Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode begins with Madhu saying Kokila now has resorted to giving her a warning? Madhu further says in a taunting manner telling her to tell this to Gopi. Madhu says that the day that happens she will pack her bags and go away. Kokila says for sure that she will reveal Madhu’s true colors and says that she just needs the evidence to do so. Kokila says that she does not wish to hurt Gopi by directly confronting her with no evidence. Madhu taunts Kokila saying she really does care for Gopi. Kokila snaps saying that for her Gopi may be a daughter in law in her eyes but says that to her she is more than a daughter in law. She says that she is like her daughter. She says Madhu to be careful and tells her that if she harms Gopi or does anything as such then she will not spare her. Saying

that, she goes from there. Madhu says to herself that she will never let the day come and says that she will do anything to stop it from coming.

Scene moves:
Meera is looking at a picture of Ahem and saying that he was the one who used to show her the right path and says that she right now has no one. She says that she really needs advice and cries putting the picture away. Meera then recalls the moment when Dharam had whipped himself and recalls Vidhya’s words of whether she too has fallen for Dharam too? Meera curls up and is crying when Dharam comes. Dharam comes and says what happened why is she crying? Meera says no nothing and denies it. Dharam says is she missing her father? Meera says that she does not have any hope left and says that Ahem never really considered her to be a part of the family and says that she was left alone and says that she is alone now too. Dharam says that can she not see a 6ft long guy standing there and consoles Meera.

Scene Moves
Madhu is ranting about Kokila asking questions and says that she asks too many questions near a vendor selling penauts. She says wish she found something that could shake Kokila up. Madhu in a irking manner purchases the peanuts and is about to head her way when she stumbles upon a woman who says cannot she look where she is going?


After the break:

Gaura is shown recalling the part where Dharam is whipping himself when Madhu calls her but she denies. Madhu says in an irked manner that Gaura cut the call again and goes to a PCO to call. Gaura answers saying in an irritating manner to not call her again. Madhu calls her again and tells Gaura that she has a big news to tell Gaura and says that she will regret it if she does not hear it. Gaura refuses to believe it and says that if she calls her again then she will not spare her. Madhu tells that she is doing a massive mistake by not joining hands and the two have a moment of taunting each other. Gaura cuts the call half way and tells that Madhu will drive her crazy and says she will have to do something.

Scene Moves:
Gopi is walking when she bumps into Sahir and tells him what he is doing and says that he looks lost. Gopi says what happen? Sahir says nothing happened and says he is tensed with work. He says that he will come in ten minutes and leaves. Gopi wonders what happened.


After Break

Sahir is crying about something and is saying that you could have come to me and said it and says that the person did not try to understand him (guess speaking of Sona here). Just then Gopi comes and says that something is definately wrong. Gopi says what happened why is he crying? Sahir says that he was thinking of wedding. Gopi says that so that is what was bothering him and explains that they are not forcing him and says that no one will say anything if he says no to the wedding. Sahir says to go ahead with it. Gopi says no and says that it will only affect their life in the future if they take the wrong decision and says to think properly before making a decision. Sahir says how will they know which partner is right for them? Gopi tells him he will know when his heart will beat for the right person. She says that that is when he will know that the person can be the right life partner. Sahir recalls the moment with Sona..He is lost in his thoughts…and recalls the moment when Sona was cutting the sari. Gopi says Tolu (Sahir)…and in a jolt Sahir gets up and says nothing happened. Gopi says something has happened and that she is aware of it. She says that she will find it out what happened.

–Scene Moves–

Gaura tells Durga to call everyone to come. Everyone arrives and she says she needs to say something. Dharam intervenes and says that if she wants to talk of the old matter then Meera has already apologized for it. Gaura says she is talking about the event that happened and says that she does not want Meera to ask her for forgiveness. Gaura says that she wishes to seek forgiveness for what she has done and holds a diya in her hand..Dharam says that is she doing. Gaura says that she wants to punish herself for the crime that she did. She says that she should not have raised a finger on Meera without knowing the truth. She says that due to all this her family has been badly affected. Gaura says that she was selfish and all. Gaura turns around and says to the lord that she does not wish to lose her family and all and says she just wants peace now..

Gaura is shown giving the household keys to Meera telling her that she is handing all the responsibility of the house to Meera. She says that they are more important than the property to her. All are in shock.

Update Credit to: etoile_lumiere

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