Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya pampers Priya and makes her sleep. Shravan says why she is tolerating Meera’s nonsense, they should leave this house. Vidya says already relationships are at stake, she does not to make situation more worse. Soon Meera will realize her point and will accept Priya.

Dr. Krishna comes to Modi bhavan holding gift pack and meets Monica on the way. Monica asks for whom this gift is. He says for someone else and don’t ask who it is. He walks further and meets Pari who greets him good morning. He jokes his morning will be great after meeting her and she also asks for whom this gift is. He says it is a secret and walks in further.

Kokila lights temple lamp and prays Krishna to get her Gopi bahu well and fill happiness in her life, etc… She continues her prayers and says hey krishna. Dr. Krishna enters. Kokila says he came on right, she was going to light lamps and asks him to help. He shows her gift box and she asks it is for whom. He opens box and shows red sari, kumkum, etc.. and says this is for Gopi and asks if she will let her daughter like bahu marry him. She throws box and gives him a tight slap and shouts how dare he is to think of Gopi like this.

Jigar with whole family gathers and asks why are they disturbing him. He hears Kokila shouting at Dr. Krishna how dare he is to think so vulgar about Gopi. He holds Dr. Krishna’s collar and asks how dare he is to think about Gopi bhabhi, he is such a pervert. Kokila says she let him in her house for 4 years thinking he is a good man, but he had such a dirty mind for her Gopi bahu, she will never trust any stranger in life again. Dr. Krishna says he wants to give life to Gopi. Pari says how can he think of Gopi bhabhi, he is such a pervert. Dr. Krishna continues he loves Gopi. Kokila says shut up. Jigar asks him to get out and raises hand. Krishna holds his hand and says even he has hands. Jigar orders Molu to kick him out.

Precap: Jigar and Molu kick Dr. Krishna out and punch him while repeats that he cannot think bad about Gopi and wants to spend life with her.

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  1. Ragini

    I love sona’s family and hate that rat faced monika and pari and what happend to sahil why is he behaving like this but urmila sona sahir and there children rock

      • Asmara

        where did you learn this? i don’t think that because vidya says that meera will accept priya eventually. so i want to know what happened. im so CURIOUS!!!??

    • I think Meerka was pregnant but somehow ended in miscarriage and must have lost the ability to conceive and Vidya would have been blamed. This could be the reason for bitterness between the sisters and Vidya feeling guilty

  2. Rucha agar yeh sach hua toh vidya se bada vilain koi nahi kyonki kisi ne bhi dusreke bache ki jan nahi li gaura is good than vidya

    • Appy

      koi b apne behen k bache ko ku mara :/ thoda to dik=mag rakho ki wo jan bhujh k mu maregi meera k bache ko, may b koi accident hua ho jise wajah se uska miscrg hua hoga a,gr sach em sa hota h to , jese meera k hatho dharam maut k muh pe pahuncha tha par usne jaan bujh k to dhakka nhi dia tha na fir b uspe blm aya tha.

  3. Arpita

    Get ahem back in serial.AGAR POSSIBLE NAHI TO KISE DUSre ko ahem bano gopi ahem is best name

  4. Neha

    Ahem ko wapas lao krishna ko bhejo otherwise we will get Trp down. Suggestion:ahem ke death seen ko duplicate ahem bano jaise duplicate kokilia aayi. And kisi aur ko ahem ke jagah role do and do soon otherwise whole we whole rajkoat society not watch this.AHEM -GOPI IS BEST name.

  5. Leila

    All of them change so much after ahem death n i think wen gopi revive she will no wat best for her

  6. fairy

    what is that song playing on the background when krishna n gopi are togather??? can someone plx tell me which song is it?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.