Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Gaura’s residence
As gaura composes herself, she vehemently tries to instigate dharam against meera and her family, enumerating all the atrocities and torments that they put her through, and how she was innocent and has been wrongly implicated. Meera asks dharam not to get emotional heaering his mother’s rant, and bents out her frustration against her and tells her that now she shall rot in prison for her sins, while gaura is shocked. dharam screams and says that there shall be no punishments of any sort. gaura gets emboldened and says that this is her son, and she is his mother. but he pushes her away, screaming at her, that neither is she his mother, nor he her son. gaura is stunned, while all others watch, shocked and distraught. he says that yhe

doesnt want anymore to be linked with her at all, after what she did to him and meera, in the wake of revenge. gaura is stunned into silence, while meera and her family eye her tensedly. she tries to salvage the situation and convince him but he tells gaura that she can have it all, as right this minute, he shall leave the house, and never look back. all are shocked. he says that he shall take away everyone with him, whose trust and heart she has broken and pained, and that from this day, he frees himself and everyone else from this house. gaura is distraught and says that he cant do this, and she wont allow him, to leave her at this age of her life. he says that this is the difference between him and her, as she always stood against her faily, while staying with the family is life. he says that he wishes her a long life, but unfortunately her life is incomplete. he asks shravan to pack their bags and gets going. all stand tensedly.

Then, gaura denies and says that they shall not go, and asks shravan that they cant do this. shravan complies, while dharam insists. she begs him not to do this, as he can punish her all he wants, but not leave the house. she begs durga to explain it to him, as he shall listen to her. meera and her family watch stoically. gaura eyes the knife kept on the fruitstand, and hurriedly takes it and threatens to kill herself, telling dharam, that he shall have to leave, after ending her. he throws it away, saying that she knows very wery well how to upset and pain her own people. he says that not all people are emotionless like her, and some people are humans. shravan comes with his bags packed. she asks dharam not to go, and insists to shravan also, while all watch tensedly. she asks shravan how can he be convinced, as dharam is angry but would calm down. he says that he wont take it anymore. his daughter asks him to look at gaura, who is distraught and aplled, and is trule apologetic, and begs him to forgive her. he says that he knows her more than anything, as noone is over her than her hatred, and that she already proclaimed him dead, and she might just kill him too, and hence he wants to leave. but she starts hitting herself, and says that she doesnt deserve to be a human, but they shouldnt desert her. he asks her to stop this or else he kills himself. she is aghast. gopi and others are shocked. he says that her tears wont melt him now, and that he cant trust her anymore now. he turns to meera and says that she wants to punish his mother, and this is the most apt one. they all leave the house. gaura blames kokila and lashes at her responsible for all this, and that due to her, her family is ruined now, and that years back, she stripped her of her brother, and today her family. kokila screams that she is wrong, and that she is lessening her crimes, by crying like this, and says that her family isnt ruined, but she has been stranded from the rest and she herself is responsible for this, as she shall pay for her sins. she screams at kokila, while she asks her to stay shut, as she shall not have her screaming. shr reminds gaura what she was doing, and enumerates what all she had planned, even to the extent of hanging innocent meera, but asks her to see the lord’s justice , as he never favours the liars. she says that meera was innocent, and today the world knows, and meera is safe. she tells gaura that she herself got crucified, along with hre relation with dharam. all are shocked. she says that her alive son had been taken to the funeral pyre, and while burning him, kokila reminds gaura of the way she cursed her, that she shall miss her family, and be tortured for their company, but today the world shall see that she is all alone. gaura is aghast to hear this. the screen freezes on kokila’s face.

Precap: Meera asks dharama if he thinks that this is a deservant and befitting punishment for gaura, and tells him that he is mistaken, and that she deserves to rot in prison and for the same reason, she wishes to file a case against gaura in the court. all are shocked, while dharam is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Rimjhim

    missed out five minutes in the beginning of the serial…so kindly forgive for any errors that might occur thereof….

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    1. That is very simple english. You should try and guess the meaning or use the dictionary. Aghast is a very simple word. In fact, this piece is brilliantly written, unlike the latest update of naagin.

  6. disgusting episode Meera is just too much very annoying

  7. Dharam’s day…nice episode…

  8. you did a nice update brilliant english, spelling mistakes does not matter its understandable thank you rimjhim its very nice of you.

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