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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila with family tries to convince Jaggi to help her, but he gets adamant. She asks if he needs money, vehicle, etc. He says he does not need anything and once he makes up his mind, nobody can change it. She says she will show him something and takes him to mental hospital.

Dharam tells Meera that he made FD for Priyal and will make one for Naiya, he is happy that she and Vidya forgave Naiya. She says she is worried thinking if Vidya will forgive her or not.

Kokila takes Jaggi to hospital and shows Gopi being tortured by ward boys from window. Jaggi reminisces handing over Gopi to wardboys and says she is a mad woman, who is she. Kokila says she is her daughter and is not mad. Jaggi says he does not want to get into all this and leaves.

Mansi calls her puppet doctor and asks to kill Gopi today and she will give her more money. Premila hears her and asks whom she is talking to. Mansi says a friend. Premila gets supicious.

Kokila returns home and sadly tells Urmila that she lost Gopi as Jaggi backed off from helping them. Urmila consoles her and asks how can Jaggi back off. Jaggi goes home and tells his mom that he did not like Kokila’s proposal, so he came back.

Shravan asks Vidya to forgive Meera as she is her sister. Meera comes down with Dharam and apologizes Vidya. Vidya says she torured her so much and even kidnapped her daughter, how to forgive her. Drama continues and sisters reunite.

Gopi asks her fellow mad patients to help her escape from mental assylum. Wardboy comes to call Gopi and mad woman holds him. Gopi runs out and locks door. Mansi’s puppet calls her and asks to come to mental assylum soon as she has prepared to hang Gopi. Premila hears her conversationn and asks who was it. Mansi says her friend and silently leaves. Premila redials number and finds it is of mental assylum. She calls Krishna and informs him that Mansi wants to kill Gopi and they have to stop her. Wardboy informs doctor that Gopi escaped again.

Precap: Mansi’s puppets hang Gopi. Krishna and Premila call Mansi and warn her not to kill Gopi, else they all will be in trouble. Mansi says she does not care.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. What happens next is gobi dies and everybody is heart Brocken or jaggi comes and saves her

    1. gopi ahem modi

      my name is gopi not gobi πŸ™

  2. gopi ahem modi

    Oho mansi medicine nahi le rahi hai isliye wo mujhe mar dena chahti hai aisa kabhi nahi hoga jaldi hi jaggi mujhe bahar le jayga yaha se sab ko peet ke

    1. Ab aap jaggi ko bularahi h? Aapke hisaab se aap ki krishnaji aapko bachane aanah na?

      1. gopi ahem modi

        nisha ji ab to jaggi lekar hi jayga mujhe kokila maaji ne mujhe bahar nikalne ki soch li hai to wo kar k hi manegi koi baat nahi h waise bhi mera modi house me 51 percent ka hak hai aur main ise lekar rahungi

      2. Ab 51petcent ke hak aap ko thobnahi aap vobjigar ki vaapas jo diya h naa??

    2. U shameless again u r commenting bad things .

    3. Abe o suar ki aulaad krishna dubara gopi ke bare me koi comments mat kariyo varna kan k niche aisa bajaunga na ki sari hekdi nikal jaygi samjha na

    4. Krishna tere ghar ke sanskar yaha mat bata yaha girls bhi comments karti hai to acha yahi ki ya to unka respect kar aur apni frustration apne pass hi rakh ya tu sudhar hi jaa warna tujhe sudharna padega

  3. Out of all the villains in this serial , Krishna is the second best villain. Absolutely amazing.

  4. Kya aap gopi ahem modi ho

    1. gopi ahem modi

      Only on here

  5. Gopi can’t die n mansi has to die n she will in front of jaggy

  6. Arrey yaar iss fake Gopi ahem Modi ko kitna samjana padega . Sach me isko hi electric shock dena chahiye

    1. Wo fake ho ya real tere baap ka kya ja raha hh tujhe nahi pasand h to mat pad uske comment jabardasti itna dimag kyu laga raha h ya saaf kah ki uske comment karne se teri phat rahi h jhand kahi ka

  7. Gopi ji apne to sare share jigar ji k naam kar diye the na….

  8. kokila bewafa-parag modi

    BAS! Koi much nai kahega meri gopi vahu-beti SE.

  9. Oye jaggi boss se panga mat lena beta Tera kaire nahi hoga

  10. Jaggi mera yaha comment se Tera baap ka bhi kuch bhi nahi jayega salle. Agar himmat he tho apne asli naam se comment karna .

