Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi thanks Jaggi for getting her out of mental assylum and says she would have died if he would not have got her out. Jaggi asks her not to cry, mimics Rajesh Khanna and makes her smile. Jai and Veeru tickle him from behind. He tickles them back and plays withh them. Gopi smiles and leaves.

Gopi goes down and smiles at Kokila, Sona and Urmila. Premila comes with Krishna and Mansi and asks where is her bahu. Kokila asks how dare they are to come here. Krishna says he was worried about Gopi and Mansi says Gopi should have informed them and left mental assylum. Kokila asks to stop their drama. Premila calls police and lawyer. Police says Krishha has complained that Gopi’s menta condition is unstable and Kokila brought here from mental hospital without informing.

Gopi says she is fine. Kokila says Gopi is not mad. Lawyer says as per law, Krisha is Gopi’s wife and can take her from here. Krishna says Gopi is his wife since some days but is his patient since 5 years, she is mentally unstable. Premila asks her friend to speak. Friend says during muh dikhayi ceremony, Gopi acted insane and Kokila had to slap her. Mansi says Gopi prepared gun powder mixed poori and locked herself in suitcase other day. Krishna asks inspector to get his wife’s custody to him.

Tolu says he will not let them take Gopi. Sona and Urmila also say same. Krishna holds Gopi’s hand and drags her. Gopi calls Maaaji…Kokila asks Krishna to leave Gopi’s hand. Krishna says it is enough now and plice stops Tolu and others. Gopi prays kanhaji to protect her.

Jaggi comes and stops them and says he is Ahem Modi, Gopi Modi’s husband. Krishna says how can it be, Ahem is dead. Kokila says he is her son Ahem. Gopi says yes, he is her husband and she will not go anywhere. Jaggi says if he is dead, then how is he standing here. Premila says whole world knows Ahem is dead, he is some imposter.

Vidya tells Shravan that she wants to talk to her family. Shravan says she should. Vidya picks landline receiver. Dharam stops and says she should go and meer personally with gifts. Meera asks if she can come along. Vidya says yes of course.

Krishna shouts that this man is not Ahem Modi and nobody can stop him from taking his wife from here. Jaggi says he is Gopi’s first husband and Krishna’s marriage is invalid and asks lawyer to explain Krishna. Krishna shouts again. Jigar enters with Pari and says this man cannot be Ahem Modi.

Precap: Jigar says Jaggi that his Ahem bhai did not use to wear these kind of clothes and speak like this, he has to prove himself and tell where Kokila used to keep Krishna idol.

Update Credit to: MA

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