Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem tells family that Gaura will not easily keep quiet and he will not spare Gaura and family. Gopi says Meera’s life is at risk there and he should go and bring her. Ahem says he has only one daughter now Vidya and Meera is a stranger now, so he does not care if she lives or dies. Gopi and Kokila start crying.

Meera asks Gaura she told she will torture Vidya and take revenge from her family, but Vidya went with her family, how will she torture her and why did not she inform about Dharam’s first wife. Gaura says Dharam’s first wife will be her servant and she can take any work from her. Meera says she will go from here right now. Gaura says she herself shut he family’s door and modi’s will not accept her back. She wil bring Vidya back by tomorrow.

Meera says she will stay till tomorrow and will leave if Vidya does not come and she can stay independently as she is educated and not Durga. Dharam thinks what is going in Baa’s mind. He asks what is she planning. She asks him to wait and watch and keep an eye on Shravan till then.

Shravan packs his bags. Durga asks him not to go as Dharam is his papa. Shravan says that is his badluck and says Gaura and Dharam troubled Vidya’s family and Vidya is a very nice and intelligent girl, he cannot live without her. He would have informed Vidya that he is marrying her to bring back her mother, but he was afraid that Vidya would break alliance. Gaura did a big drama at Vidya’s house and they tolerate her, it is his mistake to let her trouble them. He says he saw her image in Gopi, but betray even her.

Gopi while weeping tells Kokila that they could not identify even Shravan’s true face, even he betrayed them, what will happen to Vidya now.

Shravan continues that Gaura and Dharam betrayed Modis and even him and are big evils. Durga asks him not to badmouth about his father and grandma. Shravan asks how can she take their side even now, dharam married his bahu’s sister, he will not spare Dharam and Gaura. Durga says she is tolerate everything to safeguard his life. He hugs him and says he will take care of her from hereon and they both will leave this house. Durga says god will bring back happiness in his life soon and goes to bring water for him. Shravan apologizes Vidya.

Vidya removes all her jewelry and cries looking at mangalsutra and asks why did Shravan broke her trust. She trusted him blindly and when she needed him most, he left her alone. Gopi cries seeing her crying. Kokila looks at Meera and Vidya’s childhood pic and cries. Vidya reminisces Shravan’s love and their marriage, Meera’s care for her in childhood and then Meera after marriage telling she is her saas. Gopi comes. She hugs her and cries vigorously and asks why did this happen to her. Gopi tries to console her. Vidya asks how can Shravan betray her. She had dreamt a lot with him, but he broke them all. Gopi asks her to sleep for some time. Vidya asks how can she sleep, Shravan lied her and acted as loving her. She lost both her husband and sister in 1 day. Ahem silently watches it.

Precap: Ahem says Meera is not his daughter. Gopi says Meera is her image and she cannot get away from her.

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  1. Really this Meera was a unbearable character.

  2. Meera ab tera ka hoga

  3. Sick pathetic serial it should be shut down

    1. Just shutup! And wait

    2. U shut up B I T C H

      1. You are ******

  4. Why are these women so weak and crying all the time. Get to grips ladies! Gopi is overdoing it. Calm down woman you arE boring eveRyone.can the writers not improve the story

  5. one of the worst and pathetic serial on today tv,the cast look so stupid and moronic,god knows whether the program production team got shit in their brain or what.

  6. Meera is not ur image she is spoiled brat dat don’t have no training n she will leave the witch house also shravan n dharam n his ugly mother will be alone now

  7. i would thank the team for their idiotic story lines. i have stopped watching this and many other star plus shows. and am feeling very very very very much relaxed. now i realise how much dirt these serials are filling in the viewers minds. nothing good is shown, and we end up getting tensed up. now i m having good time to relax, power saving, time saving and no frustration. thanks a lot star plus for making me ignore the idiot box with your idiotic shows.

  8. Shravans mother is another nut case . Is this what an Indian womanhood is about to get downtrodden and happily accept it. Sickening! Tell vidya to improve her crying technique to make her acting more palatable

  9. the prog z gonna be gOOd

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