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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seeta asks Jaggi not to lose hope and asks if there is no other way to bail out Kokila and Gopi. Jaggi says they have to convince Sameera and Pinku. Urmila hopes it happens soon. Meera walks behind Karan to apologize her. He says he knows she wants to apologize, but the problem is Dharam’s wife herself tried to spoil his business. He says he will not inform anyone about what she did and leaves. He meets Bhavani in jail and says he did what she ordered, but cannot continue. She warns that he is just a puppet and has to obey his boss and stay at Dharam’s house and do whatever she says.

Sia/Seeta returns to Modi bhavan and tells Ricky that she felt he is sad, so came back to cheer him up. She sees him tensed and says she will get water for him. She goes to kitchen and sees vegetable

burning. She mixes it and bends to get water. Her wig catches fire and she throws it. Ricky walks towards kitchen. Sia wears veil and acts as Seeta. Ricky enters and asks what is she doing here. Seeta says she is doing work. He asks where is Sia. She asks how does she know. He asks something is burning. She says she is preparing vegetable in mustard oil. He walks out searching Sia. Jaggi and Urmila get Seeta out via window and ties veil like a turban on her head. Sia walks in back and asks Ricky who is the maid in kitchen. Ricky says she is seeta and not maid. He reminisces his friend thinking Seeta as his wife. He asks why she is wearing turban on her head. She says she is a model and has to take care of her skin and hair. Sameera enters with Pinks and says he does not know how difficult it is to maintain their beauty. Sia leaves. Sameera says if Ricky is thinking Sia is Seeta, then he should not, Sia and Seeta have different class and Seeta can never be intelligent like Sia.

Jaggi tells Urmila and Seeta they have to show Sia and Seeta together to stop Ricky’s doubt and tells his plan. Urmila starts crying loudly. Sameera, Pinks, Ricky come down and sees Urmila and Seeta crying. Seeta says her grandma is severely ill and she has to go to her village immediately. Sameeera yells why is Urmila crying then. Sahir comes and says car is ready, they can drop Seeta to bus stop. Jai and Veeru take Ricky near window and he sees Sia talking to Seeta. He thinks how can they be together. Jaggi shows that Seeta is a dummy. Once Ricky moves, Jaggi and Sahir get dummy into car and think now Ricky’s doubt is cleared. Sia walks in and tells Sameera, Ricky and Pinks that she came to inform that her London designer friend Alex has agreed to meet them.

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  1. Star Plus family drama Saath Nibhana Saathiya on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Ricky has got some proof against Sameera and Pinku with the help of which he can send them jail.

    But Sameera and Pinku do not wants to go to jail so they make master plan with the help of which they can stop Ricky.

    Siya shattered as Ricky’s gets blasted

    Ricky goes to police station in his car but Sameera keeps big stone in the middle of the way so that he stops hi car and comes out of the car to remove stone.

    As soon as Ricky removes the stone and goes back to his car just the Pinky blasts the car and he dies.

    Siya comes to save Ricky but she fails to save him.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist

  2. STORY→→::::::::====

    Riana, Nandhini, Mansi. Isaaq are shown in Market. They are doing shopping. They reach at GolGapa shop.

    They buy and start eating Gol gapas. They ask shopkeeper to give more AND more. SK gives them More GpGappas.

    SUDDENLY SOME GOONS ON BIKES COMES. They surround them and start revolving bikes around them.

    One of the man REMOVES his helmet and His face is shown. Sidharath is shown wearing a A sleeveless jacket and a lungi(OMG). Other goons stop bikes.

    “Baby, snatch everything from them”, A lady goon asks. She removes her helmet and is none other than Shakib.

    Other Goons reach near Girls. Girls smirk. Riana throws GG plateon one goon. (They were almost five goons,and including shaknarth, They were seven).

    Goon on which plate was thrown, starts licking golgapas on floor.
    A goon comes to Mansi and tries to snatch her purse. She slaps him tightly and he lifts in air and falls on vegetables.

    Two goons come to Nandhini and misbehaves with her. She smirks and gives them her purse. Goons open it and find some pathakas. Pathakas burst. Their face got black(If you’ve watched in CHOTA BHEEM, KALIA’S FACE ALSO HAVE GET BLACK BY PATHAKAS, yoiu can imagine that).

    5th goon comes next to Isaaq. Isaaq removes her heal shoe and throws it on goon’s face. Shoe falls down. Goon is shown having hole on his head.

    Goons got mad and start fighting with other. Dust blew by their fight! Shakibnarth sees police coming. They run from there. Shakib bike’s tyre got punctured. Sidharath try to help her but dur to police’s fear, he couldn’t help her and run. Police arrests Goons and-Shakib and thanks girls for fighting bravely with goons. They left arresting them.

    Girls reach at Oberoi Mansion. Its owner Om is shown sitting on Sofa. [Riana and Nandhini are Om’s sisiters whilist Isaaq and Mansi are RianDhini’s friends].

    Om sees Riandhini and stands. He greets them. On asks them about shopping. Riana says Bhai! We enjoyed a lot and specially While beating them. Om asks whom? Nandhini says those idiot goons. Om gets worried and asks worriedly don’t they gat a injury anywhere? Mansi says Om, you’re very good bro and don’tworry, we fought with them very bravely. Isaaq says Om, till we are together, no one can harm us. But I noted one thing, on Their idiot boss’ sleeveless jacket, it was written S on back.
    On gets shock. Her wife{Mahira Khan} comes. She sees him and asks what happened? On tells nothing. BTW where are Rudra and Soumya, IRA? IRA(Mahira Khan) says They are coming from Airport. Just then, A Boy and A Girl(Leenesh Mattoo and Neha lakshmilyer) enters. Om says Rudra and Soumya. Rumya meet everyone there.

    Voiceover-Why did om get shock hearing J? What’s relation of this letter with him? Does this letter have some dark secrets. Where are OmRu’s parents? Why Shakibnarth only attacked on Girls? To know these answers, keep reading FE&CT.

    Precap: A very big shock-Answers of your questions.


    Guys, hai was it? I am writing it as reality. I hope you like it. actors’ name were just given to imagine characters. I used tu names. I hope tu don’t delete it. I’ll upload next part on next update. Okay?

  3. Bhavani has sent karan to suryavanshi house to create problem between dharam and meera.

  4. Riana

    Superb Episode…Atleast Urmilla’s melodrama brought some colours…????…Precap is Mindblowing ??

  5. I’m still learning from you, while I’m improving myself. I absolutely love reading all that is written on your site.Keep the information coming. I loved it!

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