Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chanda wanders around Dharam’s house looking at diwali decorations, sweets and jewelry in a surprise. She says what a beautiful house this is, there was cool air in room and here pleasant smell from chandles. Meera asks what happened. She says she heard in stories about royal houses with sweets, cold coins and jewelry all around. Meera says they get out gold jewelry on Diwali festival and giffts her gold hain and pendant. Chanda asks if it is gold. Meera says yes. Chanda thanks her. Meera says this is nothing in front of the happiness she is giving to them. Chanda hugs her happily. Vidya watches from a distance.

Gopi searches lamp in home temple. Jaggi gets it uder basket and says here it is. She says she did not see it at all. He says it happens, sotimes

things are in front of us, but we cannot see, and sometimes far away things are seen easily. He asks girl’s family are coming to see him, what did they say. She says Urmila did not like girl, so she told lie that he is a drunkar and gambler and sent them. Jaggi says not an issue, he has given his life in her hands and trusts her, anyways until Kanhaji/god does not want, his marriage will not happen.

Dharam and family performs diwali pooja. Meea prays god to give her child soon via Chanda. At Modi bhavan, Modi family also performs pooja. Sona touches elders feet and take their blessings. Jai and Veeru insist Jaggi to get crackers now. At Dharam’s house, family burns crackers. Meera goes in to bring something. Vidya and Shravan get busy burning crackers with Priyal. Chanda gets mesmerized seeing so many crackers and tries to burn a rocket. She drops it on floor not knowing how to burn it. Meera sees rocket gushing towards Chanda, runs and pushes her aside, but Chanda’s hand gets a very minute burn. Meera’s sari pallu catches fire. Shravan and Vidya see that and rush to set off fire from Meera’s sari pallu. Shravan asks why is she so careless. Meera starts yelling at Vidya and Shravan that they were very careless and did not take care of Chanda. Vidya says they were busy teaching Priyal to burn crackers. Meera yells Chanda is giving them happiness and they should take care of her. She yells to burn crackers themselves alone and takes Chanda to her room. Vidya thinks it is illegal to keep surrogate mother at home.

Gopi speaks to Vidya over phone and says she has sent gifts for her and family. Vidya says her hand prepared sweets were enough for her. Gopi says sending gifs to children is parent’s right and happiness.

Marriage broker Kamla enters Modi bhavan calling Urvashi. Kokila asks who is she and why is she shouting at her home. Lady says she needs to speak to Urvashi. Urvashi comes and asks what happened. Kamla yells if her son is a drunkard and gambler, why did she request her to get his alliance. Urvashi says instead girl was a drankard and gambler. Kamla says who told her. Kokila sees Urvashi’s nervous expressions and says Urmila played spoilsport. Urvashi yells on Urmila and apologizes Kamla. Kamla says she always interrogates well and then fixes alliances, next time if Urvashi plays with her reputation, she will make sure nobody will get alliance to her house. Urvashi asks Urmila why is she ruining her son’s life. Urmila says she is saving instead. Urvashi yells even she even made Pari lie. Urmila says Pari said wht she taught her. Kokila yells this will not work in her house and if she wants to continnue with her mischieves, she can go back to her chawl. Urmila with teary eyes says she cannot hide the truth with her manipulation, if she thinks she will win after sending her out of this house, then… Jagig comes and stops her and gives his promise and says if she utters a word more, he will break their relationship.

Precap: Jaggi congratulates Kokila that she won. Kokila asks what. Jaggi could not infuse his love in Gopi’s heart, he even does not make Gopi realize howmuch he loves her. Gopi hears their conversation standing near door.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Helo evry1..hw r u all..i dnt remember all the names yaar am sory..hwz ur son enjyd alot..
    CMG to d episode nthngz fresh dere boring n dragging..dnt kW hw many days diz marriage n surrogacy track is going to drag..they can introduce litl rashi track also n can reveal jaggi as ahem n guara entry waiting fr dat..
    Bye guys Gd nyt..

  2. saatiya's fan

    Chanda is not good l think

  3. saatiya's fan

    Where is little rashi
    Missing her

  4. I am not a good guy. I am not a bad guy. I am the guy who comes here praise Sona’s acting and leave.

    1. Then leave

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show high voltage drama where Jaggi expresses his love for Gopi.

    Gopi has fixed Jaggi’s engagement and wants him to get married, Urvashi that is Jaggi’s mother is also happy with this.

    Jaggi is not too happy as he only loves Gopi and wants to marry her, but this can’t happen as Gopi only loves her Ahem Ji.

