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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sona applies face pack on Kinjal’s face and wipes half face. She jokes that her face is glowing like young beauty and she will not need face pack for 2-3 years. Kinjal says she needs face pack every 2-3 weeks. Sona yells she will trouble her like this every 2 weeks then. Kinjal asks to her to wipe her face soon as she wants to see her glowing face. Sona wipes face and kinjal’s left eye brow also wipes out. She gets tensed. Kinjal sees her eye brow missing and shouts. Pari watches this standing near door and laughs.

Vidya tells Naiya that she will not give her child to her and says she is just 1 year elder to Shravan and can get re-married. Naiya starts acting that she is widow and thinking of remarriage is sin for her, she pleads god to forgive Vidya. Vidya

says what is wrong in remarrying, this is 21st century. Naiya falls in Vidya’s feet and requests her to give her child. Shravan comes and asks what is she doing, wakes her up and sends her from there. Vidya asks Shravan if he always wants to give their child to Naiya. He stands silently. She says she needs answer by evening and asks him to not come in till then. Shravan goes out crying. Dharam sees him and asks why is he crying. He says Vidya questioned him if he also wants to give their child to Naiya. Dharam says he promised in a critical situation. Shravan shouts he did not make any promise, so why should he give his child. Why did not he fulfill his reponsibilities and brought Naiya home in childhood instead of living her in hell.

Gopi cries in her room. Kokila consoles her and asks her to call Vidya. She calls Vidya and switches on speaker and asks Vidya how is she. Vidya says she is fine and weeps. Kokila asks her not to cry. Vidya says she asked Shravan if he wants to give their child to Naiya. Meera comes seeing Vidya crying and asks if anyone told her anything, she will not spare Suryavanshi’s.

Dharam goes to Gaura’s room. Gaura says she has bought clothes and gifts for Naiya and her child. Dharam says they will not give Vidya’s child to Naiya. Gaura says she has promised. Dharam says because of their promise, why should Shravan suffer. Gaura dances and says he is dancing on Meera’s tunes.

Kokila asks Meera to be calm and tells Vidya that they will bring her here if Shravan also wants to give child to Naiya. Meera says she will bring Vidya home. Vidya says she cannot do that.

Dharam tells Gaura that because of their ego, they ignored their children’s lives and ruined their future, he will not let children suffer further because of them.

Precap: Dharam tells Gaura that till now he obeyed her, but not now seeing injustice to his children, he will go even against her.

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  1. Are ithne jaldi update kiya .

  2. Amazing ep.

  3. Who will kill dharam ?

    1. no onw will killdharam its just his fake death drama planned by gaura to trouble meera i read it in serial gossip

  4. I loved this ep hope it never ends

  5. Wow quiet I press by dharam…!!

  6. Fantastic ,,
    I Iike sns than any of the other shows even in malayalam.

    1. I too luv malayalam chandanamazha

  7. Dharam ? ?

  8. Love u dharam
    Pls be alive i don’t want ur exit from the show

  9. Malayalam chandanamaza. Main leed megna vincent subhramaniam and rupashree

  10. I think dharam will make sure vidya don’t give her child to naiya

  11. Dharamji try your best don’t punish vidya 4 her husband mistake and it hapeens long time ago they should leave vidya ‘s child

  12. Honey (Sarayu)

    Bye guys, and buy saath nibhana sathiya. I know this worst drama is never gonna end that is why I am going to stop watching this serial. Actually long ago I stopped watching this serial and was only reading the updates but now I am going to stop this too. Hate this serial. Since rashi’s exit this serial has stop lost its charm and 8 didn’the feel so good watching this serial. I love devoleena but hate this gopi. Ahem always says right gopi wants to become “mahaan” so that is why she sacrifices and always faces problems. Kinjal and urmila are funny. And I think we don’the Need meeti. She is of no use. And when it comes to sona, she is good looking and good natured but she is bit childish and don’the know how to and what to talk with people. I don’t know how the he’ll did tolu loved sona. Shravan doesn’the do anything. Durga is also an extra charecter. She kind of behaves funny. The writers rarely gives script to Ahem, jigar and hetal. Most of the lines are take by gopi and kokila and recently pari also added in this list. Who remained: gaura and her new pothi naiya. Gaura’s is very funny and sometimes worst and naiya is dumb. I don’t know why this vidya is still in that gaura house. Sorry I never commented like this and very sorry who have hurted by my comment. My motive is not to hurt anyone but just to express my feelings on to this show.

    1. its craappppppppppppppppppp i agree

  13. love u dharam…

  14. Dharm and Mira are very important in this serial. so dharam is not died in the serial ..he is very important . dharam ko ish serial mai or bhe roll milna chaia ..dharam ki death ko ek sapna samaj kar aage badhana chaia jo mira ko aata hai . we all are she this serial for dharam or mira only n
    if dharam die we are not see this serial again mostly we see this serial on youtube or on net .
    so we request please dharam role is continue in this serial….

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