Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jaggi tries to exercise and tries to pick his mobile with great difficulty. Gopi enters and gives him mobile. He shouts if he asked her for help and asks to go out. Dharam reminisces Meera and their romance and feels sad. Vidya gets ice cream for him. He says he does not need it. Bhavani enters and offers paan, taunting Vidya. Dharam says he does not need paan and wants to sleep.

Gopi walks out of Jaggi’s room weeping. Kokila sees her weeping and asks what happened, if Jaggi told anything. Gopi says no and leaves weeping. Kokila thinks she is tensed seeing Jaggi’s condition. Seeta dreams about Ricky’s worsening condition and wakes up from sleep. She gets worried for him. In the morning, while having breakfast, Urmila gets a call from her tenants and tells family that

she needs to go and repair leakage. Gopi says she will go and give breakfast to Jaggi and leaves. Seeta says she wil go to Urmila’s chawl and find out what is happening.

Imli panics reminiscing Bhavani mixing poison in her food and fears even seeing water. She sees Vidya going out and calls her. Bhavani stops her jokes she should drink water and find out if here is poison in it. Imli drops bottle and runs to Vidya and requests her to take her along. Vidya says what to tell family who she is. Imli asks to tell she is her distant relative. Vidya takes her along.

Seeta reaches Urmila’s chawl and gets out of auto. She picks money to pay and coin falls down. She follows it and it falls on a man’s hand. She is shocked to see Ramakanth in a drain unconscious and thinks he must be heavily inebriated and fell in drain. She shouts Ramakanth ji.

Gopi brings doc who asks Jaggi to exercise and scolds him to put more effort, he has to attend another patient. Gopi says he needs to speak calmly and encourage Jaggi. She says she will find a new doctor who can handle Jaggi’s case calmly and sends doc away.

Vidya reaches Modi bhavan with Imli/Divya and greets everyone. Jaggi comes on wheelchair and Vidya gets emotional. Jaggi says he is fine and serves tea. Kokila asks Divya who is she. Vidya say she is distant relative and will stay with them for some days. Divya sees snacks and thinks at least she can have something here away from Bhavani’s threat. She bends and her locket comes out. Jaggi identifies it as his locket. Kokila asks who did she get that locket. Vidya says baaji gifted it to Divya. Kokila takes it, opens it and sees Urvashi’s blood note that Gaura is a murderer.

Precap: Kokila loudly tells Gaura is behind Urvashi’s accident and Jaggi’s accident. Jaggi fumes he will make Gaura’s life a hell and goes to her house.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Yass Jaggi you make that witch Gaura life a hell!!????

  2. Guara go to hell…??? riana I’m talking about nominations re not music video see this site

    1. Riana

      Oh yah you’re right Helly…I too voted here…But there was no Saathiya actor

  3. SNS isn’t nominated star plus award
    Channel did unfair with SNS others show
    GoGi would be nominated like jodi or others characters but star plus not give them chance

    Gaura life going hell ???? i hope she doesn’t return back

    She will go jail like before

    1. Alexia they are doing all the new shows like Ishqbaaz and the ones that bring TRP to the channel.The older ones like YRRKH and SNS are being forgetton.My mum used to watch YRRKH when Naksh was a kid but now in YRRKH its all about Naira Akshara daughter and the ship ‘Kaira’.

      1. I know I don’t like yrkkh show
        This show is festival show every week they must celebrated something for bring theirs TRP

        But kaira is nominated jodi and I’m sure kaira will win this awards

        Star plus did unfair decision And choice for not nominated others show

        SNS admits fans is very upset about this
        I hope DevNa not going to any celebrity awards party the day

        I call it unfair channel when star plus needs nr 1 channel. They want SNS to bring back audience

  4. Episode was ok
    I don’t want jagila to be angry ? to Gopi
    Because isn’t Gopi fault he becomes paralysis

    Cv must change this effect

    1. Nandhini

      Yes Alexia…what you said in above comment is very true…half of the revenue star plus is earning from SNS serial through its trps even though its an old serial…they must include a category for the best longer running tv show and they must nominate yrkkh and sns for that…in colors channel awards, they had that category…star plus is such a selfish channel?? they wil earn income from the old serials but they wont honour those serials…

  5. I’ve been watching SNS since i was six years old.I’m 13 years old now.I watched because of my grandmother who is dead now.I also watch now YHM,Parades mein mera dil,Chandra Nandini,Suhani si ed ladki.(Naamkaran sometimes).SNS was the show that made the six year old me watch dramas.