    Jaggi decides to reveal his love atleast before getting engaged to anyone else, Urmila is sad for Jaggi.

    Gopi irked with Jaggi’s love confession

    Gopi is shocked hearing Jaggi’s love confession and says that it can’t be possible as she loves her Ahem Ji.

    Urmila decides to make Gopi realize that Jaggi is a good man, respects her emotions but also likes her.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  6. I think naiya send Chanda to blackmail them n I also think Chanda can’t have kids

  7. thank u sid for update very very happy deepawali to awesome sunshiner sid nandi aisha nisha shakaib raven shree sheeba somi. sns team is dragging that track too much.

  8. i think there a reason that bringing the succated mom at the house is bad because she might turn anastiant the woman who wants a child. Which is what Vidya thinks is a illleagal and Meera should listen to the rules even if she is execited. Naiya is gone and since SNS decided to make Chanda the vainal Guora woun’t come back. yehhhhhh! (a)

  9. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshiners
    Raina,Mahi,chanu,Priyanka SP ?. Today we hav completed 2 months and we hav 18 members in Sunshine group ?.
    Friends current track is boring so I guess u are all commenting less but dnt worry soon there wl be very interesting tracks of Gaura and Ahem’s secret . Hope Gopi and ahem unite soon and I am waiting to hear gohem old love tune .

  10. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners Aisha wr u. Gettu,Prathyusha,Ragini are missing from very long time wat happened friends Soumya ,Raina u ppl are also missing comment Sunshiners.

  11. Nandhini

    Hii all my dear sunshiners! Nearly after 10 days, today afternoon only i watched the retelecast episode of saathiya.its good.only the jaggi’s marriage track is dragging..chanda is looking like a 14 year old kid…and she is a surrogate mother??!!! Hii Nisha! My shop name is “prisha fashions”?.If you want to purchase any dress online for you(only girls), you can log on to Hi Akshay! Hope you enjoyed diwali at full on sunday without the RAS weekend classes?…Hey Sid! I too love dat gohem love tune! I watched the old episodes only for that tune and their chemistry and rashi-jigar’s scenes…i am desperately waiting for their old love tune to play soon…please atleast for dat ahem must come back!

  12. Shakaib

    Risking episode

  13. Shakaib

    Rocking episode

  14. Hi boss,Ineya,Akshay,Leila,Rani,Gettu,Prathyusha,Ragini,Soumya,Nisha,Saatyias fans,Sp and all sunshines friends,I hop every one is good.this episode ok but I hop SNS be more interesting.

  15. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes Nandini even I am eagerly waiting for gohem tune. But makers still hav not cleared nything about Jaggi or Ahem whether they will turn Jaggi to ahem or they will bring real ahem. too much confusion and Suspense .
    And friends I guess there wl be no U.S.A track bcoz now they are going to start Gaura’s track .,

  16. Isaaq

    Hey guys I’m just waiting for gaura entry as cvs are dragging this track. I’m getting bored now of this track and I want cvs to move on to a new story.
    This chanda is an interesting character as I was sick of Naiya. I just want Gaura to come back.

    Anyway guys, I know I promised to update the last episode of Gopi destiny but it is taking very long to write it up- as I’m trying to write all the tracks in season 3 and season 4 in this last episode.

    Tbh I wish Jaggi isn’t Ahem because tbh Ahem and Gopi always separated. Ahem never actually supported Gopi as much as Jaggi did. Jaggi and Gopi are so much similar- Gopi used to be illiterate and Jaggi is illiterate.

    I want to see Paridhi in a huge negative role when Rashi Jr returns to the modi house.

  17. Isaaq

    But Jaggi will eventually turn out to be Ahem. Soulmates don’t separate and if Ahem is truly dead then why is the show called Saathiya if Gopi’s saathiya is dead.

    I’ll be happy if he turns out to be Ahem, maybe Gopi will be happy. I hope Mansi never returns as she was the worst vamp and bevy boring

    1. Isaaq


    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      U are right Issaq if ahem is really dead there is no meaning by keeping name Saath Nibhana Saathiya . But from the time Jaggi is introduced he has not shown any sign of ahem even wen he is alone he wl be thinking and behaving like Jaggi only if he is ahem why he is acting like Jaggi from last 5 years . Jaggi was in same city and if he is ahem why he did not help gopi and kokila even indirectly wen they wer in trouble and he dint even cme back wen kokila forcefully marriying gopi . He came to save gopi only wen kokila gave promise to Urvashi . So many unanswered questions.

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