Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode kick starts with Urmilaa in a thinking mood. She compares the vastness and beauty of Modi Home with her dilapidated home at Rajpalnagar. And Kinjal is enjoying herself elsewhere. This does not go well with Madhu who had noticed them. Madhu takes them aside and orders to look after some work or other, much to the dislike of Kinjal and Urmilaa.

Later Urmilaa and Kinjal plan to deflate Madhu’s attitude, which is not liked by them. They strike a deal.

Savita enters the kitchen and she is up to no good act. Savita sees the broth ” must be milk based ” meant for the puja. She takes away the broth, hiding away from Kinjal and later Meeti. From the Kitchen escapes through the window, somehow manages to get to the terrace. Keep the vessel on

top of some concrete structure.

Downstairs the Pundit asks for the broth to begin the puja, it seems this broth is very important.

Gopi goes into the kitchen to bring the broth. She does not find it. Sensing the delay, Kokila joins Gopi in the kitchen and learns about the missing broth. Gopi says that she had looked all over the kitchen.

Outside at the puja area Kokila and Gopi tell the Pundit to begin the Puja ; at this time Savita says that after the show of fineness Modi family could not arrange the broth. Taunts some more.

Gopi comes up with a solution. She says that the broth was ready but it has been misplaced, hence pure water with Tulsi leaves ” Ocimum Basilicum / Basil, in English ” could be used instead.

Gopi then goes into the kitchen to get water and Tulsi leaves. At the tap she realizes that the tank is empty. At the same time a cat is near the concrete structure and overturns the vessel inside the structure which turns out to be the water tank. Gopi gets the broth required ” bit far-fetched idea ” and investigates. Gopi finds the broth vessel inside the tank.

Later Gopi tells all that someone had taken away the broth and left on the tank side wall, somehow it had fallen inside the tank.

Kokila says that she knows who would have done it, goes near Savita who hurriedly says that she did not do it, and no hand in the missing broth. A Case Of Guilty Mind Pricks The Conscious.

Kokila says whether She – meaning Kokila asked her, Savita ! ! Kokila walks back with the tray of flower petals.

Some women guess and say it is certain that it should be Savita’s in the missing case of the broth. Kokila is happy. Savita finds herself in a spot of bother.

Puja takes place amid chants of prayers and other things, later concludes.

Later Skit or drama is enacted by the family, brief introduction given by Dhawal and Kinjal, then they are the ones who take the story forward with short interjections.

Jayanthilal and Madhu enact as Vasudeva and Devaki respectively. Hetal is Yashodha. Amid Kamsa’s torture the birth and the exchange of the Lord Sri Krishna is played Out.

Episode Ends On Gopi’s Happy And Gentle Face : Soft Smile ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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