Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd November 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kokila and Gaura’s garba starts. Gaura tries to divert Kokila’s attention by showing Vidya and Meera’s punishment marks and thinks this is the only way to defeat Kokila. Kokila says she is not her childhood friend but Modi family’s representative. She plays garba will full strength and Gaura falls down.

Sona drops vase on Tolu by mistake, but he escapes. Molu starts scolding her. Tolu says it is okay as he did not get hurt. Molu asks why is he favoring Sona. Tolu says it is okay. Sona tells Madhuben let us escape from here. Madhuben says no.

Kokila says Gaura that her childhood friend was like her shadow and used to understand her emtions without speaking. but this Gaura is different. She asks Meera to dorn cuffs on Gaura’s feet as per agreement. Meera hesitates. Ahems says when she can think of dorning cuff on her daadi, why not her saas. Meera hesitantly dorns cuffs on Gaura’s feet. Kokila says Gaura is an evil and punished her granddaughtters and asks Vidya to show her wounds.

Gopi checks Meera’s wound and asks how can she tolerate Gaura’s torture and asks how could see Vidya being punished when she used to protect Vidya in childhood. Meera shouts she hates vidya. Dharam’s drama starts next.

Precap: Meera asks Gopi to teach her daughter how to behave with in-laws, else take her from here. Dharam and Gaura smirk.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera and Gopi acting is fantastic. Both are amazing and terrific actresses.

  2. Meera…i will kill u…?
    Ee…pennine bhrandhane…..
    ANy wayz…….

  3. Aardhya u read ur comment…
    I intro myself…im sweet…me and Janu(Akshay) know each other since one year…..

  4. Laaaaeeeeemmmmmm……..

  5. meera has so many emotions inside her and the reasons is kokila modi…remember when she came from mumbai how kokila use to torture her…everyone showed indifference towards can u imagine to tell a girl of 20 Years to
    forcefully tell gopi mom when she was not brought up by gopi

    1. Meera isn’t a child. Even a child understands emotions and right/wrong. Meera CHOOSES to do that which leads her down the wrong path. She is filled with hate. This isn’t because of Gopi or Kokila. Her father raised her wrong. She is a spoiled brat in my humble opinion. No matter how hurt I am on the inside, I would not allow injustice. Tell me really what Vidya did to Meera. Meera is jealous of Vidya. She first thought Gaura was “middle class” and didn’t care to marry Shavan. After learning they are well off, she started putting her jealous antics on display. Meera is a weak character who cannot think for herself. That slap from Gopi was long overdue. She considers herself to be beautiful, but her soul is so black.

    2. Even if meera has emotions in her, she must give some basic respect to her elders and family.. she is an educated and well brought up girl (i mean economically and in status wise).. even though she is not taken care by her dad,, she was given all the facilities and a best life to live during her childhood… she was not even alone… she had her sister vidya with her… a normal high class educated girl wil not behave in such a cheap way with her family… now even she hates her own sis
      vidya for no reason… she is a one lunatic character!!

      1. Nandhini, I agree with you; however, I disagree with one thing you said. Because one is educated or comes from a wealthy family does not mean the person is a good person. I know many wealthy people who feel they are superior to others and have no regard for others they feel are breath them. I know many educated people who are extremely ignorant. My point is that social status and education is not what makes you a good person. It is your upbringing, values and moral teachings (to name a few). In the other hand, I know extremely wealthy and educated people who are humble, down to earth, giving, caring, warm, respectful and compassionate. No matter how much love his girl had or gets, her mind will remain filthy. She is a cheap person with cheap action. She is an imbecile and a low-life. She has no respect for herself so how can she even know how to respect others. Meera cares for Meera. She is an animal. DISGUSTING!

      2. *beneath them.

      3. Yes Mee! You are right… totally agreed…

  6. Meet a ki kundali dekhavo ahem Bhai shyad uska modi bhavan me rehne ka koi yog hi Nai tha. Tabhi to pehle woh radhaben ki vajase to kabhi apki vjase modi bhavan se hamseha dur hi rahi

  7. Aur vese bhi sari galti apki hi he ahem Bhai. Apko to meera pehle nai chaiye thi. ( initially when gopi was pregnant with meera) to ab ap kis hakk se use daat rahe ho.

  8. I think we all should leave meera n vidya on their own to battle the devil gaura n live in misery because they not getting anywher

  9. Meera is doing this because of Modi family. They really tortured Meera a lot.

    1. Where do you get that the Modi family tortured Meera? Have you not noticed anything that this idiot had done? Have you not been watching the same show I’ve been watching? I guess it’s all a matter of perspective. She has been drinking, partying, running off with men/friends/what nots, dressing trashy, being extremely rude and obnoxiously loud…screaming and yelling and her family just seems to endure it. If she’s so hell bent on Mansi, then she should go live with her. Meera’s character on this show is disturbing. Disgustingly cheap and trashy girl.

  10. Meera is a stupid

  11. anitha anitha

    She s such a braineless ugly fool

  12. Modi family has done nothing wrong with meera… If I were her family I would have left her just like ahem….

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