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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gaura forgives Kokila after her drama. Ahem asks when she wanted to forgive mom, why did she do such a big drama. She asks him to mind his tongue and dare not to talk loudly in front of her. She tells Kokila that her son does not have sanskar at all and asks her to introduce rest of family members. Kokila introduces baa. Gaura says Kokila that her saas become photoframe long ago, but her saas is still alive. Kokila asks her to behave with baa. Baa twists her ears and says if she goes up, she will complain her saas that her bahu is very arrogant and mannerless.

Meera with her siblings starts trekking in jungle and tells them they will be climbing mountain today. They continue walking and Meera slips and is about to fall. Vidya rescues her but falls in dirt instead. Dirt plashes

on Meera’s clothes and she starts yelling. Tolu/molu start laughing seeing her dirty face and tell she should thank Vidya for saving her. She washes her face with only remaining water bottle and says she cannot walk with dirty face. Tolu/molu ask what will they drink now. She says there is a lake on the way. Vidya asks where is the lake as she has to clean herself.

Kokila introduces Hetal next. Gaura asks why did not she identify her in temple. Hetal says it has been many years since she met her, so she did not identify her. She apologizes her and Gaura hugs her and forgives her. Gopi then calls her gaura ji. Gaura asks her to call her maasi ji. Gopi praises that she is a big gujrati artist and she is proud to have her as a guest.

Dhaval calls Hetal and she asks where are they staying. He says they are fine and are staying in a guest house. She asks where is Kinjal. He says she has gone for a bath and cuts call. Kinjal yells that she cannot stay in a dharamshala and cannot eat rubbery roti and watery dal. Urmila says even she cannot.

Gaura continues her drama and takes out corns from last right’s fire pot. Kokila gets happy seeing corn. Gaura reminds her of their childhood and asks Gopi to bring water. Kokila calls Meethi. Gaura asks why she is having servant when her bahu is living here lavishly. Gopi says meethi is like our family members and goes to kitchen to apply lemon juice to corn. Meethi brings water. Gaura drinks it and starts hitting music on plate.

Gopi comes back and Gaura taunts Kokila that her bahu does not look like an illiterate and says whole village talks about it. Kokila says she was illiterate, but now is well educated. Gaura asks what is the use of her education and says Ahem is well educated, but is very arrogant. She continues he escaped as he is a father, if he had been a child, she would have snapked his butts. She tries to slap him but twists his cheeks. Gopi says they respect elders very well. Gaura says Kokila her bahu is really very good and she is getting jealous now.

Vidya goes lake to clean herself but slips and falls into it. A young man is introduced (Vidya’s future husband) who gets out from water and sees a scorpion on her back. He moves towards her and she gets afraid and calls Vidya. He removes scorpion but in a tussle tears he t-shirt. She gets more afraid and runs from there.

Gaura asks Baa the secret of her long life and her diet. Baa says her obedient children is her secret, especially Kokila. Gaura taunts Kokila that she is living like a queen in this house and her decision to marry Parag Kumar was the best in her life.

Precap: Kokila asks Gaura about her brother, and Gaura gets tensed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Stop this bakwas, serial….who watches it…

  2. Never ever stop this serial. Even since Rashi left, this show is just getting better.

    1. Correct John…bring back dear Radha.

  3. Loved today’s episode..but not my fave…my fave was Radha dying!

  4. Not so good but not so bad

  5. Gaura has brought some Tarka into this show! Her acting, her tune, every new thing is awesome

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