Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi during court hearing break, Jaggi fumes that he is stuck from all sides. Gopi consoles him. He sees constable Tiwari and tells her that Tiwari was present when people attacked him. Gopi says that means he can be evidence. Court hearing starts. Gopi seeks judge’s permission to question Tiwari. Judge permits. Gopi asks Tiwari where was he yesterday around 2 p.m. and warns not to lie. He says he was in Gandhi Market. Gopi says when public attacked Jaggi, he did not stop them as a responsible constable and even changed Manoj’s posters with Jaggi’s. Tiwari agrees but lies that he was just helping another inmate take revenge from Jaggi as Jaggi had hit him when he badmouthed about Jaggi’s wife. Judge says Tiwari helped criminal even being a constable

and asks Inspector to investigate the matter. Inspector says inmate has left India. Judge says then inspector has to catch Manoj within 24 hours and produce him in court. He gives tomorrow’s day for next court hearing.

Gaura does god’s aarti and thanks for saving her. She reminisces how she frightened Tiwari to lie, else she will kill his family. She then thinks Tiwari lied so well, even she thought he is innocent. She then calls Tiwari and asks if he got well. Manoj says how could he, he met with a car accident. Gaura asks him to escape before police or Modis catch him. He says how can he, already police has beefed up security. Gaura says he can escape via mud road where security goes away for 5 min.

Court hearing starts next day. Judge waits for Jaggia and Gopi requests to wait until he returns. Kokila in her usual style loudly shouts Jaggi will not return as he has eloped and judge should pronounce him criminal.

Jaggi is seen waiting with inspector for Manoj near check post. A man tells there is heavy traffic here and if he has to reach somewhere soon, he has to use mud road. Jaggi then hears constables discussing that their duty changes for 5 min and realizes Manoj may escape via mud road. He reaches mud road and sees Manoj there trying to escape. Manoj sees him and runs. he follows Manoj. Manoj tries to climb truck, but Jaggi throws stone on him and he falls down. Jaggi forces Manoj to get into car dickie and rushes towards court. Judge says Gopi he can give her only 10 min and if Jaggi does not come, he will give judgement. Kokila shouts judge should not waste his time and pronounce Jaggi as culprit.

Precap: Jaggi reaches court. Dharam asks him to rush into court room while he brigs Manoj frm car dickie. Judge is about to pronounce Jaggi culprit when Jaggi enters and says he brought Manoj. Dharam enters and says Manoj is not in dickie.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay bhai,Aisha di,Nisha di,Raven di,Nandini di,Soumya di,Issaq di,Sid bhai,Gettu di,
    Sheebarathyusha,Ragini di,Shreestee,Saba di,Riana di,Priyanka di SP,Mahi di,Chanu,Rithika di,Ramona,Swastika,Chithu di,Fiza di,KP,Rani,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona, rose, average girl. How are you all? Today’s episode was awesome.but Precap isn’t damn interesting. Isaaq di, I think riana di wants to say about goddess Radha not about gopi’s evil sister Radha. Saba di, you’re right, its high voltage time that ahem/jaggi should reveal his real identity.

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    The upcoming episode of Saath Nibhana Saathiya will show that Gaura finds Gopi and Jaggi are alone in Modi mansion in which Jaggi dances around Gopi persuading her.

    Gaura reaches there and spread some chemical in house which makes both Gopi and Jaggi unconscious.

    Gaura make them sleep together in intimate position in Jaggi’s room and laugh in evil style seeing her plan will be successful now.

    Gopi burst out at Jaggi seeing him next to her on bed while Jaggi is unaware about anything and Kokila throws him out from house.

    Furthermore, Gopi goes to doctor feeling some weird in which doctor tells Gopi that he is pregnant which makes Gopi is shocked.

    Gaura celebrates seeing her plan work separating Gopi and Jaggi

    Doctor tells Gopi that Gopi’s pregnancy might be harmful for her and her baby in this stage.

    The truth will reveals as Gaura calls to doctor and ask her to tell Gopi as she is pregnant.

    Gopi’s pregnancy will create rift between Gopi and Jaggi.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates

    1. Chithu

      What how can Gopi believe that she is pregnant at this age

  3. Hi sunshines, isaaq, boss, nandini, aisha, sowmya, ragini, isaaq, akshay, mahi, raj, pari, romana, pratyusha, vp, sp, sheereeste, kp, Ann simona, amirul, averege girl,shakaib, rose,chitu, raven, gettu, pratyusha,chinu,and all sns family, I think today episode is nice and soon modi family be happy again. Gaura true go to reveal soon,what do you think sunshines?

    1. Chithu

      Yes Saba Gaura should be exposed soon and sent back to jail permanently. Only then Modi bhavan’s happiness will return

    2. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Saba di hope everything gets well soon.

