Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi with her team reaches backyard and sees Ricky playing loud music and entertaining youngsters. Jaggi asks what is happening here and switches off music. Someone there comment on Sona that she is hot. Sahir warns that he will break his eyes. Ricky starts shouting at Jaggi how dare he is to stop music, it is even his house and he can do anything here. Jaggi warns and rolls his cuffs. Ricky continues provoking and misbehaving and holds his collar. Kokila silently watches. Gopi stops their fight. Youngsters asks Ricky whose are these people and why did they stop music. Ricky replays music and everyone start dancing again.

Vidya falls asleep trying to make Dharam’s new born baby. Shravan comes and asks why she exerts herself so much. She says she can leave children with maids, but she does not want to, their smile is her therapy. He says he thinks papa getting married is a good solution. She says she will find a good girl for papaji who can take care of him and his children and get him married. Soon.

Gopi returns with Gujrati music and challenges Ricky that he can entertain guests. She starts doing garba dandiya with her team. Ricky angrily breaks Sona’s dandiya and pushes her down. Gopi lifts Sona and asks if she is fine. Kokila does not utter anything seeing Ricky’s misbehavior and keep silent. Ricky yells at Gopi if striking 2 sticks is music for her, he can easily defeat her. They compete and Ricky hits Gopi’s hand and smirks. Competition continues and Gopi defeats Ricky and he falls down. Jaggi taunts Ricky that mother is always mother. Gopi extends her hand for Ricky and asks to get up. He arrogantly gets up and leaves.

He goes to his room limping and searches for pain balm, but does not find it. he hells nothing is right in this mad house.

Kokila asks all youngsters to leave now, party is over. Jaggi comments. Kokila yells she saw what he did and asks everyone to go home now.

Precap: Ricky prepares prasad and mixes bhang in it. Kokila praises him that he prayed and prepared prasad from his hand, she is proud of him. Everyone start acting weird under bhang effect except Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Amalina

    This kokila is getting on my nerves. She never loved her decent and well-behaved granddaughters like how she loves ricky. When meera came from mumbai, at that point she was extremely arrogant and rude, and kokila, on the other hand was extremely strict on her as well. So why isn’t she the same with Ricky???? I miss Ahem. He would’ve slapped that ricky 10 times a minute?

    1. Siddharth

      Ya amalina u are right Ahem would hav treated ricky more badly than Jaggi and he would hav told I never want a son like this.

    2. Mansi

      Yes amalina ur right this kokila to me is a selfish woman who loves her grandson blindly as if he is the last person on Earth?n totally forgotten about her granddaughters with whom she behaved very rudely?about ahem yes when he uttered those words to Gopi jaggi only lifted him upside down ahem would have thrown him down n out from his house?

  2. This Kokila is the best. I love the way she treats her grandson.

  3. Hi all Sunshine friends .Can’t watch today’s episode.Read WU .Shakaib Bro get well soon.

  4. Isaaq

    I hate Kokila so much. Meera is better than Ricky. Nobody cares about Meera at all. It’s good Meera is taking revenge because these stupid Modis don’t care about her. They only care about Sita and Ricky.

    Gopi only cares about Sita, not Meera. Where was the time when the Modis used to love Meera so much? Now they’ve got that Sita and they’ve forgotten Meera?

    1. these are not real people writer, director and producer decides what will be next as Meera track is boring so they kept aside.They are trying to make this Ticky boy hero who don’t know how to act, looks totally fake, sure he must be son of some of SNS team member so they are focusing on him.Nice we got 4 new shows atleast we can dump this one. Sure after some time this SNS will be getting low trp and will be closed suddenly.

      1. Isaaq

        I agree with you. SNS has become so boring. I went boring when Rashi died. I miss the old SNS.

        I wish they end it soon… they’re dragging it too much. This isn’t even Saath Nibhana Saathiya.
        Its now called

        Gaura- Ek Villain Thi

    2. Riana

      Your point is good Isaaq that meera should be negative…but again they will show a stupid track!!…Like Meera will try to kill her own mom Gopi n that time kokila will come to save Gopi by killing meera ending her chapter…Dharam will be shockee to hear that n he will lodged a complaint against kokila…Kokila will go to jail n then 20 yeas leap….
      After leap Kokila will be shown in her blonde style hair…looooooool?????????????

