Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera talks to herself that she gave Gaura’s new year gift yesterday and reminisces how she stuck Gaura’s sari in cooler and set alarm to 8 a.m. so that when Gaura wakes up cooler gets on and unwinds her sari. She says she was with Gaura all this time, but is against her now and will make her suffer for her sins.

Kokila goes to Gopi’s room and does not find her. Madhuben comes and informs her that courier has come. Kokila goes to receive courier. Madhuben checks Gopi’s mobile and finds Meera’s vastraharan video. She thinks if she sends it to Ahem, he will shout at Gopi and Kokila. She will get Gopi out of everyone’s lives soon.

Gaura prepares earthern pots in her room and thinks Meera and Vidya cannot dare to punish her, so it

must be pagli samdhan/Urmila for sure. Shje goes to Urmila’s room. Urmila asks how come she is here and signs mai tere dushman dushman tu mera, tu naagin mai sapera. Gaura laughs and throws water on her. Urmila asks if she wants to drown her with bucket full of water. Gaura then gets live elective wire and puts it on floor. Urmila shouts not to and calls Meera, vidya, Sharavan. Gaura says Shravan adn Vidya have gone to market and Meera will not listen to her. She continues giving her electric shock and Urmila shouts.

Kokila gets worried that Samar and Sahir/tolu and molu did not come home yet and asks Meethi if they informed when they will come. Meethi says they did not. Madhuben sees that and thinks Kokila must have realized about her plan of marrying Sona and Tolu and is getting tensed. She will ruin all her plan. Kokila thinks of informing Hetal about her thinking.

Urmila throws lamp shade on Gaura and says she will also get electric shock now. Gaura starts fighting with her. Meera passes by and hears their shouting. She goes and brings Dharam to break door. Dharam breaks door and sees Gaura on Urmila and gets her up. Gaura starts drama that pagli samdhan hit her and was trying to give electric shock, she should be sent to mental hospital. Dharam says seeing pagli samdhan he also feels same. Meera pleads not to, else their pride will be lost. Dharam says she is right and tells Gaura she should not come to Urmila’s room and takes her out. Meera asks servant to clean room and walks out.

Kokila comes to Hetal’s room and sees Madhuben already there showing fake concern that they would not have sent Sona and Tolu/molu together. Kokila thinks Madhuben already told what she is thinking, so she should not stretch issue now.

Meera comes back to Urmila’s room, locks it from inside and asks her why did she hit Gaura. Urmila says Gaura instead hit her and was alleging her to stuck her sari in cooler. She says when she has not done it, it must be only Meera. Meera agrees and says she will teach Gaura a nice lesson again.

Precap: Gaura applies kajal in her eyes and shouting with burning pain. She washes face, wipes with towel and shouts seeing blood on her face.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hope meera and dharam get too close soon. I want to see their romance…

  2. I have started to get hooked up to the show, only after seeing this amazing couple.. Love you meera and dharam…

  3. r u crazy meera should not deserve dharam.. she is deserve someone else..
    how can u guys thought he is age of father

    1. r u crazy meera should not deserve dharam.. she is deserve someone else..
      how can u guys thought he is age of father

      1. Surely there is a love track between meera and dharam, they will be destined as couple atlas, because during introduction as meera, they show her as spoilt brat. Who always tries to get upper hand in every issue, introduction of dharam is shown like man who married his brother’s widow, who is pregnant, even shravan is not dharam own son, shravan is dharam’s brother’s son, he married durga only to give her and her son, his name. He always stay away from women, because he thinks no woman in this world suits him well, but now he is getting attracted to meera from core, first time in his life, he is feeling love for a woman, and that is meera, soon after meera realising his love, that he will treat her as queen,she too starts to love him. Soon they become positive with the help of vidya and shravan…They teach gaura a lesson, and give proper respect and dignity to durga…

  4. when will all this end? can’t they just get rid of guara and move on with thier lives. even urmila havn’t done anything yet. D.A.B.H. is still better than this

    1. I know right… Dabh is amazing… A lot more better than this… Infact best than this

  5. Feeling nice seeing Meera torturing Gaura…..keep it up Meera Di 😉

  6. Need to see more dheera

  7. All dheere fans. Does anyone agree with my explanation given above to ahana??, who commented above..,.. guys please share your thoughts…..

    1. exactly i agree..

  8. i just hope after turing positive dharma apologise to meerea divorce her and also get her marry into a nice family with a loving and rich boy of her age and bear the marriage expense and that madz may be dharam

  9. Good for ass n well done meera n i hope kokila catches madhuben

  10. guys those who are saying about age difference between dharam and meera it doesn’t matter as long as they look cute live example about real life couple johnny depp(52),amber(29), but they still look good together.

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