Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2013 Written Update

Rashi tells hetal that she has come to do some work as vansh is sleeping. Hetal asks rashi to take care of vansh. So rashi leaves. Gopi asks ahem to have meeta chawal as she is preparing it. Ahem denies but gopi pleads him so he agrees. Gopi asks meeti who was passing by from their room whether she has switched off the cooker or not. Meeti says there was no whistles so she dint do. Gopi wonders and rushes to the kitchen. Gopi opens the cooker and finds the rice was over cooked. Koki comes there and finds the rice over cooked. Koki scolds gopi and asks her to take care of mira. Gopi leaves.

Ahem gives plate to meeti and comes inside. Ahem finds few clothes of mira here and there so he takes off and arranges them in right place. Here in rashi’s room, both jigar and rashi will be arguing about how they both are working hard. Finally jigar does the work but rashi asks jigar to work without sounding. Here in mira’s room, ahem makes some sound so mira wakes up. Ahem apologizes but gopi says mira is done with her sleep.

Later, urmi comes to modi bhawan with a old blanket. Urmi tells everyone that she taught of donating something as khana ji has gifted them vansh. Hetal asks they would go to mandir. But koki asks urmi to take them to the orphanage from where she has brought vansh. Urmi says its very far away. So koki says they would go to mandir only. All start to mandir but on the way koki stops near an orphanage. All get down. Koki asks urmi, is this the orphanage from where you brought vansh? Urmi gets tensed and says they will go to mandir. Koki says as they have given vansh to them then its their responsibilty to donate things in this orphanage only. Urmi acts that her stomach is aching and asks they would return home. But koki denies to it. A lady comes out and koki introduces all the members. Before koki tells about vansh, urmi faints. All get tensed except koki. Urmi tells that she is feeling giddy because of diabetes. So koki gives away the things to the lady and all turn back. Urmi finds vansh’s mom and grandmother coming inside the orphanage. Urmi gets worried that the old lady might recognize her. Urmi takes vansh and covers his face. All the ladies walk to the vehicle. Koki says they would return home but urmi says they would go to mandir. All go to mandir.

After darshan, All the ladies goes to the vehicle to bring the things which are needed to donate except rashi. Rashi finds vansh has done susu and she should change his diaper. Rashi finds vansh’s mother passing by and asks her to hold vansh for a while so that she can take the diaper out from the bag. The lady holds vansh. Urmi comes back again and finds vansh’s real mother and shocks. Urmi rushes to rashi and scolds rashi for not taking care of vansh properly. Urmi takes vansh into her hands. Urmi tries hard to hide vansh’s face with her pallu but the lady looks at his face. Rashi and urmi walk off from there. The lady rushes to them and cries that its her baby. Rashi says no its my baby vansh. Koki doubts where urmi & rashi has stayed back. So koki goes to find them. Rashi asks the lady to show the proof. The lady tells she would show the proof.

The lady and her mother argues with rashi & urmi about vansh is their baby. The lady shows a mole on vansh’s body and tells its her baby. Rashi shocks.

Update Credit to: Soujanya

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