Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ahem comes to Gopi’s ICU room after pooja and asks her to wake up. He says he always wanted to forget her, but could not in 10 years as she is not just his wife, but his soul. He pleads her to wake up and continues that god has made only her for him and he needs her. Mansi is shocked to hear that while whole family cries outside. He ties her red thread with betel leave and promises that he will never leave her and she should also promise that she will not leave him. He shakes her, and she opens her eyes. He laughs. She calls his name and goes unconscious again. He shouts her name to wake her up, but unsuccessfully.

Kokil’a havan fire sets off while maha mrutyunjay pooja and she gets tensed but continues pooja. Gopi’s heart beat stops on the other side. Docs

try to revive it. Kokila continues her pooja. Ahem shouts at Gopi to wake up and shakes her. Nurse gives her cardiac defebrillator shocks and says they lost her as she is not responding to electri shocks. Everyone are shocked to hear that.

Ahem continues shaking Gopi. Vidya sees Gopi’s legs shaking and shows it to Ahem. Kokila continues pooja and havan fire sets again. Doc checks Gopi’s pulse and says it is unbelievable, her pulse restarted. Vidya and Ahem get happy. Gopi opens her eyes. Doc says Ahem that is a miracle, Gopi is back to life. Whole family laugh outside happily. Kokila continues pooja on the other side. Ahem pampers Gopi and she opens her eyes and looks at him and Vidya. Sath nibhana saathiya……continues in the background.

Ahem comes out and hugs whole family. Jigar says he will bring Kaaki/Kokila and leaves. Ahem then hugs Mansi who is also crying as she lost him. She leaves sadly while everyone look at her walking out.

Jigar calls Kokila and says god listened to her prayers and Gopi is back to life. Kokila thanks god for reviving Gopi’s life and says she will be thankful to god her whole life.

Ahem stops Mansi and tries to speak. She says she knows what he wants to say. She says when they met first time, she thought he completed her, but she was wrong, they both were incomplete even being together for 10 years and she could not get his love at all. She tried her best and went to an unbelievable extent to get him, but now realized only Gopi can be his life partner and not her.

Precap: Ahem asks everyone to go out from Gopi’s ICU room. Kokila says he should go out first as he never cared for her and always troubled her.

Update Credit to: MA


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  5. Mia

    Nice epi…bt whatever happened with Mansi cannot be h
    justified…she lost her 10 yrs waiting for Ahem…

    • heer

      Ahem is not selfish might be little logical.first 8 years then 10 years, how long can or he should wait. Gopi’s social service/ selflessness has spoiled his life.

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