  4. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshine friends upcoming episodes wl be very bad As Gaura wl stoop very low As wen Gopi&Jaggi wl be alone in home she wl come to Modi house and spray some chemical and both Jaggi&Gopi wl get unconcious and she wl make Jaagi and gopi sleeping beside each other and Gopi wl blame Jaggi for misbehaving with her .
    Even Gaura bribes doctor to make fake report that Gopi is pregnant.
    Hell with that Gaura hw can she play such a cheap game??.

    1. Chithu

      Gaura who has murdered her daughter in law will never think twice to stoop to any level. She loves only herself. Family doesn’t matter to her

  5. Boss(Siddarth)

    I dont understand wats wrong with the makers why they are trying to ruin Jaggi’s character by making this cheap tracks as Jaggi is who respects women a lot.
    As bcoz of this track SNS trps WL decrease. If makers are seeing this site . Its my humble request to makers that plz dont make these type of tracks instead make suspense and interesting tracks .

  6. Hi sunshiners the episode was Awsome….N Tommorow is my birthday???(LOL) ???

    1. Chithu

      Hi Rianaa advance birthday wishes

    2. Shakaib

      Happy Birthday in advance from me and from sunshine friends who are not present due to some reasons.

    3. Thanks Chithu

    4. Thanks Shakaib

    5. Rianaa,happy birthday to u,GOD bless u always.i hop your dreams come true.sunshines love u.

    6. Thanks a lot Saba

  7. this gaura punishment is no in jail no more just like radha,s punishment was get killed by gopi, someone should kill that gaura, and that pari get on my nerve she should be taught a good lesson.

  8. Chithu

    I think Manoj is helped to escape from car by Tiwari.

  9. This serial just keeps getting worst.

  10. Please, please somehow expose gaura somehow. Why she brought back? Isn’t pari and mona enough? Why doesn’t no one suspect her after everything she’s done in the past?

  11. lol Gaura is the only one keeping the show going, best villain by far lol and Gopi is a joka for believing she is pregnant at her age when she is like 50 something. In the show since her 2 daughters are grown up, she’s a grandmother for peets sake, so being pregnant is surprising lol. Should do a check up or a blood test to check if she’s pregnant or not or think the reports could be fake and she isn’t pregnant as Jaggi didn’t even touch her, both were unconscious. I swear I pity Jaggi at times, poor guy was accused of s*xually abusing his students when he didn’t do any of that sort now he is accused of molesting Gopi?? cheap writers man. Besides who gives a shit if they sleep together, they are husband and wife, did the marriage rituals properly. So big deal. Gopi needs to move on from Ahem and accept Jaggi as her Husband. If she loves Ahem so much, go die and go to him them. Evi. Taking the piss Gopi and Kokila. Kokila still thinks Jaggi is a culprit despite the judge saying he is not guilty. Like WTF? Is she dumb or something. I love the show but John is right in a way, show is getting worse, dragging the storyline like when they gonna the episodes that Jaggi is Ahem, when Gopi suspects his actions are of Ahems. Looking forward for them episodes. The only reason why it’s gong good is because of Gaura, she’s helping the show to go on, all I see from Kokila is talk, lecture etc not giving anyone a chance to speak. Despite the truth being told in front of her, not ready to believe it.

  12. Hi shakaib, Saba , sidharth and all sunshiners, I am fine shakaib thanks for asking:) however the epi was good and yes I did tell that if gaura enters there will be a lot of drastic war and blood shed, Well yes then we can expect gaura to be like that. Well it is going to be boring if gopi and jaggi is gonna fight. Gopi should use her 4G brains to identify the reality…( which will haooen may be later) .. hope for the best 🙂

  13. Even with gaura coming back tracks drag. When will jaggi say he is ahem? Why doesn’t anyone suspect gaura, especially gopi after thinking what she did to her family last time? Yeah kokila does is lecture, shout etc. Even she should think whose got something to gain in troubling her family.

  14. Happy birthday Rianaa do enjoy your birthday hun and to all my sunshine friends HAPPY NEW YEAR got to get back to work now just came on to take a peek as usual

    1. Thanks Raven

  15. Isaaq

    Gaura is disgusting. I hate her so much. She’s made Jaggi suffer so much. I hope she dies. I don’t understand her problem. Shes worse than Radha. This is exactly like Radha track. I think Gaura might win this battle. She’s far too ahead of everyone and nobody suspects her.

    Gaura has already separated Ahem and Gopi and I swear I will cry if she separates Jaggi and Gopi. I hope Jaggi punishes Gaura himself.

    i just don’t want Jaggi to be Ahem. Jaggi is way better than Ahem. I love Jaggi? He’s the perfect husband. Jaggi is the perfect match for Gopi and Gopi needs to move on.

  16. Isaaq

    Happy Birthday Riana!

    1. Thanks Isaaq

  17. Isaaq

    OMG Paridhi was in Bade Ache Lagte Hain!!!?

  18. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the sunshiners and sns fans
    hey riana !! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND lots of love wishing u all the happiness in the world

    hey shakaib ! i just took a glance of comments and saw that u are commenting a lot ( 2 days back episode ) keep it up shaiku

    1. Thanks Sowmya

  19. Boss(Siddarth)

    Wish u a very Happy Birthday Raina ???.

