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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dharam waits for Meera at terrace and hopes Meera should also love him and express her love for him. He waits for her eagerly. Meera comes and calls him irresponsible, selfish, Gaura’s puppet, etc. He feels disheartened hearing this. She says she will never meet him again. He holds her shoulder and asks her to listen once. She pushes him shouting how dare he is to touch her. He falls from terrance, hits his head on stone and falls unconscious. Meera shouts Dharamji. Gaura via window sees Dharam falling and runs down shouting Dharam dikra. Whole family runs towards Dharam.

Gopi feels Meera is in danger and shouts Meera. Kokila asks what happened. Gopi says she feels Meera is in trouble and asks Ahem to ride car soon.

Hetal calls Gopi and Kokila, but

their phones are out of reach. She gets tensed. Sona to cheer her up says she will prepare her special tea. Pari gets irritated seeing her jokergiri. Hetal says she always cheers up whole family. Urmila comes down taunting Kinjal. Kinjal hides her eyebrow. Urmila says she has made snake on eyebrow with paint. Sona laughs. Pari says it is disgusting. Urmila laughs that she will also make a zoo on Kinjal. Sona continues laughing. Pari says it is disgusting.

Meera and whole family tries to wake up Dharam unsuccessfully. Vidya checks his pulse and says she cannot feel his pulse. Meera shouts to check properly. Vidya says no pulse. Gaura starts shouting and asks Shravan to check. Even he nods no. Gaura then slaps and abuses Meera and asks how did her son jump from terrace. Meera says she and Dharam were on terrace and he held her from behind. She pushes his hand and due to slippery floor he slipped and fell from terrace. Durga starts slapping and abusing Meera next. Vidya rescues Meera. Durga shouts Dharam was madly in Meera’s love and even ignored her. She breaks her bangles and continues crying. Meera hits Dharam’s chest repeatedly and pleads to get up, but he is dead.

Gopi asks Ahem to speed up car as she has to see Meera and Vidya immediately.

Precap: Nurse asks Meera and others if they are searching Dharam. Meera says yes, which ward he is in. Nurse says he is dead and after post mortem, his mother took his dead body from here towards samshan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. heartbroken…..dharam ji please come back.

  2. meera is so annoying she nearly killed gopi like that last time

  3. Thank god Dharam is dead. Now this serial will be more fun to watch.

    1. there is no fun if dharam is dead he changed himself so much for meera and and he is not the same old dharam as before ,why r u so much against dharam ???.and don’t tell me the same old thing age difference and don’t take it seriously i’m just asking.

  4. Pls dharam come back soon i can’t bear ur absence in this
    Love ur pair
    Durgaaaaa…….., How dare is she to beat meera
    She is just a disgusting character separating lovely meera and dharam
    I hate the trio (gaura,naiya&durga)
    Even there is another trio i hatd they are gopi,meera & kokila who separated the lovely couple

  5. I no please dharam come back we can’t bear to see the show without u and meera it would be boring without u two come back please

  6. Dharam is not dead…he is alive …this is another plot planned by Gaura,only commonsense is enough to understand this stupid story line..

  7. Pls dharam come back
    Your character and you are

    lovely and how can the production house end his character

  8. ? whenever hetal tries to call gopi or kokila they are always not reachable…everytime they show only this..

  9. Dharam come back soon!!!….

  10. I was happy tat Amar is not gonna quit SNS..but still many are saying he’s gonna quit!!!!….. Really a Big confusion!!!…well if he quits, i’l stop watching SNS…miss U Dharam…

    1. I no priyanka your telling the truth if amar is going to quit it’s going to be boring and if he does then I’m probably going to stop watching it too

  11. i dont believe dharam is dead, just another plot by his mother gaura. The most that will happen is that he will be declared ‘a man with no memory’ because he hit his head on a rock!

  12. What a stupid storyline. Meera pushed Gopi before, and now she pushed Dharam in same way. Can’t story writers think of something new, rather than repeating the same incidents. Meera needs anger management therapy asap to control her temper. This girl is not right in the head, and has a big problem.

  13. Dharam was actually a good man and loved Meera alot, its a shame, due to her stubborness, has led to the death of Dharam. Meera hope you feel guilty all your life, what you did is wrong.

  14. Dharam wl be bck .her mom hiden him sme wher

  15. Dharam can’t die like tis.. He is alive.. If any character which has to exit is guara , paridhi & naina.. These three r i worst characters.. I hate them,. Always annoying..

  16. Naiya is a different character than we think. I wonder why she is after vidya’s child.

  17. pls change track..
    don’t remove dharam as u did by removing rashi..


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