Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gopi talking to Ahem on phone. He asks did she get Kokila. She says no, I m finding her. He says fine, call me when you know anything. Gopi ends call and shows to come restaurant. She tries finding Kokila and looks for her everywhere. She shows her pics to some people. Ahem calls her and says I got to know about mom, pandit ji called and said he has seen her at temple. She says don’t worry, I will go to her, and convince her to come home. He says fine and ends call.

Shravan does first aid to Durga’s hand. Dharam come there. Shravan asks Dharam to be away from Durga, as he created enough drama for the day. Dharam asks him to wait. He asks Durga to forgive him. Durga, Urmila and Shravan get shocked. Dharam says you kept our marriage is true sense, I just

showed my right as a husband, but you did a wife’s duty, I broke all promises and you kept all promises done in marriage, even today you took the pain coming my way. Vidya and Gaura come and look on. Gaura thinks he has gone completely mad and asks him what happened.

Dharam says I realized my mistakes, I could not give anything to my marriage, no love and respect, I just gave pain and insult, so I apologize to Durga. Durga says no, don’t apologize. Dharam says I m apologizing, as I realized all this and even then I can’t give you my wife’s place, its because I love Meera, I m your culprit, if you want to punish me, I m ready, but don’t ask me to forget Meera, I can’t do that, I just think of Meera all the time, I want to tell you that your name will be taken with respect in this house, you will get all the respect which you deserve. He looks at Gaura. He apologizes to Durga as he can’t give anything else to their relation. Durga cries. Dharam leaves.

Gaura thinks Gopi’s daughters are great, one is outside home and ruining my son, and other is here and ruining my son’s mind, Meera just come back and see how I turn the game around.

Gopi goes to temple and rings bell. She prays and asks Kanha ji to support her today, you have to bring lie out, the lie which is wearing truth mask. She leaves from the temple. She spots Kokila swimming and gets shocked. She goes and holds her hand. She brings her out and asks are you fine. Kokila says you here. Gopi says what are you doing in this lake. Kokila says I m repenting by taking a dip in water, its because of you, I got angry and was trying to calm it by water, don’t try to stop me, I will not listen to anyone, don’t ask me to come home, I did not know you will come after me, why did you come to convince me now, I have done tyaag of my family responsibilities, leave me, let me go to preach Kanha ji. She goes to the temple and chants mantra.

She forgets the mantras. Gopi continues the mantras. Kokila looks at her. Gopi stares at her and says the complete mantras. She says I want to ask something. Kokila says what remains now, I gave you all rights to take decisions. Gopi says just answer my few questions, then I will not hurt you, do you still love me. Kokila says yes, but I regret you will never understand my love and emotions. Gopi stops her and asks can you say this swearing on Kanha ji, I know you can’t fake swear. Kokila swears on Lord Krishna and says I… Gopi stops her and slaps her hard on her face. Kokila gets shocked.

Gopi scolds her and asks what type of woman are you to fake swear on Kanha ji standing in the temple, you should be ashamed. Kokila says you slapped your mum in law Kokila, how dare you. Gopi slaps her again and says don’t dare to call me your bahu, this right is just of my Maa ji, now you won’t say a word, I will not hear anything now. Kokila says stay in your limits, don’t forget I m your Saas Kokila Modi. Gopi says don’t dare to take my Maa ji’s name, you are not equal to her feet dust, my Maa ji supports truth and you support lies, yuou can’t be compared to Maa ji, she does not know lies and can’t bear lies, you were lying infront of Kanha ji. Kokila says you have gone mad, you are praising me and slapping me. Gopi asks who said I m praising you, I m talking about my Maa ji. Kokila says you went mad, I m your Maa ji. Gopi shouts you are not my Maa ji, you are not Kokila Modi.

