Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mansi tells Ahem/Jaggi that she wants to come with him. He says not now and vanishes in smoke. Gopi, Jaggi, and Urmila then discuss how to get papers from Krishna’s hospital locker.

Meera waits for Dharam to go out for shopping. Dharam waits for her outside. Vidya informs Meera all the incidents happened and Naiya’s plan to create a rift between her and Dharam. Meera as usual yells that it is Dharam’s mistake that he got jealous that she is spending time with Ritesh. She sees Ritesh coming down and asks him to come along for Naiya’s wedding shopping and leaves with him. Vidya stands shocked. Naiya watches standing aside and taunts Vidya that happened.

Gopi and Urmila reach hospital disguised as males. Urmila tells receptionist that

his friend needs bandage changed. Receptionist shows them direction. Urmila calls Jaggi and says they have reached hospital. They walk around searching for locker room. Nurse stops them and says this floor does not have doctors, whom they want to meet. Gopi sees Urmila’s moustache coming out and fixes it by hugging her. She then apologizes nurse for coming on wrong floor.

Jaggi is busy playing snake ladder game with Jai and Veeru. He hears Mansi speaking to Krishna that he should go directly to hospital from airport. He calls Urmila, but her phone is not reachable. He reaches hospital on wheelchair as pregnant woman with labor pain. Urmila is shocked and tells Gopi why Jaggi came here as Jigna. Jaggi yells at Urmila that she brought her son here forgetting her bahu. Urmila asks why did he come here. He says Dr. Krishna is coming here direclty from airport.

Krishna comes just then. Jaggi starts acting again. Krishna asks nurse who are these people. Urmila yells to take her bahu to labor room soon. Gopi silently walks in front of Krishna and he does not notice her at all. She finds locker room and locker #336 with digital code. Krishna searches pregnant woman and thinks where did she vanish suddenly. Urmila and Jaggi hide. Gopi thinks what code Mansi mut have kept. She enters Ahem’s birthday and locker opens. She is shocked to see locker empty. Urmila and Gopi also come and Gopi says locker is empty. Krishna asks nurse and peons if they found pregnant woman and walks into locker room. Gopi, Jaggi, and Urmila hide behind door and silently slip off. They run out of hospital and after a it of Jaggi’s drama, they walk towards home.

Naiya tells Dharam that Meera has gone for shopping with Ritesh. Vidya stands helplessly.

Urmila, Gopi, and Jaggi reach home and see flowers on floor. Premila throws flowers on them and asks if they got property papers. She says she saw them using smoke machine and heard their plan. They planned well to prove Mansi as insane, but until Mansi’s mother is alive, they cannot harm her.

Precap: Premila challenges Urmil and Gopi that she will sell Modi bhavan with 24 hours and get them out.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Jaggi,u rocked!pregnent???wow!gp,urmi u both looked so funny!!!i like it,,I have heared that,jaagi will drop sindoor on gp’s maang unintentionally…..(from spoiler)…..I think,meera will be paired with ritesh eventually,,,

    1. Jaggi will fall in love with gopi n will fill sindoor on gopi’s forhead to stop all all harrasment of mpk. Gopi to woo jaggi by tapori dance.

    2. i don’t want ritesh and meera pairing
      initially when people din’t accept then they made dheera pair now when people accepted it they are showing misunderstandings between them

  2. I think now it’s time if jaggi is ahem for him to show his actual self and not pretend.

    1. According to spoiler jaggi will accept that he is not ahem

      1. jaggi is not ahem will he reveal that then gopi should go back to the hell

  3. Funny?????….It was dammm funny!!!???????????????????????….Gopi n urmilla both was looking….?????????….so cool so funny episode….loved it!!!!….jaggi is the heart of this show….

    1. Yes rianaa today’s episode gave some light moment.

    2. rianaa ur comment says it all how much u liked the episode u are laughing so much yes jaggi is the heart of show lets hope saathiyaa always entertains u in the same way

  4. Devika V Rajesh

    Yes urmi and gopi looked really funny

  5. hi sid sowmya rianaa sakaib nandhini akshay raven prathyusha nisha geetu aisha isaaq zain raginiv all sunshiners…how was ur day??how r u all?? how was today’s episode?? sorry i could not coment since 2 days cuz i was bg in some work…

    1. Nandhini

      Hi shreestee! I am good! We really appreciate you are taking ur time out in ur busy schedule to comment here and remember all our names? the day was fantastic and the episode was also fantastic!

    2. hi shreestee my day is going good and iam fine
      today’s episode is nice but premila backfired gopi and jaggi’s plan which was little dissapointing

  6. Boss(Siddarth)

    Tmw episode wl be interesting how wl Modi,family wl save Modi bhavan.
    And Sunshine friends
    Raina Hw r u all . ?.

    1. hi sid…m totally fine and what abt u??…episode was good and quite funny seeig urmila gopi ani jaggi getup…

      1. Boss(Siddarth)

        I am Fyn Shreestee ??

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Sid! It was very funny when jaggi cried like a pregnant woman on a wheel chair…i dont get how krishna didnt recognize him but gopi and urmila recognized him.

    3. yes siddarth even i am waiting for today’s episode

  7. Shakaib

    Hi Sunshiners Akshay,Aisha,Nisha,Raven,Nandini, Jasmine,Geetu,Prathtusha,Shrestee,Ragini, Soumya,Raina,sid,ragini,zain,Issaq,Saba. Episode was awesome.
    Jaagi as pregnant lady. Episode rocks but sad for urmi and gopi that they can’t find papers. MPK are showing are showing some over smartness. I think producers has to continue this jaggi’s comedy!What you think guys? OK! Good night everyone and have sweet dreams.

