room and then electricty went off. Gopi senses something is wrong.

Fake Kokila slaps real Kokila and shouts that her Gopi identified her easily. Kokila says she and Gopi are one soul and two bodies and they sense what is in each other’s mind. Fake Kokila laughs on her again. Kokila asks her water. Fake Kokila says she must be tired after so much torture. She feeds water, applies plaster on her mouth and runs out laughing evil from window.

Gopi says family she has important work and tries to leave. Hetal asks what happened. Gopi says she has some work and leaves. She asks driver to take out car. Driver says all car has gone for servicing. Gopi then takes Methi ben’s scootie and rushes to Urmila’s home.

Gopi reaches Urmila’s home and calls maaji. Kokila gurgles. Gopi takes chair and breaks door open. Kokila points at electric wires. Gopi switches of main and rescues Kokila. Kokila slaps her and says she is Premlatha. She laughs that her maaji told that her Gopi will find out her soon and Gopi brought her here. She transferred Kokila already knowing Gopi’s investigation instincts. Gopi pleads to show her maaji once. Kokila says if she forces she will show her maaji’s more torturing videos and asks her to run from there. Gopi runs out.

Premlatha then dances on song Are deewano mujhe pehchano mai hun don…song…Madhuben and Gaura then join her. She then eats pan parag and says she was missing this in Modi bhavan. They all 3 continues dancing and singing and planning how to destroy modi family.

Precap: Madhuben tells Premlatha that she wants to destroy Gopi and her family completely and enjoy it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. How can a mother do this.. Strange serial. I miss Rashi alot

  2. Todays episode is superb.I like kokila,modhuben & gaura’s song “Aare diwano,Mujhe pehchano,who m i
    Who m i???”
    Aj ek nayi part dekha.voh hain Methi scooter per chalke bazar karke aayi hain.kamwali bai bike par chad ti hain kabhi kisine e a sab dekha?
    I don’t know why Premlata doing this?Gaura & modhuben Ki sath kokila Ki dushmani hain.issi liye voh dono kokila se badla lena chahti hai.But premlata Ki dushmani kis baat Ki liye?
    Aaj episode dekh kar khush hua Tha.Because Iss serial mein koi bhi incident khatam hone ka naam hi nehi leta.Har incident elastic tara stretch karti hain. But now,itni jaldi kokila ko dundh liya.Lekin ab phir maan kharap ho gayi.
    Or ek baat Kaamwali bai Ki paas agar itni khubsurat bike reh sakti hai toh modi family Ki paas keu 3 gadi nehi ho sakti hain?
    Premlata agar gaura & modhuben se paise le sakti hain iss role karne Ki liye toh gopi se paise lekar modi family chod kar keu nehi chali jati hai?Gopi Ki paise Mein Keya kharabi hai?

  3. Whats wrong with madhuben
    How can she do this with her own daughter

    1. she want take revenge of radha’s murder

  4. Mandhuben psyco….
    Gopi Superwoman(weird for me)
    Meera lover girl
    Dharam lover man
    Ahem mommy boy….
    Vidhya……mmm idont know 😀
    Sharvan ma ka eklotha beta
    Kolika sherni…(by her voice)
    Hetal mouse
    Gaura devil……
    Guyz…… now its a comedy ……hehehe…

    1. Vidya is the smaller version of gopi ???

    2. hey sweetu u forget kinjal the vamp also

    3. Heh sweet are you nibir fan so am I
      I love them
      Please can we be friends
      Anyone can be my friend
      #love nibir
      #love dramas

  5. where is Dharam… they have not shown him in last 3 episodes. missing him… hate this gopi and kokila track!!!

  6. Nice suspence story

  7. Get the Shravan-vidya romantic track on please!! Enough of hatred and revenge!!!!

  8. This show is beyond ridiculous. Why couldn’t Gopi tell anyone especially with Premlata being gone? I’m sure the others would understand the severity and the “changed” behavior. But as usual, she tries to be a hero and then fails. I guess they have to do it this way do Gopi finds out who is really behind this new scheme. If you guys didn’t realize that Gopi’s mother was behind this, you haven’t been paying attention. We now see where Radha’s evil stems from…the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  9. miss u dhaval in serial and in comment section also

  10. I hope gopi n koklia walk in on the 3 devil dancing n wat happen to meera n dharam

  11. I am just amazed as to how long these writers drag on these ridiculous story lines. All of these drama serials are about revenge. Cant these writers come up with a different story line? I have not watched these shows in a log time and I pay for the Indian channels, guess I will be canceling my subscription.

  12. how can a mother wants to destroy her own daughter? what nonsense r u guys doin expose madhubahen soon n stop prolongin the programme

  13. Madhu is so bl**dy she should be exposed soon…how can she do dis 2 her own dauter…

  14. wow Indian daily soap me ku6 b ho skta h :/ ek maa apne hi beti ko barbad kr skti hai. nice very nice :/ writers diamg bech k aye kya kahin pe :/ kitna khinch sakte hai ek bakwas story ko :/

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