    1. And the first that i started watching other star plus shows

      1. and mostly what my parents were watching (mostly my mother)

  6. Look like tomorrow gaura will get expose.

  7. Nandhini

    Divya/Imli is on a traumatic state…she couldnt eat or drink anything due to that bhavani…waiting so anxiously for next episode…jaggi just punch that Gaura!!
    What happened? Only few sunshiners are commenting…riana,alexia,chithu,rani are only commenting…most of them are absent for soo long…sid and isaaq have their exams it seems…dont know what happened to others…really missing them so badly esp raven and shakaib??

    1. Riana

      Raven said that she will never comment here anymore…As one day she commented but no one answered on her comment…??…Btw Nandi the Episode was Super Wowsome…Precap is so filmy…❤❤❤❤❤❤

    2. Isaaq

      I’m unhappy the way they’re ending Gaura character. Radha character had a superb ending when the Modis went to the holy place of Omkareshwar to defeat the evil demoness Radha.

      Here with Gaura there’s no hype or special with her ending.

      If I was writer, I would make Gaura escape from jail and kidnap Gopi and Jaggi. Gaura tries to kill Jaggi. Gopi realises her love for Jaggi and saves him. Gaura is arrested once again.

      1. I can understand you Isaaq but
        Cv can’t do Gopi murder two times in one series . I want also Gopi would kill Gaura for Ahemji dead

    3. Isaaq

      I have a feeling Gaura will return because there’s nothing special about her ending. She’s just going to get arrested like that???

      If it was my ff, I would make Gaura kill Kokila and Gaura is then arrested then a generation leap where Gopi becomes the new Kokila. Urvashi becomes her Saas.

      Gaura needs a fantastic ending to her character. it will raise the trps.

  8. Nooo please do not end Gaura’s track. End Jaggi’s track. Gaura is more fun to watch.

  9. Gopika gopika grrrrrrrrr

  10. Nahi gaura ka sach ayega but gunpoint per gopi ko rakh legi aur saboot bapas legi

  11. Sns is not nominate in award i saw sns when i was 16 year now i m 21year it had no nominee discusting award ab samajh mai aaya colour no 1 Kyoto hai he respect all the show

  12. Riana

    Coming to the episode….It was Really wowsome…I am so happy to see that Gaura will be arrested!!…I saw on utube…that gaura will get arrested n her story will end!!…????…Bst part is Ricita scene…it was a bit Funny…?…Precap is sooo Filmyyy…”gaura said kaun hain beh”….Loool…???

  13. Riana

    Btw i watch Sns…Yhm…Pardes (Not regularly)…IB n Dbo…Though i am happy that Shivika has got so much popularity…But still i m really angry on star plus…There r a lots of Characters in saathiya…but no one is selected dis time…Btw nominations were less….I cant believe that naira is nominated for bst bahu??…they got married last month….she is still not a daughter in law…then how’s she nominated??…In my opinion nominations for bst bahu should be…
    Gopi…Ishita…Anika…Gauri… (Then its fair)…

    1. Riana forget unfair channel ????? you will be angry if you think about this
      How its channel has do with SNS team

      I’m very angry ? for that
      I don’t know if SNS actors feeling the same
      How theirs audience are angry with star plus ?????? unfair channel

      Color tv ? is better

      I’m sure naira will win Jodi or naya sadhaSy

  14. Riana I think nominating gouri also unfair, yes she did fantastic acting but wife seriously…?? Anyways waiting for awards I heard may28 but don’t know if the awards are held that day or they will telecast waiting and its nice chatting with you??

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