  5. Mansi

    This Ricky is too much???….Just for his stupid revenge he behaving very arrogantly with everyone n doesn’t he know jaggi is his bade papa n he calling him by his name?he doesn’t have any manners at all?….This kokila is annoying too??Ricky does all this thing’s in the house n she silently watches it as if it’s not her house but somebody else’s n she enjoying the drama which is happening instead of saying him anything?….Loved how gopi defeated Ricky?….Precap is quite funny???

  6. Meera is much more better than this ricky. i want this gaura bhavani friendship to end, and they become each other enemy, than it,s will be fun to watch.

  7. Debasmita Sinha

    Jaggi is nowadays irritating. I want ahem back in the serial. I want also urvashi back in the serial. I am missing her.

  8. Isaaq

    I want Ahem back 🙁 He is the only clever one there. I hate Jaggi because hes a gawar and hes annoying. He sits at home doing nothing all day whereas Ahem used to be a proper gentleman. Ahem brought the Modi empire to the top and Jaggi is just a stupid gawar.

    I hope Ahem comes back and throws this Jaggi out of the Modi mansion.

    1. Siddharth

      Ya but now bringing ahem back is difficult as he is shown dead.
      Only one way they can bring ahem back that is Making Jaggi turning as Ahem .

  9. Isaaq

    And that Kokila… I hate that kagdi so much. Since 2010, shes been interfering in everyone’s lives. I just want to slap her.

    Radha should come back and team up with Gaura. They can both slap that Kagdi Kokila. Honestly, Kokila is so annoying. She treats everyone like her slaves.

    I hate it when she says, ” Bas!” I feel like slapping her when she opens her mouth looooool. I’ve never hated a positive character in a serial before.

  10. Riana

    I was soo soo angry by yesterday’s episode….gopi teaching to ricky was good enough but then Jaggi’s tricks were irritating…There’s nothing like Ricita only Gogicky (loool)….Meera is aside since 1 week….No one cares for her…Gaura is a criminal n living free in luxury… (She killed ahem, Durga n tortured so many people)…but for that she got 6 years punishment!!…And Gopi killed Radha in there self defence then she got 10 years punishment i mean is there any chemical locha in Writer’s brain….I wish i could slap Writers,Producer,Director of SNS????????

  11. Riana

    Btw…i think bhavani will soon kill gaura…????…Bhavani is my favourite vamp now as she is in gopi’s age not kokila’s….?????…Atleast she is not irritating n not all time dancing like Gaura????

    1. Isaaq

      Gaura is better than Bhavini??? I love Gaura. She’s my favourite villain. I don’t want her to go.

      I want Cvs to stop the Ricky drama and focus on Gaura. She’s the only one that keeps SNS going.

      Gaura is the best vamp. She’s so funny and she’s always dancing. Gaura is my favourite character in SNS. She’s just so powerful and smart. She reminds me of a lioness that can destroy anyone. I hope she stays on the show forever

  12. Riana

    Saathiya’s most of the vamps were uneducated like Bhavani,Gaura,Radha….Mansi was the only educated one??

    1. Isaaq

      But Gaura is the smartest of them all. Although Radha was also really smart and cunning.

      Gaura and Radha are the only vamps who have managed to torture lioness Kokila Modi. They both have succeeded in destroying her and making her cry.

      I wish Radha never died. At least she could of gone jail and she would come back 15 years later. Gaura and Radha team up.

      In my opinion, if evil serpents like Radha and Gaura joined hands, the Modis wouldn’t survive at all. Theyre two storms that would join together to cause tsunami. The Modis wouldn’t be able to win against them if they joined together.

      I’ll probably start a new ff where Gaura and Radha join together

    2. Isaaq

      I bet the trps of SNS would be the highest if Radha and Gaura joined together.

      Two major vamps joining together would cause mass destruction at Modi bhavan

  13. Chithu

    Ricky was so rude today. It was mean thing to push Sona n Tolu didnt lash at Ricky for that. How can he do this. Its good he had an embarrassing fall towards the end. Kokila is definetly getting to my nerves. She is simply standing n seeing the drama.
    Shakaib hope u r well today. Take care bro

    1. Siddharth

      Chithu tolu and molu went on their grand father’s chirag&parag watever happens in the house they WL watch it like movie loool?. They WL be next chirag&parag

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