Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 31st August 2013 Written Update

The Episode takes off with one of the acts ending, and with all round applause.

Radha wants to question Gopi regarding the diamond necklace. She comes to face Gopi but Gopi is taken away some other persons.

Demon Putna is Urmilaa, who tries to kill Bala – baby – Krishna, instead gets killed.

Play continues with Bala Krishna growing up, Meera as the little Krishna with the Gopikas, stealing curds, doing mischiefs, pranks, getting gentle rebukes from his foster Mom Yashodha.

In between, we have Radha trying to get close to Gopi and to speak to her unsuccessfully. There are the taunting comments by Savitha.

Then Ahem with sprained ankle, crepe bandaged and limping dances with Gopi. Jigar shows concern for Ahem.

Ahem is The Older

Krishna, Gopi as Radha. There is music and song in the background.

The bandage comes off and Gopi shows her concern, Ahem says he is fine and ready for next act. Jigar is Sudama, Raashi is in simple dress as the wife of Sudama. Jigar compliments Raashi, that she looks beautiful even in the simple dress, Raashi looks happy.

Sudama meets his friend Krishna ; gifts the dish made of beaten rice, as base ingredient. And without asking Sudama gets palatial house.

Short interjections between acts are given by Dhawal and Kinjal.

Kamsa Vadha ; killing of Kamsa is enacted. Ahem is complimented.

Kokila is tensed and keyed up, even when Raashi is cursing her luck about doing a simple role of Sudama’s wife ; Kokila is silent.

Later, Urmilaa tries to take a dig at Kokila, Madhu who has been observing Urmila, follows her. Urmilaa asks Kokila as to why she is not enacting any role ; Kokila is silent, Madhu says if each and all the family members enact roles, then who else would be there to applaud.

Baa encourages Kokila; later Gopi gives Kokila the Rudraksha Mala, a chain of beads, considered sacred. If I am not mistaken the beads chain consists of 108 beads to signify each hymn.

Gopi builds up Kokila’s morale and encourages Kokila further.

End play :- Partha and his Sarathy go on stage. Urmilaa opens her mouth, shell shocked, so are Savitha and Raashi.

Rest are awe struck.

The war is about begin but Partha develops cold feet, seeing his Uncles, Teachers, Cousins and other mighty warriors he saw at close quarters.

Sarathy is Kokila and Partha – another name for Arjuna – is enacted by Gopi. Sarathy of course is Lord Krishna, he is the Charioteer of Partha.

Geetha Upadesha is given to Partha. This is simple sermon on moralities of truth prevailing over misdeeds and untruths. Bhagavathgeetha is another way to put it.

All members of the family praise Kokila for her act at the end of the play.

Gopi goes into the kitchen and Radha follows. Radha questions Gopi as to why she wore the necklace meant for her – Radha. Gopi explains that her husband, Ahem, had gifted her – Gopi. A disappoint Radha leaves without answering Gopi’s concerned questions of the problems and matters worrying Radha.

Raashi is woken up by an upset Radha. Radha wants to know as to why Raashi fed untruths to her. Raashi is shocked for a moment, recovers her poise and tries to lie her way through. An angry Radha threatens to spill the beans to Kokila.

A nervous Raashi calls her mom. Well in the end Urmilaa tells Raashi to stop Radha from further damaging them and in the meantime Urmilaa would come up with something.

Raashi goes to find Radha who is in Kokila’s Room, but Kokila is not there. Raashi takes Radha and does her brainwashing act, initially Radha does not fall for the act of Raashi. Upon Ahem type of person as Radha’s husband promise, Radha melts ; cellular rings and Raashi hands the cell phone to Radha. Urmilaa in a different tone tells Radha it is her admirer speaking. A meeting is fixed.

Excited Radha hugs Raashi.

Kokila sees this bonding of Raashi and Radha. Upon questioning by Kokila as to what is cooking between the two, Raashi leaves, mumbling something. Radha too goes away, blushing.

Kokila sees this bonding of Raashi and Radha. Upon questioning by Kokila as to what is cooking between the two, Raashi leaves, mumbling something. Radha too goes away, blushing.

Episode Ends On Kokila’s Face : Wonder Why Radha Was Blushing ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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