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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baa blesses Pari and kid. Radha gets annoyed seeing that. Urmila on the other side plays with pappu. Kinjal says she is going to her parent’s house to see the newborn baby. Urmila sees Dhaval coming starts acting as having severe knee pain and asks Kinjal to apply balm on her knees. Kinjal says she is acting as she was playing with pappu just a minute ago. Dhaval asks her to go tomorrow and take care of Urmila today. Kinjal gets irked and says she will do as he says. She yells that a baby is born to his brother and she cannot even see it. Dhaval shouts he is just asking her to go tomorrow.

Gopi tells Tolu/molu they can come to US during their holidays. Tolu/molu say they have never been away from their sisters till now. Vidya says whenever she used to feel afraid

at night, her brothers were there to console her. Gopi tries to console Tolu/molu that they are going because of Ahem’s job. Kids say they cannot live without their sisters and her. She gifts them Krishna idol and says it signifies her and Ahem’s presence with them and whenever they remember them, they can see this idol.

Urmila asks Kinjal to give her tea. Kinjal says she just had tea some time ago. Urmila says she feels to drink one more cup. Kinjal says she is busy and will get her tea some time later. Urmila sees news about robber gang around the town and thinks of stealing Kinjal’s jewelry. She calls Dhaval and asks him to bring headache medicine and Indore ticket as she does not want to fight with Kinjal everyday and acts as crying. Dhaval asks her not to worry. Urmila says even then she wants to go. Dhaval agrees. Urmila then tells Kinjal that she is going to Indore and asks her to be careful as there is a robber gang stealing houses. Kinjal asks her not to worry, if they come, she will break their legs, anyways she is the only person who eyes on her jewelry. Urmila smirks and thinks she will somehow steal.

Pari sees Radha playing with child and asks her not to confuse child and tells child that Radha is her caretaker. She says she can take care of child for some days, after that, child will be hers. Meethi brings hot oil for child’s massage. Kokila checks it and asks her to add cool it a bit. She asks Radha not to try harming baby as there are CCTV cameras all around. Radha feels jealous of beauty and says she is getting more attention than her. She heats oil.

Gopi cries looking at kid’s pic. Ahem sees her crying and says if she wants, they will cancel going to US. She says like Kokila, she wants him to grow in life. He hugs her and says he cannot live without her for even a day. She says even she cannot. He tries to get romantic. She runs, then comes back, kisses his cheek, and runs again. He asks her to be careful. She says she is fine.

Radha heats hot oil is about to apply it on kid when Gopi stops her and says only experienced people should massage kid and takes her. She picks oil bowl and drops it as it is very hot. She calls Ahem in pain. Ahem and whole family rushes and are shocked to see hot oil on floor. Radha yells at Meethi for giving her hot oil. Meethi says she did not. Radha asks to check CCTV footage then. Kokila asks Meethi to bring burn ointment or tooth paste. Ahem asks Gopi to give kid to Radha and takes her to room. Kokila says Radha that their old massage will come and massage baby and nobody should touch her from tomorrow. Radha nods yes.

Precap: Radha yells at baby. Gopi says Radha has changed. Ahem says she has not.

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