Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura takes out her brother Karunesh’s ash pot and reminisces how her brother poured kerosene and burnt himself in front of her. She says Kokila alleged that Karunesh tried to rape her sister Jigna, so their family was kicked out. Karunesh suicided not withstanding insult. She then ties rakhi on ash pot and says she will take revenge from Kokila by getting her grandson married to Kokila’s granddaughter and starts crying vigorously. Dharam tries to console her. Urmila watches the whole incident peeping via window.

Gaura sees window open and says someone was here. She hurriedly keeps back ash pot in her suitcase. Dharam comes out to check, but Urmila hides. He says no one is here and due to air door must have opened. Urmila drops show piece. Gaura opens window

and it hits Urmila. Urmila gets dizzy and falls on ground. Gaura says Dharm that someone was here. He says there is no one and asks her to rest. Urmila calls Kokila to help her.

Pari sleeps on floor. Jigar says if she does not want to sleep on bed, he will sleep on floor with her. She goes back to bed and says if he comes up, he she will go to hall. He sleeps on floor sadly.

In the morning, Dharm gets out of Gaura’s bed and goes for a walk. Gopi comes out and walks towards temple when she sees Urmila unconscious on floor and calls everyone. Gaura comes out and asks what happened chatanki. Whole family gathers and asks what happened to Urmila. Gopi says she was walking towards temple and saw Urmila on floor unconscious. Gaura reminisces yesterday night’s incident and thinks Urmila must have seen ash pot. Gopi sprinkles water on Urmila. She wakes up, points at Gaur and says she is hiding something in her suitcase.

Kokila asks Urmila asks how can she allege Gaura without any proof. Urmila says she has proof and saw herself Gaura and Dharam hiding something in suitcase. Gaura says she practices her drama in front of suitcase and says even Kokila knows that. Kokila says she is right. Urmila asks Gaura to show what is in her suitcase then and asks Kokila not to get Vidya married to Gaura’s grandson and spoil her life. Gaura starts drama and says Kokila she does not check anyone’s cupboards, then why she should show her suitcase. Gopi says they should check it then. Kokila agrees. Meera thinks Urmila is very intelligent and hopes she breaks Vidya’s engagement.

Gaura agrees to show her suitcase and takes everyone to her room. Urmila asks her to open her suitcase now. Dharam comes and asks what is happening and asks Gaura what is all this. Gaura says they want to see my suitcase. Dharam says she should not open it. Gopi says for a better relationship, they should trust each other, so they should know what is in suitcase.

Precap: Gaura opens suitcase and Kokila surprisingly asks what is all this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. This serial lost to kumkum bhagya and sasural simar ka by getting third saathiya. kkb as first .ssk as second in trp..

  2. very interesting episode. i like it.and thanks for fast updates.

  3. what’s your full name MA.i mean its full form.????????????????

  4. Meera and gopi pyar jaldi vapas lottungi

  5. In the precap, it show that Gopi was looking at Gaura and her son when they were talking about revenge. I don’t understand these precap. Maybe it’s for an upcoming scene as they have to prolong this story.

  6. If gaura brother is dead then who is dharam

  7. dharam is her son
    he is shravan’s father

  8. help me on this …. gauras brother died due to what reason ? why taking revenge from the gopi and ahem ? crazy story…and why usung the grand son out of no where to take revenge can some one reply me on this i ma from sri lanka colombo

  9. chiii… ohnnoo .. is it!!! sasural simar ka in 2nd place!!… bakwas … don no y ppl are watchng it!!!??

  10. CAN SOME ONE TELL ME WHATS THE MEANING FOR “CHATANKI ” why does gaura calls gopi that name ?

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