Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tolu/molu take Meera to her room and says in childhood, they used to play a lot and she used to protect them from their mom. She shouts that she does not remember anything, says she wants to take a shower and then check mails, so they should leave right now. Tolu/molu leave sadly.

Gopi tells family that she brought Meera here to get her arrogance out and wants everyone to help her in this mission. Hetal says they will. Tolu/molu come down. Pari asks if they befriend with meera didi. Tolu says no, Meera kicked them out. They hear glass breaking sound and rush towards Meera’s room. Meera isseen breaking family photoframe and trying to take out pic from it. Gopi asks what is she doing. Meera says she purposefully sent her to this room so that she sees this family pic and

accept her, but she is wrong and will never accept her. She tears Gopi from the family pic. Pari says she will not let her insult Gopi in her house. Meera says this house is also her dad’s. Pari says she cannot insult her mother. Meera says Gopi is not her mother and says Pari says she does not have any right to confront her as she does not have any children at all. Tolu/moly ask how dare she is to insult their mom. She says this house is made from her papa’s hard earned money and they are enjoying it instead. Tolu/molu say they made a big mistake by bringing her here. Meera starts throwing pillows on them. They also start throwing items on them. Gopi and others start them to stop fighting. Meera throws paper weight and it hits Gopi.

Gopi tells Meera that she is right, this house is her papa’s and says this house has many pics like this and she can tear them all, but she cannot deny the fact that she is her mother. She says as she said, this room is her papa’s, so she should clean it herself. She gives her first-aid box to apply it on her wound and leaves.

Rashi brings kulfi for Ahem and waits for him to come form washroom. She sees Ahem’s pic on laptop and while looking at it, kulfi drops on laptop keys. She worriedly cleans it. Ahem comes, looks at broken keys and reminisces Gopi trying to wash laptop once. Rashi says she brought kulfi for him, but he went to washroom and kulfi well on laptop keys, so she was cleaning it. Ahem angrily says she is just like illiterate Gopi. Mansi comes and asks her to keep away from papa. Rashi shouts that she should not interfere between her and her papa and asks her to go back to her home. Mansi gets irked and tries to slap Rashi. Gopi comes and holds her hand on time and asks her dare not to touch her daughter. Mansi says Rashi misbehaved with her. Ahem comes and asks Gopi to stop her drama. Kokila and Urmila come out hearing their shouting and Urmila asks Kokila why did she bring these servants here. Gopi asks Rashi to apologize Mansi. Rashi apologizes her and leaves. Gopi tells Ahem that he was yelling at Rashi, but what about their arrogant daughter Meera. He shouts that Meera is only his daughter and says he does not want to see her face here.

Precap: Gopi gives sari pallu to Ahem and tells if he does not want to see her face, he should wear this sari pallu over his eyes.

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