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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi sees a red saree in Masterji’s room, thinks it must be Rashi’s and takes it out. Masterji comes into his room, gets happy thinking that Gopi likes him and thinks he will get Ahem out of Gopi’s life soon. He checks a saree, but does not find it. He sees Meethi asking Rashi if the saree is hers. Rashi says it must be Gopi’s.

Masterji overhears Gopi and Ahem’s conversation. Ahem says he bought a saree for her, but it is missing. He then sees red saree on the bed and says this is what he bought it for her. Gopi says it is very beautiful and goes into change.

Rashi comes to Masterji’s room and is shocked to see Gopi’s pic in masterji’s pencil box. Masterji comes in and gets tensed seeing Rashi holding his pencilbox. Rashi

asks why is he having Gopi’s pic in his pencilbox. He says he is an artist and wants to sketch Gopi’s pic on Gopi’s request. Rashi asks him to make her sketch also and says she will bring her pic. He says she is photogenic and he does not need her pic for a sketch.

Gopi gets ready in a red saree and asks Ahem how is she looking. He says she is looking very beautiful. She says let us go down as everyone are waiting for us. She is about to fall when Ahem holds her and they both get romantic. Kokila and Jigar come there hearing a sound. Even masterji comes, sees them together and gets annoyed, thinks when will gopi get away from Ahem, he will show his true colours soon and get them away.

Neighbour Savitaben comes and calls Kokila to come down. Once Kokila comes down, she asks for howmuch money Kinjal sold her husband. Kokila and everyone get angry on her and ask her to stop her weird joke. Savitaben shows newspaper advertisement about Urmila and Kinjal selling Dhaval for 2 crores to Pooja and reads if someone has an objection, to raise it before 12 p.m. Baa says if Urmila has gone mad. Gopi says she will call and check. Kokila says there is no need of that as she will go herself and check. Ahem says he will accompany her, Rashi says even she will accompany. Kokila says Rashi cannot come as she will get annoyed if her mother is scolded.

Dhaval scolds Urmila and Kinjal for trying to sell him to Pooja. Kinjal says she does not know about it and starts crying. Madhuben says she doubted Pooja from the beginning. Urmila asks Kinjal to think if she needs money or Dhaval. Kinjal says she cannot think of selling Dhaval even in her dreams. Urmila says it is not a bad deal to sell him for 2 crores. Rashi calls her and asks if the news is true. Urmila says yes and cuts her call. She asks her again to think twice. Madhuben asks her not to listen Urmila. Kinjal apologizes her for mistaking her. She says it is okay and asks her to stop crying. Dhaval says he will call Pooja and clear the confusion. Urmila asks him not to do that mistake and to think that he will become rich. Kokila and Ahem reach there and Kokila asks if she is in her senses and asks Kinjal what is going on. Kinjal says she is telling truth and cannot think even in her dreams to sell Dhaval. Madhuben tells Kokila all the incidents happened.

Gopi asks Rashi to complete her house work. Rashi says she is tensed about Kokila scolding Urmila and goes into her room.

Kokila listens to the issue and scolds Urmila for trying to ruin Dhaval and Kinjal’s life for money and asks Dhaval to call Pooja and clear the misconception. Pooja comes and says there is no need of it as she heard everything.

Precap: Pooja says she took this decision as she thought Kinjal is not happy with her marriage. Kinjal says she made a mistake to allow her into her house and believe her. Kokila scolds Kinjal.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Another idiotic episode……and according to human rights buying or selling human beings is a crime and they are showing that pooja is buying dhawal by advertising openly in newspapers…what wrong message they are giving the viewers is this all the things they got to dragg the serial….and this masterji is just looking like”Mr.BEAN”….this kokila is an idiot she is responsible for all the things happening here she don’t now how to make things understand in a friendly manner…….is she thinking she is a”ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN”…….idiot……if she had took some care over kinjal these problems might not have arised…..

  2. Hi lokeshwari, i love reading ur comments. Ur vocabulary is too good. Keep it up girl.

  3. Wow lokeshwari luved reading ur comments n kokila is not ANGRY YOUNG WOMEN she is a ANGRY OLD WOMEN

  4. Thank you Roopal&Ranjini…..actually kokila is a old women but she is doing her makeup and action as if she is a santoor mummy so I wrote it as angry young women….

  5. Ur comments r lovely n cute lokeshwari

  6. u r rite i thnk ths serial shud stop now.

  7. i lyk ur coment rather thn watchng crial.its more entertaining thn idiotic epi.

  8. love you girls

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