Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jigar tells Gopi she brought Ahem to Rajkot in a few days, which he could not in 10 years and says Ahem will come to Modi bhavan soon. Pari brings kheer and says Jigs is telling right. They both enjoy kheer and Jigar says Pari learnt preparing kheer at last after many years, else she used to add salt instead of sugar. Gopi smiles. Kinjal hears their conservations and gets irked.

Meera hears rat sound and gets afraid. Even Mansi and Vidya get afraid. Rashi frightens them with monkey, cat, rat, etc., sounds. Meera goes out, wakes up Dhaval and asks him to shift her to some other place. He asks what happeend. Vidya says nothing and takes Meera from there. She sees all her pillows and bed sheets shattered and says Rashi told there are monkeys here, they must have done this. Rashi

thinks she did this and smirks.

Tolu/molu reach chawl and ring door bell. Ahem opens door and asks who are they. They try to hug him, but he pushes them and asks whom they want to meet. Dhaval comes and calls their name tolu/molu. They then hug Ahem and say they missed hmim a lot. Ahem hides his emotions. They ask where are meera and vidya. He says inside. They then go to meera and vidya’s room. Meera/vidya ask who are they. Tolu says he is their brother. Vidya hugs them and they hand over gifts. Meera gets irked seeing them. They can she can come and stay with them in Modi bhavan. She says she will not and goes to take bath. She opens shower and gets irked seeing dirty water. She goes out and says Ahem a normal person cannot stay here, so he should book a mumbai ticket for her. He asks how will she go alone. Ms sansi says let her go. Vidya says she will feel alone without them. Mansi says she is grown up and should go. Meera say exactly, she will go right now. Ahem says she will not go anywhere and says his decision is final.

Gopi takes pooja thali for prayers when she hears door bell and opens door. She is surprised to see Meera with tolu/molu. She asks why is she here. Tolu jokes. Baa and other family members get happy seeing her. Baa says just like she came, she is sure Ahem and Vidya will also come. Meera says she came here to stay for some days and not permanently. Meera asks how dare she is to misbehave with elders. Meera says she does not believe in emotional atyachar. She asks to show her room as she wants to rest. Gopi says she will arrange her room herself and says Hetal they will let Meera perform morning aarti. Hetal says sure. Gopi holds Meera’s hand and tries to take her to temple. Meera pushes her and frees her hand. Aarti thali falls. Gopi gets irked and says she insulted god by throwing aarti thali on floor. Meera says she did not mean to insult god, but she did not like her touching her and asks her to be in her limits, else she will send her out house. She asks to stop her drama. Kinjal smirks. Gopi says she is not doing any drama. Meera asks why did she leave her 10 years ago. Gopi stands silently. Meera says she does not have any answer and shouts to show her room. Gopi says 1st room upstairs and asks Meethi to take her. Baa says Meera has changed completely.

Vidya gives medicines to Kokila. Ahem says his mobile is missing. Rashi brings mobile. Ahem gets irked and says it is not a toy. Rashi says she was not playing, she saw mobile battery down, so she charged it. Kokila asks to him to thank Rashi. He says thanks and then get busy on mobile. Rashi cleans specs, sees him walking, so keeps chair on his way. He turns and falls down with her and asks if she is hurt. She says papa don’t worry and says she thought he would get tired walking, so she brought chair for him and even cleaned his specs and kept newspaper for him. He asks her not to try becoming his grandma. She gets sad and goes to Kokila and asks if she is so bad that papa hates her. Kokila says papa loves her a lot and one who loves most will scold also. Rashi asks if he loves, why he scolds. Kokila says children should not feel bad when parents scold. Rashi smiles.

Precap: Meera tears family photo and tells when Gopi is not part of family, she does not have right to be part of family photo.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. saathiya has gone brilliant after the 10 year leap simply amazing however they should unite the family esoecially meera and gopi god their fights are just…well hope directors get the message anyway so far so good

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