    1. Abe jaa zahil gawargawar tujhe gopi ke comments se problem h jhand kahi keke jake kahi aur jagah mut

  11. Raven,Shakib,wer r u guys comment u,peoples comment is important help me to bash this fake people Krishna Jaggi and Gopi ahem Modi. I am waiting for u ppl😊

    1. Un logo ko gopi ke comments se problem nahi h is forum pe do hi jhand h ek to tu aur ek tera bhai krishna smjha kya jhand

      1. Bas bas ab bahut hua jaggi beta kayde me raho ye public forum h tumhara ghar nahi ki jo man me aaye likhte chalo thik h dubara aise koi comments mat karna ye ek warning h kyuki agar dubara aisa hua to humara kayda piche chute jayga

  12. Abe pehle to apna naam badale Salle kya bok raha hai tum aur wo Gopi Serial ke characters ka naam se kya comment kar rahe ho .tum logo ko koi kaam nahi hai kya . Aur ek baat wo Krishna se mujhe kuch Lena Dena nahi hai mein to uske ghatiye aur aschil comments ke khilaf bol raha hoon. Kuch bi bokne se pehle soch samjkar bokna samje .

  13. What happened to this forum .Serial se zyada is page pe rooz naye naye villians aa rahe hai . En sabko rook lagana hi padega . Kya bolte ho dosto .Nisha u can support me against this people bcoz u r intelligent and smart so i want ur help. Kya tum mera dost banogi Nishaji.

    1. Oh no i am not your enemy.and iam always with you. Aaj se aap mera hi dosth h..

      1. Thank you very much Nisha ji hum dono aaj se dost hai 😊

  14. Happiness personified

    Boss Bhai saathiya ki aisi storyline ki vajah se saarein acche log kam ho rahe hain. VERY SAD
    But phirbhi nisha di, akshay Bhai, main , aap , etc aise kuch acche log bache huye hain


  15. Happiness personified HP

    Boss Bhai saathiya ki aisi storyline ki vajah se saarein acche log kam ho rahe hain. VERY SAD
    But phirbhi nisha di, akshay Bhai, main , aap , etc aise kuch acche log bache huye hain

  16. Hi nisha i m little busy in study so can’t comments daily sorry angel by d way result aa gya kya aapka??

    1. Result aaj thak nahi aaya baai.
      In which class are u studying baai?

  17. Its humble request to all friends please use decent languages in ur comments.

  18. TU team really sad for u if u review all comments before publish here then why do these awkward comments publish here??

    1. Cool down baai

  19. Akshay bhai ,Happiness personified very good guys keep it up . Tum dono acha jawab diya enlogo ko very good πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

  20. hey Boss i am100% behind you i for a fact know there can be no blo*dy gopi ahem modi commenting on this site that is absolutely fake that person should give his/her real name and as i said before hun, i dont know hindi ,so when you comment in hindi i am at a loss, you are doing a good job Boss and dont let anyone stop you from what you are doing this krishna character is shameless how can he/she comment on stuff like that no manners what so ever by the way my name is Raven Singh i was named after my dad Ravin so i am real dont ask which caste i am from cuz i dont know all i know is that i am a hindu and Boss when this serial is over i am going to miss you but please comment on other serials remember i am always here for you no one dare messes with you have no fear raven is here Boss

    1. Exactly raven! Boss you have our support. There is no space for those who dare to mess with you

  21. Exactly ????????? no one messes with the BOSS you stand above the rest hun always be yourself and you may not know it but you have lots of supporters

    1. Raven you are an amazing person. I’m glad the BOSS has a good friend like you who always stands up to the truth.

      You are the best!

  22. Raven,?????, nisha Thank you so much guys i am very happy that you people support me . And raven my caste is Hindu. Me too gona miss u wen dis serial ends . But we will comment in other serials k 😊

  23. ?????????, and Boss people like you guys who always has nice things to comment on this site makes you the person you are i mean some persons really has nothing else to do than to say nasty things ,its a serial and everyone has a right to comment but not to the extent that they makes themselves looks so damn stupid, and i like the way this serial is going i want jaggi to give mansi one tight slap,imagine her wanting to kill Gopi,and for what her own husband as i said before if Ahem had wanted to marry her he would have done so a long time back, why is it they always want something that can never be their’s ahem was never mansi’s to begin with yet she wants to kill gopi you guys just keep up the good work and dont let foolish people keep you from commenting

    1. Thanks raven. I’ll never let anybody hurt you or boss because you two are the nicest people i have ever met

  24. Thanks ????????? as long as there are people like you and Boss around life will run smoothly, because you are being yourselves you guys are not imitations you are YOU

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