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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera pleads Dharam to wake up and tell what he wants to. Whole family cries. Meera continues shaking Dharam and pleads him to come back. She leans on his chest and hears heart beat. She says Dharamji is alive. Gaura also sees Dharam breathing, but starts drama and shouts at Meera to get out of her way. Durga starts breaking her bangles and shouts Meera kiled her husband. Meera says she did not push Dharam purposefully and Dharam is breathing. Ambulance comes. Vidya consoles Durga and says they have to take papaji to hospital. Gaura shouts Meera killed her son. Meera asks to stop her shouting as she saw Dharam breathing.

Sona prays god to protect her family. She thinks she should clean house before family comes. She takes vacuum cleaner and gets confused how

to switch it on. Pari silently hides and watches he drama. Urmila comes and teacher her how to switch on vacuum cleaner and use it. Pari silently keeps her leg on vacuum pipe. Sona says it is not working. Urmila takes pipe to check. Pari removes leg from pipe murmuring Urmila will get a shock from her favorite bahu. Vacuum pipe sucks Urmila’s wig away. Sona says Urmila that she saved her but not her hair. She laughs that now she realized why Kokila and Hetal’s hair are white and her hair dark black. Pari murmurs let her laugh, Urmila will teach her a lesson now. Pari continues laughing. Urmila shouts shut up.

Dharam is taken into ambulance. Gaura gets in and pushes Meera away shouting not to come near her son. Gopi holds Meera. Gaura leaves in ambulance. Meera shouts to save Dharam ji. Kokila asks Meera what happend to Dharam. Meera says she and Dharam were on terrace.. and hugs Gopi. Vidya hugs Ahem and cries. Ahem sees blood on floor and asks what happened here. Durga shouts Meera killed her husband. Meera says she did not kill Dharam, he slipped and fell from terrace, she loves him a lot. Durga shouts she had enemity with her, then why did she kill Dharam. Kokila asks why will Meera kill Dharam. Durga asks then how did he fell from terrace. Meera says dharam tried to her and she freed herelf, Dharam slipped and fell. Jigar asks Meera to control herself.

Durga asks Shravan to take her to hospital. Shravan, Vidya and Durga leave. Meera says Gopi she did not push Dharam purposefully. Kokila thinks Meera did a big mistake. Gopi says Meera may be right, they should all go to hospital.

Kinjal comes and taunts Urmila that her favorite bahu showed her white hair and beauty. Pari comes and says she does not like showing her white hair, then what happened today. She removes wig from vacuum cleaner. Kinjal asks Sona if she did it. Sona says yes. Kinjal says sheshould have understood that she wants to trouble everyone in Gopi and Kokila’s absence. Urmila says Sona did not do right. Kinjal says it is Sona’s wrong upbringing and not her mistake. Hetal shouts Paridhii… and says she knows Sona is working hard since morning to please family members, but they are…. She asks Sona to go to her room and let Meethi do work. Sona leaves with Hetal. Pari says Urmila that this is beginning, wait and watch what Sona does next. Sona has blind folded Gopi, Kokila and Hetal and they will scold them instead of Sona. Kinjal says she is right.

Gopi with whole group goes to hospital and enquires receptionist about Dharam. Receptionist says there is no patient with this name. A nurse comes and says Dharam is dead and his mother took dead body for cremation after post mortem. Meera says Dharam is alive, how can he be cremated. Durga falls unconscious and Shravan holds her. Meera says Gopi they should go to crematorium ground and check. Kokila asks to calm down. Jigar says there is a crematorium nearby. Meera says they should go soon and find out truth.

Precap: Meera asks Gaura to stop her drama as dead body is not Dharam’s.

Update Credit to: MA

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