Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gopi coming downstairs. She calls jaggi. Jaggi bursts balloon. Jaggi dances on Jabra fan song.

Jaggi’s watch stuck with Gopi’s saree. Both see at each other. Someone rings bell. Gopi opens door and finds no one. She says Here is no-one,then who ring the bell. She sees a bouquet and says these bouquet here…. She says Is someone..?? She picks bouquet and says these flowers are beautiful. She smells them and was to fall but jaggi holds her. He lists on his knees and says Gopika, open your eyes..!! He says to himself that what happened to Gopika suddenly..?? He also smells bouquet and falls unconscious.

A person enters wearing black suit. She takes off her veil and is none other than gaura. Gaura’s tune plays. She laughs evilly.

She says now, these flowers’ smell will show its color.Modis’ face will first be red and then black.

Next Morning, Meera,Sharavan and Dharam comes house taking babies. Vidya stops them and says don’t take babies inside like this. Our kids has come first time, that’s why ,its important to do their aarti. I come just now, I call Baaji/Gaura. Gaura comes running and sits on wheel chair. Gaura says hi re meri kismat,to teach children a lesson, what what has to parents do..?? Vidya says Baaji, come soon, kids has come. Gaura says Coming,dikra.

She comes to Dheera and Vivan. Vidya goes to take aarti. Gaura says arey arey, aa gaye mairai ladoo gopal aur maha lakshmi. Ao,ao,padharo mairai that kai chirag. Vidya says Baaji, Gaura says you do. Vidya nods yes.

Vidya does aarti. They sit on sofa. Vidya says Baaji! today I’m so happy, our family is completed. Gaura says yes. Gaura says to dheera that why you are late to come..?? Meera says what tell Baaji, that, Dr kept both in observation whole night and In morning, Dr has to do some tests, that’s why, its late. Dharam says Baaji, by seeing him, tell to whom he is similar..?? Gaura says arey Mara dikra, now, every month, their shape will change. now, can’t tell anything. Meera says exactly, I’m to saying this to him but he does not hear me. Dharam says you ppl/people don’t know anything, Arey its baa’s age,and one more,she has not wear spectators.

Priyal says Mama, Maasi Maa, bring two two babies, but you bring me alone.Vidya shy. Meera says Vidya, now get ready for second baby. Vidya says What di, kuch bhi. Dharam says Now, next week, by take good time, will do their naamkaran. Gaura says yes,yes of course. Baby cries. Meera says no baby, no cry. Meera touches baby’s forehead and says hey god, Dharam ji, he has fever. Vidya says yes. Meera says we will take them hospital. Dharam says no no Meera…. Meera says but….. Dharam says we call doctor here.

Gopi wakes up. Gopi is shocked to see jaggi next to him. She releases jaggi’s hand and shouts jaggi ji. Jaggi wakes up. She stands and puts hand on mouth and says hey god. She cries. Jaggi wears shirt. Gopi says what happened all this and me, what I’m doing in your room. Gopi says answer me, I’m asking you. Me, in your room…. She cries. Jaggi says I don’t know, how all this….Gopi shouts lie, you’re lying.If you don’t remember then who has..?? How can you don’t remember. Jaggi recalls the incident.

Jaggi says I’m saying truth, I also don’t remember. Gopi raises her finger and says You’ve done this and done intentionally. I accept you as my friend and you’ve cheated me,you were talking about this relationship. Jaggi moves towards Gopi and says listen me. Gopi raises her finger and says Stop there,Don’t come near me, Be away from me.Dim Dana Dairai Nana, tune plays in background.
Gopi runs from there. Jaggi says to himself that how all this happen..??

Gopi is seen sitting on her knees in temple. Gopi says What happened by me kahana ji..?? What happened by me..?? She looks at ahem portrait. Bell rings. Gopi opens door. Kokila is shocked to see Gopi’s state. Urmila says what happened this to you dikra..?? you’re alright na..!! Jaggi comes. Gopi runs from there. Kokila says Gopi, what’s matter. Urvashi says suddenly, what happened to Gopi?? Kokila says hey Krishna Bhagwan, and this decoration, flowers…. Gopi closes door. Sona goes to see. Kokila says Jaggi, what’s matter..??

Sharavan aaks Vidya to stop crying. Dr comes and tells Both babies are okay, no infection,but I want to give you advice. Meera says what Dr..?? Dr says that Surrogate mother, who give birth to these children,Can you keep babies to her for some days. Actually, its important to give babies mother’s milk.Because due to it, their resistance develop. Dr leaves. Meera says Dharam ji…. what we do now..?? Now, we’ve no Chanda.

Urvashi says Jaggi, you was with Gopi,you should know. Urmi says if you’ve not done any mistake.,say something. Urvashi says Jaggi, I ask you na,Don’t to do jokes and fun with Gopi. Urmila says one min, these decoration, flower,balloons, Jaggi, have you done it..?? Urmila holds head and says that’s why she is angry..!! you can’t wait for doing this. Sona comes and tells that Gopi Maa has locked herself in room and is just crying.

