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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem calls Jigar and insists him to kick Pari out. He says he will never send his wife out. Ahem asks if he really thinks Gopi like his mother, how could he see Pari kicking out Gopi. Jigar says he respects Kokila and Gopi, but he also loves Pari as she took care of his family well and never ignored them. If she makes mistake, he will take her to a room and explain her mistake, not like him to leave his wife and live with another women. Ahem cuts call. Mansi shouts that instead of listening to him, his brother cleverly changed everything and she knows Gopi along with Pari and Hetal planned all this. He asks her to keep quiet. She says instead of shouting at his family, he is shouting at him, now she will for sure go back to Mumbai.

Pari gets emotional and says Jigar he took

her side against Ahem. He says even he was making drama. Hetal says she should look into Jigar’s eyes and see howmuch he loves her. They both laugh. Pari says Ahem is realizing how much he loves Gopi. Mansi comes there, listens to their conversation and runs to Meera’s room.

Kinjal follows her and asks why is she so tensed. She tells Ahem is shouting on her for his family and she does not know what to do now. Kinjal says she must have realized if Ahem gets irritated, he tries to make distance, same is happening with her, he is keeping distance. Mansi asks what to do now. Kinjal says they have to prove that Gopi and Jigar are together planning all this.

Pari calls Gopi and tells they will make Ahem realize howmuch he loves her and they will force Mansi to go back to Mumbai. Mansi comes and says she will not go back. Pari changes her topic. Mansi leaves. Pari tells Gopi that Mansi is very shameless and will not to back easily.

Ahem tells Kokila that he will sleep with her today as she has to start new medicines. Gopi says she already gave new medicine to Kokila and will sleep with her. Kokila says they both should sleep on floor with pillow in between while she sleeps on her bed.

Mansi thinks of apologizing Ahem and calls him. Gopi who is sleeping next to Ahem wakes up and picks call. Mansi asks what is she doing in Ahem’s room and asks to give phone to him. Gopi says he is in deep sleep and will inform him in the morning to call her and cuts call, leaving mansi irked. Kokila asks Gopi whose phone was it. Gopi says Mansi’s. Kokila says even after being insulted so many times, she is adamant.

Mansi wakes up Meera and says they have to go to Urmila’s chawl to stop Gopi. Meera in sleep tells they can go in the morning and sleeps. Mansi thinks Ahem’s family is over smart, she will teach them and especially gopi a nice lesson.

Ahem wakes up at night feeling his bed wet, removes shirt and thinks of sleeping outside, then thinks Kokila may need him, so he goes and sleeps next to Gopi. He puts his hands on Gopi in sleep. Gopi wakes up feeling his touch.

Precap: Neighbour insults Ahem that he is neither a good son nor good husband. Gopi takes Ahem’s side and says Ahem is a perfect son and father.

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