Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi’s crafts women team get busy preparing patola saris. Gopi thanks them for helping her. At Urmila’s house, Sona scolds children for being mischeivous. Urmila takes children’s side. Sona shows children drawing donkey and writing Urmila’s name on it. Urmila scolds children. Sona taunts Urmila. Urmila says she is worried about Gopi and Urmila, don’t know who they are working alone.

Gopi’s crafts women team ask Gopi to go and sleep as she has meeting with businessman tomorrow morning. Gopi says how can she sleep when they are awake. They say she will get drowsy during her meeting. Gopi says she will send them tea. Drink says he will get khus juice. Women say khus juice is good while working.

Pari gives milk to Jigar. Jigar asks why it is so less. She says tea is prepared with milk for Gopi’s craftswoman and says soon Gopi will be successfull businesswoman with crores and they will be on road.

Gopi wakes up at night and goes out to check how her team is working and is shocked to see them all sleeping. She sees khus juice glasses around, goes to kitchen and sees tablet strip near ice tray. Kokila and Dr. Krishna enter and say whole team is sleeping. Gopi shows tablet strip. Krishna checks and says it is sleeping pill. Gopi says she knows who did it. Kokila says let us confront them later, but wake up ladies first. Krisna says he has a solution for that. He brings tablet and mixes them in water and feeds ladies. Ladies wake up and get worried how they slept after drinking khus juice and say they will prepare samples before businessman comes. Gopi says she likes their confidence. Their head stumbles while working, Gopi asks her to be careful, else work will spoil instead.

Precap: Gopi tells businessman that sari samples are not yet ready. Businessman scolds why did she call him then. Pari and Jigar smirk.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. The most happy family is of urmila

  2. Why is pari doing this? I’m just sick of vamps these days? Recently I almost fell into the hands of an evil psycho who almost destroyed my reputation but Im safe because I didn’t lose faith in God.

    I just hate evil people so much and I wish Pari gets punished.

    1. Nandhini

      Ohh! Dont worry dear! U r a strong and confident girl in my knowledge so these kind of psychopaths wont affect u in any ways☺☺ yeah really tired of seeing the vamps playing the dirty old tricks….

    2. Hey that’ s good you still believes in God!!!!!!!!keep it up

  3. Where’s Dharam and Dheera???

  4. There are always scenes missing, these updates are such a sham!!! Don’t have the right names, who is saying what? Why bother if you can’t even get what you have written right!!

  5. spoilers – Dr krishna to turn negative , he was actually the one responsible for ahem’s accident he is actually the brother of mansi who was left by ahem when gopi returned from jail .. they actually came to stt a hovoc in gopi’s life

    1. Sahasranjali

      Are u sure shreya.? If its true then this serial should be renamed as saath nibhana maaji :p .. btw dr krishna appears as a sweet candy till now… only sensible character on the show and always helping kokila and her gopi beti… lets see where this serial will lead to.?

      1. yup sahasranjali .. u cn google it up i read d spoiler and moreover ahem’s dead remains a mystry

    2. it might happen if the actor of the Dr. can play evil. the actor of ahem left because he cant play as a grand pa but if he could the other leap would be now

  6. koi sar pair h is ongoing track ka??/ wese to jigar or pari keh rhe the ki ye patola sarees ka concept bekar hai humara business doob jayega, or jub gopi ye bsns khud se kr rhi hai to keh rhe hia ki gopi lakhs of profit kamayegi or hum raste me hoge :/ i mean hadd h jub pta hai ki bsns lakho kamayega to gopi ka offer accept ku nhi kia :/ kya bak**** h ye

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