Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st October 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

At Gaura’s house, Urmila sees goat coming near her and panics that goat will kill her. Vidya takes goat with her. Urmila tells Kinjal that Gaura has sent goat to kill her. Dharam enters and says he won garba competition and signs gujrati song. Meera thinks he must have bought trophy. Gaura praises Dharam and then tells Kokila let us start function now. Gopi and Kokila say Vidya’s saas is Durga and they will dorn anklet on her. Even Gaura is Vidya’s daadi saas, so they will dorn anklet on her also. Gaura smirks and sits on sofa. Gopi dorns her anklet. Gaura taunts that Gopi’s place is near her feet, etc… Gopi then smiles and tells Gaura let us see how she will dance. Gaura gets up telling this anklet is very heavy. She is unable to walk and is shocked

to see hand cuffs instead of anklets.

Gaura shouts what is this. Dharam shouts how dare she is to dorn hand cuffs instead of anklets on his baa. Gopi says she has right to joke with her vevan. Kokila says she is right. Gaura shouts at Durga and she comes running and removes hand cuff. She asks chatanki/Gopi who will dorn anklet on Vidya’s saas now. She asks Meera if she is shy. Meera says not at all, she is eager to take revenge from Modi’s. Everyone face is shown shocked in a row. Gaura asks now let us see which anklet they will dorn on Meera. Hetal says she brought special anklet for her daughter. Gaura asks to come and dorn it. Gopi says she will and while fixing it says Meera that she used to make her wear shoes like this in childhood. Meera says Gaura, her one vevan dorned anklet on one feet, now it is Kokila vevan’s turn. Ahem angrily fumes. Meera insists Kokila to come and dorn anklet. Ahem says it is too much. Dharam comments enough of much much, he told not to interfere between women. Hetal asks Meera if she has gone mad. Kokila asks her to calm down.

Gopi slaps Meera. Meera shouts how dare she is. Gopi says she had to as she saw mosquito on her cheek. Meera continues shouting. Gopi says she can slap her as a mother and asks her to lower her eyes. She asks her to wear another anklet and join everyone for garba and asks Gaura if she is right. Gaura says yes. Kokila says she should not feel bad if mom slaps. Gaura holds Meera and says she should wait for her chance and takes her garba.

Gaura gives dandiya sticks to all Modi family members and calls Kokila as womaniya and asks if she will play dandiya with her. Kokila says why not. Gaura says she blackened her one granddaughter and hit both granddaughters with cane. Kokila says now she will make her face red with slaps. Gaura fumes.

Madhuben sees Sona stealing at modi bhavan and asks her to stop, else tolu/molu will catch her. Sona says she is not afraid of anyone and tries to pick vase. Madhuben snatches it and it falls on Tolu’s head.

Gopi sadly tells Hetal that Meera is ready to listen to Dharam and Gaua but not her mother, why she hates her so much.

Precap: Kokila tells Gaura that she should forget punishing her enemy as she is not her childhood friend but Modi family’s representative, she will show what is tandav/dance now.

Update Credit to: MA

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