Kokila says Jaggi, what’s matter..?? Let’s go and see.All comes to room and ask Gopi to open door.

Screen shifts to Bus stop.A woman wearing burqa but some goons take her with them. woman takes off her veil and is revealed to be Chanda. Chanda says who are you..?? Gaura comes. Gaura tune plays. Chanda says you…. Gaura says What you think, seeing you, I’ll be afraid,Ghosts change their way when they see me. Understand. I know about your drama. I know this that you don’t die that day, but was acting to die with that nurse and then what you do, say. Chanda says that day, in hospital, Flash Back,

Nurse tells Chanda not to worry, now which injection which I’ll give you, by which your body will be cold and heartbeat will be slow, then ppl/people will accept that you’re no more and then you do your work. Chanda says okay, but have you tell ppl outside that Chanda is very serious and is taking her last breaths.Nurse says all knows, now you do hurry, all are to’ve only 5 mins, this injection will show its effect in five mins.Nurse gives her injection.

Gaura looks at Chanda.

Urmi says Gopi,will you tell anything.if you’ll not tell what problem is..?? Gopi cries. Kokila says my heart is sitting. Urvashi says I’m scared. Sona says I feel that something has happened to Gopi Maa, else she not do like this.Hey bhagwan,I’m scared if Gopi Maa not harm herself. Kokila says Gopi, you have My oath….. Jaggi says maasi,one min, you get a side.All get a side. Jaggi breaks door. All come inside. Gopi is sitting with pillar. Kokila says Gopi what happened to you..?? Sona says Gopi Maa, say something, what happened..?? Kokila says You all people go downstairs, I want to talk with Gopi privately. Urvashi says but kokila…. Kokila says Don’t worry, Urvashi. you’ve trust on me.I talk with Gopi….. Urmi says but vaivan ji….Kokila folds her hand and says Urmila behn, kripia, you go outside.After talking with Gopi, I take gopi downstairs. Din Dana Dairai nana, tune plays in background. All people go outside. Kokila closes door.Screen freezes on Gopi’s crying face.

Precap: Kokila beats Jaggi repeatedly.Urmila says vaivan ji…. Urvashi says Kokila, arey kokila,say kokila, what happened..?? Urvashi holds stick and says what has happened to you..?? How are you beating my son..??

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  1. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshine friends Akshay bhai,Aisha di,Nisha di,Raven di,Nandini di,Soumya di,Issaq di,Sid bhai,Gettu di,
    Sheebarathyusha,Ragini di,Shreestee,Saba di,Riana di,Priyanka di SP,Mahi di,Chanu,Rithika di,Ramona,Swastika,Chithu di,Fiza di,KP,Rani,
    Ashu,Arvind S,Ann simona, rose, average girl,Veera. How are you all? Episode was awesome.

  2. Shakaib

    There is high octane pregnancy drama going on in Modi house. Pari reveals to Kokila that Gopi is pregnant. Pari was asking Gopi what is she hiding. Gopi shows the file. Kokila was wondering what was Gopi hiding, is she unwell.

    But, when Kokila gets Gopi’s pregnancy news, she gets a huge shock. Everyone receive a shock. Pari uses this news and taunts Gopi that her age is to become grandmum. Mona asks Pari to stop taunting Gopi. Pari and Mona laugh on Gopi. Urmila and Jaggi come there. Urmila says enough Pari, don’t say anything now. She says Paridhi is lying to everyone, Gopi is not pregnant. Jaggi gets the doctor who made wrong report. He asks doctor to say truth, why she did this. Doctor says Kokila has paid me money to do all this.

    Kokila says I don’t know this doctor, why will I do this. Kokila is worried hearing the accusations on her. Kokila wants to find out who has done this. Everyone is relieved knowing Gopi’s pregnancy reports were fake, but now the twist will be finding the real culprit who is breaking Kokila and Gopi’s relation. Gaura has done all this. The man tells Kokila that Urvashi has ordered this cake for celebrating happiness. Urvashi throws the cake and says its all lie. Doctor says Kokila told me on phone that she wants to break Gopi’s marriage. Kokila says I have not done this. Kokila and Urvashi fight and blame each other. They have a big argument, all thanks to Gaura. Gaura is also breaking Meera and Dharam, by making Dharam marry Chanda. Will Gaura succeed in her aims? Keep reading.

  3. hay shakaib today episode is irretating

  4. this gaura will never stop her cheao tricks

  5. Hi all Sunshine friends and other commenters.

  6. saath nibhana saathiya serial kya seek milti hai, or a kab tak chalu rahenga or bahut bor kar raha hai

  7. ye rishta kya kahalata hai serial kab band karenge.

  8. Shakaib

    Rupam and well wisher, every serial has its charm, so don’t think that they will end so soon. They will run longer.

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