Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th May 2013 Written Update

Gopi tells the driver to make it fast. Hetal asks about Dr.Joshi and the nurse replies that she is doing a surgery . After some time Dr.Joshi comes out and Hetal tells her that Rashi has got labour pain and they both go from there. Jigar gives Rashi water but she screams in pain and takes it . She says she feel that the babies are about to come. Jigar says her to keep some patience. Jigar tries to go and ask for help but Rashi says not to go . Jigar screams for help in auto. Gopi is in car and there’s traffic. Gopi gets out of the car and runs to go to Rashi’s place. Gopi calls Jigar but he doesn’t pick up the phone . Gopi sees a mosque there and remembers that in her phone call with Jigar she heard the same . Gopi keeps asking people and finally gets someone

who tells about the location. Gopi calls Hetal and she says she is on the way with Dr.Joshi.

Kinjal , Dhawal and Urmila are too on the way. Dhawal says he knows the area so calm down. Urmila says she has to go and Gopi will not know anything. Jigar says to Rashi that he has called the ambulance and Rashi says she didn’t hear him talking . Rashi screams in pain. Gopi is running she thinks that in such a deserted area she wont get any help. Here Gopi stops and hears Rashi too screaming . Gopi comes there . Gopi says everything will be fine . Jigar tries to go but Gopi says he is needed here. They take a cloth and place it in auto . Rashi lays there. Jigar goes out for help here a religious pocession is passing and Jigar asks help . Finally the woman comes cover the auto with huge flags. Gopi and the woman tells Rashi to push. Jigar is out and praying. Kinjal says to Ahem that there is time to reach Rajkot. Rashi is screaming in pain. And finally she gives birth to one baby boy . Gopi congratulates her and gives the baby to Jigar who smiles.

Gopi says Rashi to be positive and again push. Jigar too says . And she gives birth again to a boy. All congratulate her . Dr Joshi and Hetal arrives . Dr Joshi checks the babies and says though they are premature they are fine and Rashi too . Dhawal Kinjal and Urmila too comes . Urmila is glad that they are baby boys . All are happy . Dhawal splashes some water on driver’s face and he too gets up . Hetal and Urmila hug as they have become grandparents . Dr.Joshi says to go to hospital now.

Here the grandmothers and rashi jigar arrive to modi mansion. The whole family is there to welcome them . Nani says since Meethi have given birth she had to come . Rashi says its Rashi and not Meethi . Kokila says when they went they saw that Nani was alright but on the way they got the news so they took Nani too. Hetal says its all Gopi who handled it well.

Both the parents take the babies and grandmothers does the aarti. Kokila tells them to enter. Gopi says to Meera that they are her younger brothers. Urmila says she brought all stuffs for baby boys and shows . Meera takes them and Urmila shouts at her . Kokila glares and at her and shout . Ahem is angry .

Precap : Rashi says Meera not to touch the babies . Gopi comes and Rashi says Meera disturbed the babies. Jigar says she is a kid and Rashi says her boys are kids too. Kokila says Rashi and Ahem is annoyed!.

Update Credit to: Muskii

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