Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd August 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila and family waits for Gaura’s guests. Guests enter with their daughter. Kokila greets them in and ask them to sit.

Meera sticking her leg in hole gets afraid seeing scorpions moving towards her and calls her siblings for help.

Gaura tells her guests that they can sit with her until alliance is fixed, but they should know their place after alliance. They get tensed. Kokila says Gaura is joking. Gaura says she is not. Girl says she will sit on floor right now. Gaura says she can sit now and asks her name. Mom says her name is Lavanya. Gaura says she asked girl and asks her hobbies. Mom says she knows to cook well and is very well cultured. Gaura starts questioning if she has boyfriend, goes to disco, etc. Mom says her daughter is not like she is thinking.

gaura taunts that she is like a cow. Gopi brings snacks. Gaura asks them to eat and taunts if their daughter knows to at least eat. Kokila takes Gaura to kitchen and asks her to behave. Gaura says this is just a trial and film is still remaining.

Meera calls her siblings for help. Siblings are busy searching her. Meera sees scorpion is just about to bite her and shouts. She opens eyes and sees man who saved Vidya throwing scorpions away with stick and tells if she shouts, scorpions will definitely bite her. He then tries to free her leg, but she shouts for help. He asks her to stand still instead of shouting. She continues shouting. Vidya comes hearing her shout and start beating man with stick, but man continues trying to free her leg. Tolu/molu come there and free her leg. Vidya continues beating man. Meera says this man saved her from scorpion and is not harming her. Vidya says this man was following her yesterday. Man gives Vidya’s locket and says he wanted to return it and says he was saving her from scorpion in lake and was not harming her. He leaves while Vidya feels sorry for her deed.

After Gaura’s relatives finish snacks, Gaura asks them to leave as she did not like their daughter. Mom asks what is wrong with her daughter. Gaura says she is perfectly alright, that is why she is rejecting her and orders them to leave and find out another alliance for their daughter. They walk out sadly. Kokila asks what did she do. Gaura says she did right.

Meera walks with her siblings. Sanskar comes and starts acting that he was searching things to save her, but did not find anything, thank god she is fine. She asks him to stay away from her and tries to throw stone on him. Tolu/molu stop her. She says he is a loser and asks not to call her again. Tolu/molu take her from there.

Gaura tells Kokila that she needs a wife for his grandson and not a cow who just nods head. She needs a sharp and witty tigress like her and one who is modern and well educated. She says by god’s grace, she is 100% sure she will find a girl of her choice soon and she does not wan to rush and ruin her grandson’s life. She says she did not sleep at all because of guests and will go and sleep now. Kokila says it is time for evening aarti/pooja. Gaura in her witty arrogant/frightening accent says when sleep comes, one should not reject it. She asks Kokila to wake her up once dinner is ready and leaves towards her room.

Precap: Kokila tells Gopi that she has found a groom for Meera, pointing at Gaura’s grandson.

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  4. paridhi jiger modi

    what the hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone focus on meera wat about tolu molu?? mere bacho k shadi ka bhi kuch karo mujhe bhi bahu chahiye
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  5. I don’t think dats a good idea n gaura is doing dat to get back at kokila

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