Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila tells Urmila and Sona and others that they have to save this house at any cost. Gopi comes and says she knows where Premila has hidden house papers and it is in temple, she will go and bring it.

Meera prepares something in kitchen. Ritesh comes and asks if he can help. She says she is cooking paranthas. He says he will prepare paranthas.

Gopi goes and searches papers in whole temple, but does not find it. She gets very tensed and prays god. Jaggi also comes and they both start searching papers.

Naiya tells Dharam that Vidya and Shravan have gone for shopping and Meera is in kitchen with Ritesh. Dharam angrily walks towards kitchen. Meera climbs on a stool to pick something. Ritesh continues chatting withh her discussing he was a bad cook and was never let into his training academy’s kitchen. Meera slips. He holds her. Dharam enters and fumes seeing this. He scolds Ritesh that he knew from the beginning that he is eyeing on Meera. Ritesh says he is misunderstanding. Dharam says he is not. Meera starts yelling on Dharam. Dharam asks Ritesh to get out of his house. Naiya smirks seeing all this. Vidya thinks Naiya did all this.

Gopi and Jaggi continue searching papers. Something falls on holy spricture box. Gopi opens box and realizes papers are in box. On the other side, Premila with Mansi and Krishna calls someone to sell 50% of Modi bhavan and praises that soon this property’s rates will double. Buyer gives cheque. Jaggi snatches it. Gopi tears it into pieces. Mansi tries to slap her. Gopi confronts her. Jaggi asks buyer to check if papres are available first. Premila checks papers in box, but does not find it. Buyer yells on Premila and Krishna and walks out. Mansi and Premila yell that Gopi and her team stole papers. Jaggi asks if they have any proof. Gopi says it is enough of their misdeeds now and asks to get out.

Precap: Gopi dances happily with family. Jaggi looks at her in a surprise, seeing her changed nature.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. sowmya

    good evening all sunshiners we reached our 100 comments goal in yesterdays episode congratulations

    today’s episode is really good
    atleast for one or two days there won’t be any drama in modi mansion according to precap

    • sowmya

      it is not possible to throw ahem out john
      u may throw him from serial but not from our hearts never never

      john even we sunshiners want to trow someone out guess who ??

  2. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini,
    Finally Modi family’s problem is solved . Waiting for tomorrow episode.

  3. Boss(Siddarth)

    Congratulations Sunshiners today also we completed 100 comments 😊😊. Nandini and Soumya you both rocked even today keep it up😊👍.

  4. Riana

    |Registered Member

    MA didnt mention on precap the line that mansi,premila and krishna is thrown out of the house…That scene was superb!!!

  5. Akshay

    hello sunshiners sid aisha nandi shakaib saba somi raven thanks a ton for all lovely wishes. U all made my day so remarkable. i m feeling blessed. it really made me special. u all r fabulous buddies in my life. i love u all. keep smiling. thank u again sweethearts.

    • Nandhini

      |Registered Member

      Akshay you are our bestum best sunshiner! You deserve all the happiness😊 Saathiya serial will not end soon because of its continuous topping in trp charts for many years!

    • sowmya

      haello akshay hope u enjoyed ur birthday a lot keep rocking just like saathiyaa
      wish u reach heights in ur life like saathiya in trp chart

  6. Akshay

    nandi n somi both r rocking!!!!!!! cross 100 “”on topic”” comments amazing!!!! i think now on topic off topic ghost is in dilemma. both of u r our warriors.

    • Nandhini

      |Registered Member

      All of us sunshiners are warriors Akshay😊 Saathiya is such an awesome serial which is running long in both television and in our hearts! whenever we get time lets all flood this page with on-topic comments.

    • Nandhini

      |Registered Member

      All of us sunshiners are warriors Akshay!😊 Saathiya is such an awesome serial which is running for long both in television and our hearts. When we get time lets keep commenting this page with on-topic comments.

  7. Areebah

    Finally something good happened what’s wrong with writers after soooo much dharam and meera united and now there doing every possible way to separate them naiya should be happy that after all she did she was accepted back and also getting married to the person she loves

  8. Isaaq

    |Registered Member

    Hey guys, season 2 finale of my fan fic will be published soon. It will be really good and I hope you all enjoy it..season 3 will start when I have time

  9. Haider

    Yay happiness in the house but not for long though probably another villain will come in a few months causing more issues.

  10. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    I guessed even everyone guessed when ritesh and meera are in kitchen some accident will happen and meera will fall and ritesh will hold her and dat time dharam will see them…Thank God atleast they showed the real drama today by dharam confronting them instead of playing hide and seek..everytime when he sees them together he will get angry and gets out from the he didnt do dat.

  11. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Ritesh said dharam is not respecting his wife..when did he see that?? Meera is only not respecting her husband. Dharam compromised many things for meera,, he is not egoistic like her, he gave her space and he respected her.

  12. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Yes sowmya you are right.. actually the buyers of the modi house are very generous people.They are first giving the cheque and then only they asked for property papers. And finally they got ridiculed by Jaggi by their generous act.

