Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi at night dreams about fake Kokila/Premlatha’s drama and thinks how to reach her real maaji and expose this imposter. In the morning, Sona serves prasad to whole family. Baa Kokila says she will take Sona for shopping after breakfast as she could not gift her anything after marriage. Rashi gets ready for school and tells Kokila she forgot something. Kokila asks what. Rashi says she did not kiss her. Kokila says she has grown up. Whole family looks at her surprisingly. She then changes tone and says so what if she has grown up, for her she is her golu polu. She then thinks Gopi does not who are all involved with her and are helping her.

Gopi thinks how to find out where her maaji is and save her and then expose Premaltha. She reminisces Premlatha’s warning not to utter anything, else her maaji will get electric shock.

Vidya serves breakfast to Urmila, Durga and Shravan. Urmila asks her to join them. Vidya says she is not hungry and leaves. Durga tells Shravan Vidya’s anger is valid, he needs to express his love for her.

Urmila reaches her chawl. Tenants start complaining that her building has to be repaired as there is a shortcircuit and they get only 12 hours power. Urmila says it cannot be. They say let us check her house. Urmila gets nervous and says she will check heself and gets in. She kicks her leg on sofa by mistake and shouts in pain. Kokila is tied on a chair in a room with taped mouth and wires around her and whole house. She thinks she has to stop Urmila from opening room, else she will get a shock. She gurgles ooo ooo and falls down. Urmila asks who is inside and walks toward door chanting hanuman chalisa. Kokila pulls curtain with her mouth and switches off main fuse. Electricity goes off. Urmila runs out of her chawl chanting hanuman chalisa. Tenants ask what happened to her. She runs from there, murmuring she should save her life.

Urmila thanks god for saving Urmila on time. Premlatha enters and gives her a tight slap. She starts laughing that Urmila is so rich that she has many cars and a loving family, but she does not know to live lavish life at all. She will take her place and enjoy lavish life now.

Precap: Gopi finds Kokila at Urmila’s house and rescues her.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Keya episode hain,I like fake kokila’s smile.I think fake kokila Ki sath Modhuben Mila hua hain.
    Iss serial Mein hamesha koi na koi kabhi kho jati hain.Pehele Ahem pher meera.Aab kokila?All time hamari mohan gopi ja kar dundh kar lekar aati hain.Joh kam kabhi bhi Modi family Ki oor koi nehi kar sakti hain.Or ek baat,shravan ko Keya hua?Acting nehi janti hain,but ab ek baccha bhi nehi De chakti hain.Toh iss admi kis kaam Ki liye iss serial Mein rukha hua hain?Unnecessarily kuch lipstick Ki waste ho jati hai.Baa Ki sath iss ko bhi Ram naam satya kar do.
    Precap Mein Gopi aandhar kese aya?Mere ek question hain,kabhi kisine modi family Ki Ahem,jigar,chirag,parag ko kisi important kaam karte Hu a dekha hain?Like Gopi joh great kaam karti hain voh kaam.

    1. Funny abt shravan????

  2. Who r u sam?am seeing it first time that some1 is reminding about male characters important.aaj tak kis bi isi serial ko criticiz isitarah nahi kiya

  3. Kya baat hai…..Gopi THE SUPERWOMAN…..yeah Janu studies r going well

  4. Wow great! Sam you are a sooper man! For the first time someone mentioned about Modis Male Bregade !! Kokila’s husband is useless and so are the other ladies husbands!! Only dharam is a Man in true sense ?

  5. Lool this show is still going?

  6. Yeah Rimsha….Sam is right…where is male leads……!!!!!!!!!!
    Male leads r crying….females r fighting…..hehehe.. 😀

  7. Men are not given any importance in these serials. This is a Rashmi Sharma serial. She being a woman shows woman as main characters. Also serials are mainly for female viewers. I don’t think there are many men who’ll sit n watch these dramas. Hence they give woman super roles and make them killers while men just sit at home looking after family.

  8. Rimsha thankyou.But i m not a man.I m a girl who lives in other country.

    1. Sorry but Sam I a male name! Sorr For misunderstanding! By the way which country??
      Is it pari yo ka desh??

  9. Very bad comment sam meera kha hain

  10. Please i miss dheera today episode i think meera ko goura ke house main aajana chaiye vidya ko apni di meera ka sath dena chaiye

  11. sharavan is very nice i like jodi of sharvya

  12. Today episode I very very miss dheera kha hain dheera i dont like super gopi kya puri family main kokila ko bachane bali bas gopi hain aur koi nahi kal ke episode main akele gopi gai kya ahem ya meera ko sath nahi le ja sakti thi

  13. I like sharavya very nice jodi today episode very nice

    1. I too want shravya’s spl love moments ☺

  14. It good she find kokila n they should take her home n let everyone sees the fake kokila the imposter in their house n i think madhuben is helping fake ass kokila

  15. last paragraph is really confusing….

  16. Firoza Lunat

    Male leads sirf nashta kahtey hey.

  17. Love your self by Justin bieber
    I don’t like u she like everyone

  18. Well I agree with all of u…. jigar and Ahem’s work is to drive car…thats all

  19. My real name is not SAM
    Mere full name Ki short form hain sam

  20. Not just this serial…. Almost all serial men are shown less intelligent than women. …

    take any top serial

    naagin, kumkum bhagya , yhm, ssk, diya aur baati hum, sns, qubool hai, thapki pyaar ki, etretr,

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