Kokila says you mean I m not your mum in law, are you mad. Gopi says you are mad to think you are my Maa ji, my Maa ji loves her family, she can never insult her family, the children are her life, you felt you can do anything wearing Maa ji’s mask, you insulted Meera infront of everyone. FB shows the scenes. Gopi says you were trying t send Meera to her inlaws, my Maa ji has taught Meera walking holding her hand, she will not leave Meera in this mess, she is protecting shield for her family, my Maa ji can’t take any decision against Hetal. FB shows Kokila scolding Hetal.

Gopi says you said you are head of the family, when Hetal and Baa were present there, your biggest mistake was that you tried to raise hand on me. Kokila says enough now, when I changed my behavior, did my identity changed, how can you say I m not Kokila, I changed as you all were wrong, you all took wrong decision, person has to change with time, I m doing same.

Gopi says fine, agreed, but tell me how did you know swimming suddenly. Kokila says the lake was not deep. Gopi asks about outside food, Kokila never touches food with onion and garlic, and that day you were eating onion parathas. Kokila says I had it by mistake. Gopi says no, its your habit, I have seen you having Chinese food, and also having onion bhajiyas at the food stall, shall I say more what else did I see, you were wearing gown that night and dancing badly, my Maa ji never does so.
Gopi says my Maa ji never insults anyone, you have insulted that beggar, I have seen that. FB shows beggar asking Kokila for food. Kokila pushes her and beats her with slippers to eye her food. The beggar scolds her and they both fight, while Gopi looks on. Kokila falls in the lake. FB ends. Kokila says onion pakoda and garlic chutney does not change anyone’s identity. Gopi says its not just about food, my Maa ji’s shoulder does not have such tattoo on her shoulder and name tattoo on hand. She recalls when she has seen all this.

She asks shall I tell you more, Kokila did not wear heels slippers to increase her height. Kokila gets shocked and says actually I… Gopi says shut up, you are not my Maa ji and can never be, you are a fake greedy and clever woman, you don’t have status to become my Maa ji. She sees the fruits in the aarti plate and throws an orange. Kokila holds it with her right hand. Gopi says last and biggest proof, you gave it yourself, my Maa ji uses her left hand, even when she defends herself or signs on papers. Gopi says your height, personality and voice matches with my Maa ji, but not your nature and this face. She pulls off the mask from Kokila’s face. The fake Kokila’s real face is shown. Gopi angrily stares at her and says your game is over Premlata. You are a mannerless, greedy and bad woman.

She recalls knowing about Premlata from the restaurant man. Premlata Bai is a vegetable vendor and Gopi found out everything about her. FB ends. Gopi asks what did you think, you will wear my Maa ji’s mask and show her down infront of the world, my relation with Maa ji is linked such that we know each other’s footsteps too, I also did mistake to believe you are my Maa ji, your mistakes made me doubt on you, you felt you will never be caught, now I know when you came in our house, your first day was when you slapped Meera, and now my last question… where is my Maa ji. She shouts angrily and asks where did you hide my Maa ji.

She says Ahem ji will come here and I will tell him everything, I will call police, you will get sense. Premlata holds Gopi’s neck with a cloth and drags her inside the temple. Ahem comes there and says temple looks closed, where are mom and Gopi. Gopi and Premlata fight. Premlata slaps Gopi and holds her neck. Ahem looks around and calls out mom and Gopi. Premlata says one woman will save me, that’s your Maa ji, I will show you something and this will mute you. She shows a video. Gopi gets shocked seeing Kokila tied to a chair, and kidnapped. Gopi asks where did you keep her. Premlata asks her to see this video carefully, as there is enough life to fight. She shows the electric wires, if Kokila steps her feet, she will die.

Premlata scolds Gopi for telling truth to Ahem, and slaps her. She holds her neck to suffocate her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Superb episode.Ek aur chata maro meri tarapse gopi babu ko.

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  2. Amazing episode….

  3. my fantastic gopi

  4. hi sweet hw r u?

  5. Arre yaar plz a dharam ke drame ko end karo I feel so disgusted seeing him thinking of meera without any shame…y can’t he think dat she z da age of his son n let meera enjoy her life

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