  13. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    I guessed when ritesh went to meera’s kitchen some kind of accident will happen and meera will fall and rithesh will hold her and dharam will see dat.

  14. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Thank God they showed some real drama here when dharam confronted rithesh…all the time when dharam saw them together he will get angry and will get out from dat place but he didnt do dat today.

    • sowmya

      even i wonder di that whenever people in this show and many other shows doubt their partner why don’t they ask them directly at that moment itself then problem will be solved there itself

    • sowmya

      akshay each and every sunshiner is a sword that can kill the on off topic ghost

      yes nandhini even i guessed that kitchen drama to happen now vidya has to do something

  15. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Ritesh said dharam is not respecting his wife.When did he see that?? Meera is only not respecting her husband. Dharam compromised many things for her, he didnt raise his hand on her even once, he is not egoistic like her, he gave her more space and he respected her.

    • sowmya

      yes nandi di dharam is better than meera
      may be because he is elder he is more understanding than meera but that meera if she is atleast 10 pecent understanding as vidya then there won’t be any misunderstandings between dheera

  16. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Ritesh is a fool. What did he study in police academy?? He is believing the words of prakash who is already a criminal (he kidnapped priyal).

  17. Boss(Siddarth)

    Good morning Sunshiners
    Raina. Hv a nice day.😊
    Waiting for Jaggi and Gopi and Jagg’s marriage scene.

  18. sowmya

    yes haider happiness in modi mansion will not last long either new vamps will come or old one will return

  19. sheeba

    hi………sid,shakaib,nandu,areeba,raven,haider,isaaq,sowmu, saba, riana,nisha&akshay.i m really sorrrrrrrrrrrry………………… data pack got expired yesterday so… i wasn’t able 2 wish u&more over i was not aware of it as i m a new member of sunshine wishes 4 ur birthday.god bless u.

  20. sowmya

    where are u sunshiners aisha shakaib saba shreestee geetu prathyusha

    i want gopi to drag that krishna out of house instead of throwing their belongings
    and let kokila or urmila throw that pramila and mansi

    • Nandhini

      |Registered Member

      Sowmya you watch today…in dat jaggi will drag krishna out of the house…krishna will resist him saying “hey dont touch me! Dont touch me” will be very funny! Gopi will drag mansi and pramila out and she wil throw all their suit cases out and shut the door on their face.

  21. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Sowmya in dis situation vidya cant do is only upto dharam and meera. Actually vidya should have talked to rithesh about the current situation and asked him to avoid meera whenever he gets to see her. She can do dat atleast now…dharam wont believe her words.(about naiya),, but rithesh will believe her as he is believing everyone and he will himself get out from the house to prevent any problems in future.

  22. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Dharam is at no fault. He was right in his defense! Now meera must change her mind and make dharam understand dat what he saw was an accident and there is no wrong relationship between her and rithesh. If she shows her ego here, then nothing good will happen instead the problem will become worse.

  23. sowmya

    now vidya should leave her over loaded kindness and reveal the truth of naiya to dharam i think he will believe her

  24. sowmya

    if cvs are out of ideas then in upcoming episodes they may turn urvashi negative
    urvashi can try to take revenge from kokila

    • Nandhini

      |Registered Member

      Yes sowmya if gopi and jaggi gets married, then modis will do something to keep jaggi with them in modi bhavan..this will anger urvashi and she will turn negative and take revenge from kokila.

  25. Nandhini

    |Registered Member

    Meera was right at one thing…third persons like naiya or rithesh dont break relationships only mistrust breaks it. Still dharam trusts meera now dats why he didnt show any anger on her in the kitchen…so it is meera’s turn to make dharam realize the truth. Vidya cant say anything bad about naiya to dharam(even if its true) because naiya is going to get married soon…if she does then the problem and misunderstanding will grow further in the family…she must warn naiya not to spoil her sister’s life and she must give her a big slap on her face!

  26. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners Gud evening.
    Friends what do you think Meera shud unite with rithesh or Dharam.

  27. raven

    boss Meera is Dharam’s wife and by all means he should fight for his rights i dont want Rithesh in any way to come in between Dharam and his wife so there is no point in even discussing this,all the way is meera and dharam and good day to all sunshine friends

  28. Prakash

    I happens to see the Serial being watched by my neighbor. Without any substance and any powerful story line I wonder how the production team is able to garner requisite TRP to keep this going for such a LONG period. Why can’t Star+ serve short and engrossing TV Serials

  29. sharmi

    Meera fight to marry Dharam and in some way caused her dad to leave the house on her wedding day to get Dharam and then got into an accident instead. why are the writers not happy to have anything good between couples on these shows. Now they have Meera insulting her husband in front of a stranger…why would that idiot Ritesh want to be with her anyways, when she doesn’t respect her current husband, he thinks she will be nicey nicey with him for long…she blows up every 2 second…need to show her grow up for a change

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