Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Outside gaura’s residence
In the tussle that follows, kokila and gopi are attacked by goons, who are thwardted off by jigar and aham. kokila finds a key, and she hurriedly gives it to gopi bhau, to find if this fits. gopi says that its the key of a scooty and gopi gets to trying them for all the vehicles, while kokila tackles the goons with the men. gopi finally succeeds. she screams at MJ to get Dharam hurriedly. they comply. dharam is placed in the back of the scooty, while gopi and kokila, drive off, as aham and MJ fight off the goons.

Scene 2:
Location: gaura’s residence
Meanwhile. in her residence, gaura is held by the women of the modi house, who slap and taunt her continuously, taking their revenge from her. they shut the

door of the house, while gaura is distraught, as she stands helplessly. the whole modi family, keeps gauri and her people captive so that they cant reach the office at all. meanwhile, paridhi finds the widow bleeding from the hand, and immediately rushes to her help. they make her sit down comfortably. Gaura is tied to the chair, while she continues to threaten and reprimand them. The modi women get enraged, while her samdhan is furious and is almost about to kill her, but the other women stop them somehow. they gather the men too and keep them captive, so that they cant run away and cause them trouble. the women pray to the lord that dharam reaches meera in time, so that she can be saved, and truth triumphs. aham keeps checking the time tensedly, and tries the phone, but it doesnt get through. dadi comes and asks whats the matter. he says that gopis’ phone isnt going through. she assures him that they must have reached there by now. gaura screams that she wont be saved, and guffaws at them tauntingly, and that today she shall win while they lose. aham is barely able to control her anger. gaura lashes at the women, saying that they shall be stunned, when meera is hanged, as this is a day of victory for hr. The samdhan wonders what to say now. sheshe asks souna to tighten her clasp around the hands, and khinja to open her mouth, and then draws out red chilli powder to stuff it down her throat, while she is shocked. the others are distraught. she vehemently struggles, but they shove it down her motuh. her tongue starts burning, and she starts begging for water, while they are amused. she is told that she should lick the tears. aham walks tensedly. gaura continues to taunt them, to make a frame of her poc. aham unable to take it any longer, gags and suffocates her, and asks her not to speak of his daughter like that. they somehow manage to pull him away.

Scene 3:
Location: police station
Meera is told by lady constables that very soon she shall be taken away and asks if she still doesnt have anything to say. she denies, and says that she knows that right now, her family must be running around to get her free, and once her family sets her mind on something, it fulfills it to the tee. she says that she is sure that she shall be freed, and then in some time, she shall be back with her family, as when dharam comes then the court shall release her. the constables ask what if he doesnt come. she says that when hope stammers, fear creeps in, and she isnt feeling scared at all. she says that she needs to get readu for dharam, and asks them to leave her alone. they comply.. she then turns around, and picks up the plate and eyes herself, setting herself, waiting for Dharam to come. she hurts herself in the forehead, and then marks the vermillion, saying that till this day it was merely a red powder, but today she realises the importance. tears stream down her cheeks, as she says that this vermillion shall unite two incomplete people, comprising of promises and memories. Meera is ready, while the constables are tensed at her calmness. she assures them dharam shall come in short time, as she is sure that he shall save her, and can already feel her proximity, and if she didnt have the belief, then why the vermillion, and admits that she wouldnt feel sad even if she dies for him today, but has one request that she sees him alive one last time, before dying. they are aghast. she says that she is ready, and he too is on the way, and now they need to see whose journey is on the way.

Scene 4:
Location: on the road
kokila and gopi desperately try and wake up dharam, for meera, while apalled, at what might happen. they discuss that its paramount that they reach before meera is hung. they continue to have faith on the lord, while begging dharam to open the eyes, as only his being alive can save dharam, since they merely have 15 more minutes. he wakes up but again doses off. they again keep trying to revive him.

Scene 5:
Location: Angaar Jail
Kokila and gopi finally reach with dharam. they are asked to park elsewhere while they explain the severity of the situation. the constable informs them of the hanging thats half way. she says that they have come for that only, and the constable is boggled. kokila explains that the person, who meera is being accused of killing, is alive, and shows him dharam. gopi begs for her daughter to be saved. Dharam wakes up just then, and is startled into realising whats heppening. he gets out, in his distraught state, and explains how he is alive, and his murder is being claimed by the court. the constables understand that meera was right all along. he asks where is meera. they ask him to wait for the authority’s permission. they are unable to contact through the walkie talkie, and hence they let him and gopi, and kokila in.

Meanwhile, meera stands up and rises till the gallows, while her face is covered and the noose is tightened around the neck. the rituals prior to the hanging start, while her entire romantic marital life with dharam , flashes before her eyes, as tears stream down her cheeks. she says that she loves him immensely, probably more than even she herself, and that she has given the test of her love, and now its his turn, as he shall have to come here, and hopes he comes soon.

Distraught, Dharam rushes through the corridors, with gopi and kokila in tow, making a mad dash for the gallows, just in time to see the person pulling the lever, that snatches away the ground from under her feet. kokila and gopi are aghast, while he lets out a scream of despair. gopi cries out for her too. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: kokila and gopi are aghast to see this. Aham finally gets gopi’s call. after much deliberation and courage, Aham receives the call hesitantly, and is shocked at what he hears. aham collapses on the floor, desperately in tears, while they are all distraught and nervous, and continuously ask him to spill whats it, hoping that the worst hasnt happened. gaura is boggled too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I hope nothing happen to Meera coz I only watch this serial for Tanya.

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  3. YES i also watch this show only for
    Tanya and amar pair
    Nothing can happen to them

  4. Luv u tania

  5. Thnx for this fast n awesome update

    1. Rimjhim

      glad to see tht u like it….dear sanju….enjoy reading…!!!!!

  6. i didn’t like this episod.

  7. Gaura is a superb actor

  8. I am damm sure!!! That meera is saved……

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