Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vidya wipes Chanda’s blood on floor, She walks back to Gaura crying. Gaura asks if she cleaned it. Vidya nods yes. Gaura asks to bring wheelchair and gets Chanda on wheelchair to backyard and digs ground. She then asks to drop Chanda in pit. Vidya cries no. Gaua says if she had not killed Chanda, Chanda would have killed her. She asks then throws Chanda in pit, drapes cloth on her and then wooden sticks and burns Chanda. She then tells Vidya to stop crying now and clean chair before Dharam and Shraven return.

Jaggi comes out of Urvashi’s room and tells Gopi he scolded Urvashi a lot, so that she can get up soon. Gopi says his mother and her maaji are both in trouble and god should protect them. She says tomorrow, we will go to meet Kokila, now even police cannot

stop her to meet her maaji.

Jaggi says Goppi that he got a good idea to get truth out from Kokila. He goes to police station with lunch box. Kokila asks why he came here. He says he brought Gopi’s prepared food and guard checked it, if he takes it back, guard will ask why did he come then. Kokila eats food reminiscing Gopi cooking food for her. Jaggi says without her, nothing is good at Modi bhavan, Pari and Mona have started their misbehaviors again, all family members are taking their own decisions, they need her back to control them all. Gopi watches silently hiding

Vidya panics that she did a big crime by killing Chanda, she will inform Shravan and Dharam. Gaura slaps her and gets her into senses and says she should be free to take care of Priyal, Medha, Ahem, and other family members.

Kokila continues eating food. Jaggi tells he brought Urvashi home and she is recovering, though in coma. He asks to tell truth at least now. Kokila reminisces Gaura warning her to take blame on her and keep her mouth shut, else she will blast Modi bhavan. She asks him to get out from there and says she knows Gopi is around and they both should go from here. Gopi comes in front with teary eyes and says she will not go from here until she tell truth. Kokila says she tried to kill her sautan Urvashi as she snatched happiness from her life and this is the truth. Gopi says this is not the truth. Kokila asks Jaggi to take her away, else she will not have food. Jaggi says Gopi let us go, we know Kokila is lying.

Precap: Dharam asks Vidya why she is crying, where is Chanda. Vidya says Chanda….

Update Credit to: MA

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