    1. Thanks a lot Sid

  20. Happy birthday Riana.

    1. Thanks Rose

  21. Shakaib

    Happy Birthday Riana??????????

    1. Thanks a lot Shakaib

  22. Hello frnds..hw r u all..
    Happy birthday raina..god bless you dear..
    Day by day episodes bcmg boring yaar it seems too mch dragging..want jaggi to b ahem sn..n again gopi pregnancy drama..if dis hapns trp vl surely decrease..sry I I hrt anyone..

    1. Thanks a lot Sp

  23. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi NANDINI wr r you. U are missing from last 3days wat happened.

  24. lol Sid allow it, don’t bother arguing with him, it’s what he wants. Just be happy and talk to your sunshine friends. I am loving the episodes only because of Gaura, she makes the show go on. But hate that they are dragging it, Kokila still hasn’t believed Jaggi is innocent. i AM just waiting for the episodes which makes Gopi doubt on Jaggi that he is Ahem and her and Kokila join hands and prove Jaggie is Ahem. This track is getting boring now.

    1. Boss(Siddarth)

      Yes Average girl hope interesting track starts soon

  25. Jaggi is proved innocent. Some people still blame Jaggi to be a murderer, after seeing his Wanted posters on the walls. Some men get mistaken and beat up Jaggi. Jaggi fights back to save himself. Gopi asks the men to leave Jaggi, he is innocent, he did not do anything.

    On the other hand, Dharam and Meera come home with their babies. They are very happy and bring home with happiness. Vidya and Shravan are also happy that Meera and Dharam’s family will get completed now. Chanda has given birth to the babies and does not want to leave the house. She starts her drama. Chanda is blackmailing Meera about the babies. Meera keeps knife at her neck and forces Dharam to marry Chanda, else she will die. Dharam asks Meera if she has gone mad. Chanda asks Meera not to waste her time, she will marry or leave.

    Gaura asks Dharam to understand, we can’t forgive ourselves if anything happens to children or Meera. Dharam gets helpless and fills Chanda’s hairline with sindoor. Dharam is angry as Meera is stubborn. Meera and Dharam love each other, but are helpless because of Chanda. Meera begs to Chanda not to leave and feed the babies.

    Meera could not see the babies crying for milk. Dharam gets angry and asks Chanda to manage the babies. Meera saves the babies and sacrifices Dharam. Chanda will ruin Meera’s life now. The babies need their mother Chanda. Meera had to bend in front of Chanda’s wrong demands. Is Gaura behind Chanda’s games? Keep reading.

    Kokila thinks to apologize to Jaggi after he is proved innocent by Gopi, but Kokila is still in dilemma. Jaggi got released. Kokila and Gopi got distance between them. Kokika has realized her mistake. She rectifies her mistake by apologizing to Jaggi.

    She folds hands and tells Jaggi that she has done wrong with him. She asks Jaggi to forgive him. Jaggi asks her to regard her as son and not apologize. Jaggi got free from jail. His truth has come out in front of Kokila, so she is showering love on him.

    All the problems are ending in Modi house. Jaggi has made place in Kokila’s heart. Jaggi’s innocence news came as relief. Kokila asks Jaggi to keep Gopi happy. He says I can’t promise this, as Gopi always cries. Kokila laughs. She makes Jaggi do the aarti. Jaggi does aarti and takes Kokila’s blessings. Everyone gets happy seeing the things getting fine.

    Gaura wears hood and enters Modi house. She keeps plant and sprays medicine on it to make Jaggi and Gopi faint. She makes Gopi and Jaggi sleep together. Gopi gets shocked seeing Jaggi and scolds him. Gopi feels unwell and goes to meet doctor.

    Doctor says Mrs. Gopi, you are pregnant. Gopi gets her pregnancy news by the doctor and is super shocked. Doctor says pregnancy in this age is risky for her and her baby also. Gopi is angered on the happenings. Gaura lies to Meera and Vidya that she is praying to Devimaa. Gaura is great in doing drama.

    Gopi is troubled by pregnancy drama, and Meera is troubled by Sautan Chanda. Chanda asks Meera to leave the house. She keeps the condition to leave house if she wants babies. Chanda wants to stay with Dharam. Meera decides to leave house, as babies need Chanda. Chanda has married Dharam. Meera is sacrificing her love as she madly loves the babies. Meera does not know Gaura’s plan. Gaura is scared that her secret can come out by Chanda. She asks Meera to plan and make Chanda leave by teaching her a big lesson.

    Meera asks Chanda to promise that she will not hurt Priyal and babies. Meera does not know Gaura has got Chanda back. Gaura becomes Meera’s support in front of Meera. Gaura scolds Chanda and asks not to double cross her. Chanda thinks to expose Gaura, and tell her truth to Meera and Vidya. She thinks Gaura did not leave her own children, what will she do of me. Will Chanda bring out Gaura’s truth?

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