Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd August 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gopi leaves Modi bhavan to meet Vidya. Premila asks Kokila where did she go. Kokila says to meet her daughters. Jigar takes his newborn granddaughters in hand followed by Pari. Jigar then goes to his room and gets a call from Mansi who says she is new to this town and needs his help to know which are best places for shopping. He speaks slowly. She asks if he is fine. He says he is fine, just some business tension. She asks him to come and meet her.

Vidya confronts Meera and says she is a big loser instead and fights with her. Meera ignores her and sits on sofa getting head massage by servant. Vidya stands crying. Gopi enters and asks Meera what is she doing, Vidya told her everything, where is Priyal. Meera says she is in boarding school. Gopi asks how can she

send her to boardnig school being her aunt. Meera says she is Priyal’s mother legally and has right to do whatever she can. Gopi tries to slap her, but she holds her hand and warns to be in her limits. Vidya asks how can she misbehave with mom. Meera shouts which mom, she never considered as daughter in her life. Gopi asks how can she do this to her sister. Meera shouts he is not her sister and shouts to take her daughter if she wants and asks where will she take her, to Modi bavan or Raheja house or she will send her to orphange. Gopi shouts Meeraa…. Meera says she has sent Priyal to one of the best boarding schools and asks her to get out now.

Jigar goes to Mansi’s house and informs her all incidents happened, his problems, Gopi remarrying, etc. Mansi says she cannot believe Gopi could marry someone else and forget Ahem so easily. She says she can give her 30 lakhs loan. Jigar says his problem is bigger. She says she will speak to her friend in US. She speaks to her friend and says Jigar that her friend is ready to give him loan but needs something as surety/guarantee.

Gopi reaches home and starts beating temple bell. Kokila thinks something must have happeend in Meera and Vidya’s house. Tolu asks Gopi what happened. Gopi says she is trying to wake up god and ask why he is troubling her daughters so much. She tells that Meera has sent Priyal to some boarding school against Vidya’s wish and has become Vidya’s enemy. Family gets tensed.

Precap: Pari says Jigar that they got Mansi at right time, with their 49% property share as surety, they will get loan easily. Jigar says papers are in Kokila’s room, how will they get it from her. She asks to leave to her. She and Mona steal property papers from Kokila’s cupboard when Gopi catches them red handed.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. They hardly did any scenes with the new baby what was the point of bringing them if there hardly going to use them.

  2. I am back. What can I say about this serial. It just keeps getting better and better

    1. Oh you are the john uncle the best fan of sns!

  3. Good she should have them arrested n see what they do

  4. John is back! Now things are looking up.

  5. Woh, it seem in India is always the good one that suffer and they are never happy in their life. Gopi has never tasted happiness in this serial, people are always after her.

  6. Sodo

    Saathiya needs to end. Everyone in this show is always shown sad and going through bad times. What is the use of watching it? Gopi has not had one day of peace in her life. Meera is back to being a villain. PLEASE END THIS SHOW!

  7. Pls teach Meera a lesson. She is becomin too rude to her mother ans sister.

  8. Group of saathiya fans

    Why did gopi stop when meera catched her hand?Is this what u show?Meera is doing wrong and being a daughter how can she stop Gopi from slapping.her?And why Gopi is weak again?Pehle sabak toh sikhao.Jab woh sab sahi raaste me aajayenge tabhi pyaar se pesh aanaWe r Saathiya fans from myanmar and totally disappointed.

    1. Instead of that they should show that meera stopped gopi’s right hand from slapping…but gopi continues slapping her by left hand…

    2. Lol I didn’t know burmese people watch indian serials too i thought i was the only one ??? good to know im not alone

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