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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi gets Rashi ready and asks her who braided her hair. Rashi says meethi. Pari silently watches her. Gopi says Rashi used to help her in getting children ready and never distinguished between children. Pari goes to bring Rashi’s tiffin. Hetal praises Gopi for making Pari realize her duty. Kokila says she is her bahu and says let us go and check Meera now.

Urmila and Kinjal’s nok jhok starts. Urmila taunts her for becoming fat and wearing old saris. She offers her snacks and then draws back hand saying she will swell more. Dhaval comes and asks Kinjal why did she keep her mobile bill in his bag. She says she is his responsibility until she is here and he should take care of her. He says he will of course take care of her, but not her overspending and lavishes.

She should work herself for that.

Kokila with family goes to Meera’s house with breakfast and sees all walls painted with I hate Gopi. Meera laughs and says she was having spare time whole night, so she painted walls. Kokila gives her paint bottles and asks her to paint whole house and even whole Rajkot, even then she will not deter Gopi’s imagine as everyone respects her and nobody will believe her. Meera laughs again and asks her to go down and wait for her another blow.

Whole family goes down. Courier boys come with many boxes and says Meera bought them. Meera says Ahem that neither he will nor she will pay, Daadi should pay. Pari checks bill and says she shops a lot, but did not so much at once in her whole life. Kokila says she is acting as if Meera has shopped for 10-12 lakhs, it is just 2 lakhs. Everyone are shocked and Ahem asks what did she shop. Meera says she bought designer dresses, jewelry, etc. She is a modi family daughter and can buy all this and if they send these back, news will come tomorrow that Modi’s are bankrupt.

Kokila asks courier boys if she can pay from credit card. They say yes. Kokila asks Gopi to bring her credit card and pays them.

Kinjal tries to use landline but sees it locked. She yells at Urmila. She burns lock and tries to dial number when Dhaval cuts cable and tells Urmila that they have mobile, so they don’t need landline. He will disconnect landline tomorrow.

Meera happily thanks Kokila for doing her shopping. Kokila says she paid for these goods, so she has right to give it to anyone. Meera asks if she is going to give it to Gopi. Kokila says she is happy that she thinks about Gopi always, that proves mother and daughter’s bonding cannot be broken. She says she will give to a person with initial M and says Meethi. She calls Meethi and gives her all goods.

Precap: Meera says she is a tigress and cannot be held for a long time. Kokia says she is a ring master and knows to tame tigress.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Annoying serial. lots of mistakes. 1St kokila speaking really loud = irritating( over acting), 2nd The show title is saath nibhana saathiya, but i have never ever seen Ahem supporting Gopi. All he do is yell at gopi and misunderstands her and at the end of the day gopi forgives him like she has no self respect, 3 rd paraj and chirag doesn’t have a single line in an episode. 4 th when kokila was living in urmi house for 10 years why doesn’t her husband live with her..i am pretty sure this is not called saath nibhana saathiya. They should change thr serial name to saath nibhana saas. .This show is teaching us nothing. As long as i remember tge producer or director of star plus said on the star parivaar awards2015 that star plus show are not for entertainment. .its teaching the world something. Well let me tell u its just us that behave bad with ur mother even knowing how selfless her love is toward her children. This is my last complain for this serial. Because i am not going to waste my time waiting for this serial to end because i think the writers have closed there eyes and have no concern what the viewers think of this serial.

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