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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem says whole family is crying because of Meera and he will never forgive her. Kokila says Gaura brainwashed Meera and it is not her mistake. Gopi backs her. Ahem says whatever it is, nobody should take Meera’s name in this house. Gopi says until she is alive, he cannot get away with Meera and she is their responsibility. She continues that when he went away for 10 years, Kokila did not lose hope and brought him back with her effort and even she forgave him when he brought Mansi with her and believed in her love and him. She continues….

Ahem gets angry and asks her to give back Meera’s pic. She says she will not give and holds it tight. He snatches it and says why is she forcing him to become more tougher. Kokila asks them both to stop fighting and only

she is responsible for whatever happened.

Gaura tells Dharam that Kokila must be blaming herself and crying vigorously, hopes she would have been there to see her drama.

Kokila continues that she blindly believed Gaura and spoilt her grandchildren’s lives. She tells Urmila that she used to understand her words even without uttering, but she did not this time when she repeatedly warned her against Gaura. Hetal tries to console her. Kokila then tells baa that she gave her house’s responsibility to her with great hope, but she broke her hope. She tells Vidya that she spoilt her life and today her eyes are in tears instead of glow of happiness and asks to forgive her. Vidya asks not to tell this. She then tells Jigar that he and Pari fulfilled uncle and aunt’s responsibilities and did not oppose her decisions, she is also her culprit. He asks her not to say that. She tells Ahem he sacrificed 10 years for his children, but she spoilt his children’s life, he should forgive her. Ahem also asks not to apologize.

Kokila tells Gopi that she ruined her children’s lives. Gopi asks not to say that. Kokila continues and says she always trusted Gopi, but when she warned her repeatedly against Gaura, she did not listen her, she is a big sinner and hits her head. Whole family runs to stop her. Kokila touches Gopi’s feet and apologizes her.

Gaura signs Gujrati song and says she is missing seeing Kokila shattered on floor for her mistake.

Gopi tells Kokila she did not do any mistake and Gaura misused her goodness, she always thought good for the family and she cannot make any mistake. Gaura should apologize for her mistake instead.

Precap: Gaura slaps and tortures Meera in front of Kokila and Gopi.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Wowww. Awesome, great, big fan.

  2. kokila did right by feeling sorry of her mistake.

  3. Why can’t we get some Shravan vidya???

  4. Aaj ka serial jata hai koki ke sorries ke naam kokila sorry hume bhi kaho jab sab ko keh hi rahi ho to

    1. Nice happened to kokila n meera … they deserved dat …

  5. Why is Meera shown as a negative character? She used to be a very sweet kid.
    Editors please put some sense into her

  6. Stop this nonsense . All this boohoooing. Sickly. How can anyone be so blind in friendship to take leave of common sense . Get on with the story or scrap it.

    1. Like omg so tru yaar

    2. U’re right salina.

  7. It just good for meera nut I think it all plan to make them suffer more

  8. Guara being the villain can be understood. But it is too much for Meera. Who in this world will marry an old guy just try to stay ahead of her own sister. Come on writer use some common sense!

  9. Total nonsense

  10. This show is far from reality. If vidya files a complaint of domestic violence against gaura and dharam, they will be jailed. Then it’s very easy to get meera back. What can she do all alone without those two witches?

  11. I hate today’s ep….it was so dramatic…kokila is a big melodramatic woman…all time i am sory..i am sory in today ep….on the first ep. it was shown that kokila looks and behaves like a cruel witch??? but now it is showing that koklia is a street bhikari??? all time crying and crying…

  12. Now meera is making plan with gaura but aftersome meera will plan to escape from gaura??????

  13. You are right nidhi about kokila . What a turn around

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