Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila shouts at Gopi how dare she is to take such a big decision without her consent. Gopi says since she started taking wrong decision regarding her granddaughter Meera, she took decisions in her hand. Kokila shouts at Ahem that he is taking is wife’s side instead of her. Ahem says he is taking truth’s side.

Kokila removes her jewelry and says she is sacrificing her family life as her family does not value her. She will leave this house. Ahem and Hetal asks her not to take a wrong decision. Kokila shouts it is better for her to go from this house and walks towards door. Hetal runs behind Kokila. Ahem requests Gopi to stop mom. Gopi says maaji is elder and more intelligent than all of them and she can take better decisions. Ahem also runs behind Koila to

stop her.

Parag holds Kokila’s hand and says it does not suit her and asks her to come in. Ahem also holds her hand. Kokila pushes their hands and says nobody should stop her. Ahem runs back to Gopi and requests to stop mom. Kokila shouts at Gopi that she did her graha pravesh twice, but today she herself is leaving her house, she will never forget this insult.

Meera cries in front of Gopi that because of her, daadi and her relationship is on toll and they are on loggerheads. Gopi hugs her and says their relationship is not that weak that it will break so easily. She and maaji are single soul and 2 bodies and their feelings are same, these problems will solve soon. Meera asks if she will bring daadi back. Gopi promises that she will bring her maaji as it is her duty. She hugs Meera again.

Gaura scolds Durga to iron her sari soon and taunts that she eats so fast, why can’t she work fast. Dharam comes and signals Durga to go. Gaura asks Dharam to leave Meera and solve things. Dharam says he loves Meera a lot and tries to carve her name with knife on his chest. Gaura stops him and asks if he has gone mad. He says he has and wants Meera back in his life soon. Durga leaves unplugging ironbox but keeping electrical junction box on bed. Dharam rests on bed.

Gaura thinks just like this ironbox gets rid of wrinkles, she will get rid Meera out of Dharam’s life. She sees Dharam sound asleep and thinks spoilt body part has to be burnt or cut. She checks ironbox and it is red hot. She is about to burn Dharam’s hand with Meera engraved on it when Durga comes running and keeps hands on Dharam’s hand and gets her hand burnt instead and shouts in pain. Dharam wakes up. Gaura starts alleging Durga that she tried to burn Dharam’s hand as she is jealous of Meera. Vidya and Shravan come running. Gaura tries to slap Durga. Shravan stops her and Vidya asks Dharam if he can believe that Durga can harm him. She is staying here just for him even after bearing so much insult even after Shravan requested her to leave this house with him. Gaura shouts that Vidya is acting like her usual Modi blood.

Vidya comes out. Gaura follows her and continues yelling. Vidya says she cannot believe she can stoop so low to harm her own son. Gaura tries to slap her. Vidya holds her hand and warns her to be in her limits, else she will cross her limit.

Precap: Gopi asks Kokila to take oath and tells that she is right regarding Meera and they are all wrong. Kokila loudly takes god’s oath. Gopi gives her a tight slap. Kokila is shocked.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera ka dil patthar ka ho gaya hain she has no feel dharam’s pain today i hate meera

    1. na yar she has feeling for dharam but this gopi sasuri become vilan in her n dharam love story

  2. I am missing meera in gaura house she do many drama that house

    1. i hope when real story of durga and dharam marriage will reveal then everyone will agree to accept dharam in modi house. look at dharam n meera couple it looks nice but dharam n durga’s couple yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    2. hi angel n akshay i miss meera too

  3. hi sweet r u here?

  4. main kokila modi

    mere chahne walo dekho ye gopi kal mere gal pe chatak maregi pr krishn bhagwan ki sougandh agli episode me main uske itne chatak chatak gal me marungi ki wo behosh ho jaygi aur yeh mera akhiri faisla h is k aage ek shabd bhi nahi……………………………

  5. hihihi koki aunty abhi mat btao kahi aapki planning ka gopi ko pta chal gya to……………………
    niklegi niche se pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. I am really thinking…meera has got wonderful skill to take over a lead role….am I wrong friends… Because in a short period she proved her attitude in this series…so I started liking meera more than gopi!!

    1. yes u r right. now getting bore to c maaji maaji krne wali gopi bahu. it time to make meera as a lead character. want to sharp minded meera to protect her family not like that gopi sasuri

  7. i like Vidya more,though Meera is gud in her own part.

  8. Hey kokila modi.What’s up??What r u doing?U always shouts so loudly.Aagar koi heart patient iss serial dekhe ga toh i m sure kokila modi Ki loudly shouting se voh seede upor chala jayega

  9. Nooo, why has Meera gonw from bad to good. I used to like her when she wad an evil girl.

  10. about precap for what reason make gopi slap kokila .you know what friends I don’t like gopi characters now days she changed she is not like before

  11. Hi friends i think gopi know that this kokila is not real so she slapped her and will reveal the secret that her real maaji is somewhere else. The same boring story of behroopiya

  12. Today episode was just amazing……

  13. Nice ep.

  14. When you like dharam meera jodi why have you given 31% vote this jodi

  15. There is no relations in this serial

  16. For the first time gopi did something good for slaping kokila and vidya was good in today’s episode for teaching gaura a lesson bl***dy gaura and kokila

  17. How dare Gopi slap Kokila! VERY RUDE! Gopi need to respect elders!

  18. Why can’t this MA do her job these days

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