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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi tells Jigar that he has to mortgage his property as surety to get loan from her friend. He says he will and asks her to start loan formalities. Gopi informs family what Meera did. Krishna says how can Meera do this to Vidya, they should go and explain her. Gopi says she tried a lot and cries. Premila consoles her that she can understand her situation and asks to calm down.

Jigar informs Pari that Mansi’s friend is reay to give him loan, but needs property papers as surety. Pari says it is a good news. He says property papers are in Kokila’s cupboard. Pari says she will get them.

Kokila tells Gopi that she in the same siutation in which Vidya is and continues her speech. She gives prasad to Gopi. Urmila says even she needs prasad. Pari comes

and says even she needs prasad and says she is thinking of gift something to Sona. Urmila asks is sunrise is from oppisite side today. Pari smiles and says she is thinking of gift something from their family jewelry to Sona. Kokila says like Gopi, she, and Mona, even Sona has right on jewelry. Pari asks her to show jewelry and takes her along. Urmila says Gopi something is wrong. Gopi says she must have changed seeing her granddaughters.

Vidya tries to speak to Shravan and he says he is busy. Meera comes down talking to boarding school guardian over phone and saying she does not need to give special treatment to Priyal and let her in common room and ask her to wash her clothes. Vidya shouts why she is troubling them. Meera says she was just acting. Shravan angrily picks knife and walks towards Meera. Vidya tries to stop him, but he pushes her and says Meera she snatched his daughter and he will not spare her. He stabs knife, but Vidya holds it and she starts bleeding.

Jigar shows duplicate property sale deed to Mansi and she asks him to sign loan contract. He asks what is written in it. She says it written that he is mortgaging his property for loan. He signs papers and leaves. Belji comes and praises her that she took revenge from Jigar and Gopi at once and says he heard Gopi was pati vrata/loyal wife to Ahem. Mansi shouts to shut up and get out. Belji leaves. She panicks and drinks water.

Shravan nurses Vidya’s injury and says he cannot stay away from Priyal.

Kokila gets busy showing family jewelry to Pari. Mona comes and silently exchanges property papers. Gopi comes and calls Pari. Mona gets tensed.

Precap: Premila asks Gopi to prepare prasad. Gopi orders gorceries for prasad. Pari thinks whatever she tries, Gopi will not succeed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This Mona and Meera are such terrific actresses which is why this serial is so amazing.

    1. John I’ve never spoke to you before but I’m sure you’re being sarcastic?

  2. I think the wen jigs get the loan he will kick out gopi n kokila n shravan should stab meera y vidya stop him she should do it

  3. Shakaib

    I know it that mansion is belji boss , due to her ahem will back

  4. One best part of this so called serial is just shravan and vidyas ..their chemistry is bang on…other than this this serial is such a ……….

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