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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pooja says Kinjal and Dhaval that it is true that she loves Dhaval and thought Kinjal is not happy with her marriage with Dhaval. Kinjal says she believed her as a friend, but she betrayed her. She says she came from a rich family to poor family and got adjusted to it as she loves Dhaval a lot. She alleges Pooja that she is a black mark on womanhood. Kokila asks Kinjal to stop and says it is also her mistake to make Pooja believe that she is not happy with Dhaval and asks Pooja how could she think that she could buy Dhaval with money. Pooja apologizes for her mistake and says she will advertise apology statement in news paper and asks Dhaval to handle her business as she is going to US and leaves from. Kokila says she should listen to elders and learn from them. She says Madhuben’s

one daughter Radha tries to break out family and another daughter Gopi is trying to unite our family, she should learn from Gopi. Kinjal apologizes Dhaval for her mistake.

Masterji plucks flower petal and thinks it will decide if Gopi loves him or not, he plucks last petal says she loves me not and gets angry. He takes a knife and tries to cut his wrist but stops when he hears Gopi’s voice inviting him for lunch. He gets happy and thinks she loves him and dances.

Gopi thanks god for reuniting Dhaval and Kinjal while serving food to Hetal and Baa. She hears thunders and goes out to pick clothes. She sees masterji and asks why did not he come for lunch. He says he was about to come. Rashi informs that laundryman is coming. She says she will give him clothes once she picks them from the barbs and asks Rashi to help her. Rashi sees masterji hiding and watching them and thinks he was staring at her. Masterji goes when he notices Rashi watching him.

Gopi sees store room’s door locked and brings keys to open it, but gets a call. She asks Rashi to open it and get rope while she attends call. Rahi thinks she can speak to her mother also. Masterji thinks it is the best time to profess his love for Gopi. Rashi gets into store room and starts talking to Urmila. Masteriji comes, sees red sare lady with her back faced towards him and says she is looking very beautiful in this red saree and says he wants to tell him something and will write it in a letter and goes out to bring letter. Gopi thinks why is masterji behaving wierdly, he was staring at her in the lawn also. Gopi comes and asks if she found rope. Rashi says no. Kokila calls her and she goes asking Rashi to search rope. Masterji comes and throws letter on Rashi and closes his eyes. Rashi reads his love letter shockingly. Masterji says he wrote everything in letter and says he loves her. He opens his eyes and shocked to see it is Rashi and not Gopi. Rashi throws his letter on him and asks how dare he is to give him love letter. Masterji says he is mistaking. Rashi says she read everything and if she informs this to Jigar, Ahem, Urmila, Kinjal, they will kill him. Gopi comes there and asks what is happening. She says it is good you came and asks her to see master’s dirty act. Masterji says he wrote this letter to his wife and threw it, but Rashi got it and mistook her. He says his wife eloped with some other man and he is sure she will come back. Rashi reminisces masterji’s drama and checks his letter. Masterji apologizes Rashi and says she is like his sister. Rashi says it was her mistake to misunderstand him. Masterji says he will correct his mistake. Gopi doubts masterji.

Precap: Masterji thinks he escaped due to Rashi and now she will help him. Rashi scolds Gopi that she and her husband try to play double game with her and sends her out of her room.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i thnk tht mastrji wil accdntly kil rashi nd thn urmila wil scld gopi nd kokila.

  2. thn kokila nd gopi bcme detectve 2 fnd d culprt nd pt in2 jail

  3. So stupid episodes… Why always everything goes wrong with this Gopi only…actually Rashi is more beautiful than gopi why cant they fovus on rashi n jigar… it doesn’t seems to be good keeping the name as SNS and focussing.on gopi only…
    ..please make something thought provoking than this routine silly things we are bored of watching all these detective works…this Mr.BEAN is disgusting I think now Rashi will do some kalakari to get rid of this Mr.bean…..kokila herself won’t respect her husband n now giving lectures for her daughter…..I the fate of the serial is like this what message Is it giving for the viewers…how to do kalakari’s…how to fight with sisters….this is all the things we want to learn here….purasa pura idiots hai….

    1. Fully riht….katm karo is bakwas serail ko

  4. I agree with Loakeshwari.

  5. hai lokeshwari cn i knw tht whr u r frm.

    1. I am from The great INDIA…..from South INDIA…..

  6. Why did they name this serial saath nibhana saathiya. .they show nothing like saath nibhana saathiya..if they actually knew what there serial name was..they should’ve shown ahem stopping gopi when gopi was leaving the house..and they should have shown ahem saying its not gopi s fault…this is nothing like the serial name..they should change the serial name and change it too saath nibhana saas

  7. Wow..kokila ..atleast let kinjal take out her anger….first of all kokial should kinjal marry to a rich man even though with arrange marriage cuz she was used too this stuff..idk why they show kokila always right. .and yea..i think rashi death will be blamed to gopi and kokila..but if this happen..this serial will be sooooooo irritating

  8. i love you elina im acutslly a boy

  9. Lokeshwari has given a good n appropriate name ‘Mr. Bean’ to masterji…….. Its so hilarious. Good job done…

  10. Hey please don’t mind of the duplicate comments posted with my name…..the above comment is not mine it is my dupy’s thing……..

  11. My Dear Lokeswari gopi is much btfl dn rashi.. Gopi is 4m assam(north east nd real name as Devolina bhattacharhya).. So jst see her real profl nd ask a qstn abt her.. Nd abt d role: its jst a telly show nd if d acdnts stop to happen wd kokila, gopi nd ahem dn d serial stops.. Dt means D End Of SNS..

    1. Ha to karo is bakws ko ktm n start a new luv story

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