Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha gets shocked. Kokila sees her and opines that Radha will call Tripti for sure. Gopi says, I will see and informs Kokila that she is calling Tripti. Kokila asks them to stop Radha somehow. Rashi goes to stop her. Kokila tells Hetal that Radha called Tripti. Radha calls Tripti. Tripti asks her, why did you call me to lay a trap for me. Radha says, we are trapped. I didn’t do anything. Kokila, Hetal and Gopi hears everything from other phone. Baa comes to Radha and tells her that her ear plugs wire is broken. She says, I can’t hear anything. Radha thinks she didn’t hear anything. Radha tells her that the wire is broken. Baa asks, whose theft? Radha says wire. She goes. Rashi wonders what Radha might have talked to Tripti.

Kokila tells them that Radha is meeting

Tripti after 2 hours. She asks Rashi to inform Urmila to reach there. Rashi calls Urmila and asks her to come to Viewpoint. Tripti says, she can’t trust Radha and thinks to take advantage of Radha. She writes a letter and smiles. She says, after your death, police will think you committed suicide after failing to take revenge. Kokila tells Rashi and Gopi to be careful. Radha goes outside the home. Kokila says, it is time to catch them. Kokila says, we will go there. Rashi says, I will drive the car. Hetal asks her not to take chance. Radha takes an auto. Tripti sees Modi family going after Radha. Tripti thinks they thought to caught me through Radha, but Radha forgot that I am her guru. She says, I will end Radha’s game. She smirks and leaves in her car.

Radha is in the auto. Rashi asks Gopi to call Urmila. Urmila argues with the auto driver to drive fast. Urmila tells Gopi that she is reaching there. Tripti says, I won’t let Modi’s win. Today is my day. Radha asks the driver to drive fast. Tripti sees a tomato cart and hits the seller. Rashi stops the car. Kokila, Gopi and Rashi go to the seller’s rescue. Kokila sees Tripti in the car and tells everyone that she is Tripti.

Kokila tells them that Tripti hit the seller knowingly. They sit in the car to go. Radha reaches the viewpoint. Urmila too comes in her auto. She sees Radha through the binocular. Urmila turns to take the khulfi in discount. Tripti reaches the place and looks for Radha. One boy comes to Radha and gives her phone. Tripti tells Radha to sit in the car and reach somewhere. Radha agrees. Urmila starts eating the khulfi. She sees Radha gone and gets shocked. Radha sits in the auto and leaves. Urmila sees Tripti following Radha. She thinks how to follow them. She calls Rashi.

Gopi picks the call and tells her that they are on the way and will be reaching soon. They reach the place. Kokila asks Urmila, where is Radha. Urmila tells them that she left with Tripti. They get shocked. Rashi asks, what you were doing? Kokila tells Rashi that she was having khulfi. Gopi asks, where they went. Urmila shows the way. Rashi says, they are still together. Our hardwork have gone in waste. Kokila says, we will fight from the front. Rashi says, we will follow them, but how. Gopi says, I have an idea.

Hetal worries. Baa asks her to trust on God. Jigar calls Rashi. Rashi says, Radha and Tripti made us fool. Jigar tells Hetal that he will inform Ahem to come there. Tripti reaches the place and tells Radha on phone to reach near the board. Auto driver asks for the money. Radha asks him to wait. Tripti asks Radha to get inside the building and disconnects the phone. Radha proceeds towards the under construction building without knowing Tripti’s intentions and wonders why Tripti called her there.

Radha walks on the stairs and gets inside the building. She gets shell shocked seeing something.

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  1. Oh my gosh Bad Bad bad episode series

  2. loved it very much

  3. Wow..!!!!!!and now tripti is going to kill Radha duffer super…………always bad company results in this only o poor Radha at least now she can realize the reality of tripthi…….Rashi rockzzz…..

  4. KRG rockzz…

  5. Hey verasamata if you don’t like this why are you watching the epi there are lot of other people who likes this a lot so u better “SHUTUP”………loved the episode very much………..

    1. lily,how od are you? 🙂

  6. maybe UMANG is alive

  7. seriously they shld end the show its a bit too much overacting by all and gopi idiot instead of putting radha in jail she is planning what and what but rashi is doing everythg now when will this storyline end cant watch this stupid show anymore

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