Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th October 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th October 2013 Written Update

Radha scaredly apologise that she did not fall daal bowl deliberatedly.. Gopi says her its ok!! Urmi taunt to Koki now her all hardwork goes waste than wht would she will do? Baa said its ok we eat other food so wht if daal fallen down. Koki says no we made something else please give us sometime.and HeKi leaves in Kitchen.

HeKi enter in Kitchen, Hetal ask to Koki wht they will cooked than Kinjal comes and said now daal was waste so wht we do for rice so i gonna thrown it.. Koki said no!! u dont disrespect the food like!! Hetal gives idea thats we made Pulao with this remaning rice. Koki agreed!


Meethi asked Jigar without family this house is killing.. why u not u change ur decision and bring Rashi Bhabhi back.. Jigar listening this

get super mad n yells at Meethi that she dont need to tell him anything and else she miss them all so she happily went there frm them.


Rashi irritates with Mosquitos they roaming all over the houes.. Kinjal said these mosquitos has came inside coz she left window open.. Rashi pick her baby n come outside where also mosquitos flies.. someone said they should keep coil in evey room. but Madhu ben said they should given smoke of neem leafs and cow dong all over in the house.. Rashi warn them that on one keep that smoke in my room.. Koki says!! wht she has say? she know na nowdays dengue season are on!!.. Rashi get pissed off and go back into has room..

Madhu Ben keep smoke all over in house, entire house filled with smoke every start coughing also.. Madhu ben brings smoke pot in Rashi room but she shouts n get her out frm her room. Madhu ben come outside till Ahem & Chirag were back frm office and Ahem start coughing badly due to smoke.. Chirag ask why whole house filled with smoke n Koki give him explaination.. Gopi comes near Ahem take his bag n says i bring ur greentea but suddenly she realise there are not in MM. Ahem understand n said its fine..

Urmi and Madhu keeping every onces beds on floor.. than Urmi suspects where was Koki? she come outside n seeing Koki deeping feet in warm salted water coz her feet were sollow. Urmi taunt her why she insist to stay here for person who has not interested to bring with them back. than why u bear all diffcluties. Koki replied her!! who said her that she bear diffculties here in her house infect she is very grateful of her who give them permision staying in her house… she thankz her with joining her hand.. Koki adds just coz of Urmi they get chance to stay with their bahu..!! Gopi smiles and Urmi pissed off.

Rashi,Kinjal and Radha are fighting who sleep on bed.. Rashis said she hv with her kids so she will sleep on bed.. during fight gopi comes in room nd say why 3 of them are fighting… Meera start crying seeing her mother Gopi pick her up. and one mosquito bites Rashi on hand.. than Gopi ask Kinjal she will set her bed some where else.. or they leaves…

Gopi gives Meera to Parag and bring in kitchen n says she will keep her bed here… Kinjal got pissed off n say now in her own house she will sleep in kitchen she leaves outside in anger… Dhawal took Ahem outside the house for sleeping..

Kinjal again insist sleeping on bed so Rashi leaves room with both kids… both kids are cried loud Rashi says intentionaly if Jigarji was there so he keep them quite quickly.. everyone smiles listening Rashi words..


Jigar missing his family his kids… he akso unable to asleep without them.. he decide to talk with his kids afterall they also his kids too.. he dail call in Gopi phone.. she picked happily.. Jigar heard both babies crying voice he get mad again that Rashi is not taking good care of them.. nd cut the call.


Urmi deliberatedly not awake for water… so whole house face water shotage problem in morning.. Gopi said they hv just few buckets of water but was not enough in so many ppl. Ahem says so nor we hv such water for take bath.. than Dhawal bring him in neigbhours house where he got ready for office.. Koki says they should use water very carefully.. than Gopi decide to cooked breakfast.
Radha comes in Rashi room she wake up her.. Rashi replies she feel headache & not very well.. Kinjal comes nd start bala bala with Rashi..

whole family eating breakfast.. wherein fan suppose to fallen on Koki’s head who sitted right under fan.. Ahem sees fans is falling down he scream *MOM* Gopi n rest family go also shocked!.

Update Credit to: NazimKiDewani

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