    。? 。?。?
    Good Night
    Have sweet
    。☀。 ?。?。
    ?。 ?。 ?

    1. Yeh to hona hi tha its SNS last moment drama will be there, I never get one thing when u do secret talk why u keep your door open and loudly and how villains able to hear them from so far, all making fools of real people, sure this serial will go spiral down.

      1. Point to be noted sns team.

      2. Nandhini

        Yes lara some things are not really logical and making us fool to believe it…one time they will make drama like jaggi disguised as ahem will talk to mansi and the next moment he is discussing dat with gopi and other members in his room with door opened.So many things happening under one roof but people inside are not aware of it.

      3. i agree with u lara plans of gopi and family will be easily know to villians but villians plans will not be known to modi parivaar

    2. Hello shakaib soon mpk will be kick out.

    3. Nandhini

      Hi Shakaib! At last minute MPK will oversmart the modi family and they will try to sell the modi bhavan and then jaggi and gopi will do something and save the house.

    4. yes shakaib jaggi’s comedy is nice they should continue it good morning

  8. Shashikant Mishra

    Yeah so nice episode both are so funny

  9. Throw Jaggi out of this show.

  10. this show is actually good apart for some of the story, Meera never believing her sister, you would think she learnt from past experience and Vidya need to wisen up against that stupid Naina and her dumb boyfriend. The look like uneducated bumpkins, yet they are smarter than the educated ones..

    1. Last point is so true sharmi.

  11. Boss(Siddarth)

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Gopi and Jaggi are on the mission to find Modi house papers.

    But between all this Jaggi has started falling in love with Gopi and he is unaware of this fact.

    Jaggi imagines that Gopi is doing tapori dance like him and he gets suprised to see all this.

    Jaggi gets confused

    Jaggi feels that why is she behaving like this today and then the dream ends, Jaggi gets confused.

    Jaggi is not able to understand that why is he thinking about Gopi.

    It will be interesting to see that when will Jaggi realize his love for Gopi.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

    1. Thank u sid for update

  12. sachin shirode

    where is little rashi in future will she is again come back in new avatar and where is kokila?

    1. yes sachin shirode even i am wondering where is lttle rashi and where is maaji

  13. Boss(Siddarth)

    Saath nibhana saathiya Best serial episode was best .
    Miss Sunaina and Ahem ji if u have guts comment now .

    1. Hello sid sns is bestum best serial forever n ever well who is miss sunaina??

    2. Wat to comment, we hate this track. Want ahem not jaggi..already we complaint and telly taught u people lessons.dont ever mention our names. Just watch series.

    3. I will comment, it’s my wish. Haha..
      Telly not just remove comments, they edit it too. So better comment about sathiya .
      Telly follows rules perfect and treats everyone same, so don’t use our name again. Don’t use words like guts.we are commenting our view ,so control ur drama

  14. I love today’s episode,but i dont really care for Premila ,from day one they should not have allowed her to stay at Modi Bhavan and i think Mansi’s role will become positive,Sid i commented on yesterday’s serial and today.s and it was deleted i guess because i put an individual named sunaina to where she really belong,how are the rest of my sunshine friends NANDHINI AISHA NISHA AKSHAY GEETU SHEEBA SHAKAIB SABA and whose names i am not familiar with as yet if they keep on deleting our comments we will have to do something about it,guys from now on lets stick to commenting on SNS only cause apparently they do not want us to discuss anything else here never the less we are family

    1. Hi raven how r u?? Soon gopi will get papers n mpk will be kick out. But they will back to create more trouble n havoc for gopi.

    2. Nandhini

      Hi Raven! I too loved today’s episode…we gotta see mohammed nazim in many funny getups…and i dont think mansi will become positive she is pretending it seems lets see…and yeah we are one united family unaffected by any negative people?

  15. Surgical strike Indian Army rocks!!!!?????✌✌????
    Sns serial jaggi rocks!!! Gopi n urmila was looking ok but jaggi was looking weird. Jaggi will fall in love with gopi. Injury of ritesh has healed now then why is he staying at suryavanshi house?? Meera is Dumbo.

  16. I hope gopi n jaggie think of somethings fast to stop her

  17. Hi nandi nisha aisha somi. Hi nandi u r businesswoman n gopi was also. This serial is based on women empowerment. Yes some scene n twist r illogical but good thing is gopi who always win. These idiot again delete comments. Oh! God will save.

    1. hi akshay i missed some episodes what happened to that track where gopi and jigar are against to each other and gopi took up business project

      1. Nandhini

        Sowmya gopi ran the patola saree business successfully inspite of all odds created by pari and mona because pari feared if gopi wins the challenge then she will take over the whole modi business and jigar wont get equal share.Gopi won the challenge with jigar and she handed over her 51% share of modi business to jigar and went back to krishna’s house(her sasural).

      2. oh !! thank u nandhini di for ur update

    2. Nandhini

      Yes Akshay this serial is based on woman empowerment(both positive and negative) and silence of men in important situations. They are showing women will decide and rule everything and men will listen to are showing they are just earning income for their family(ahem, jigar,hetal’s husband, dhaval,urmila’s husband,etc)…they must show both of them are equal in all aspects…the only two men standing out from this scene is jaggi and dharam.

  18. Nandhini

    I am here Akshay sorry for commenting late was caught up with works….yes Akshay our Indian army always rocks!? i want them all to be safe and happy wherever they are working on protecting our country! Ritesh is still staying in suryavanshi’s house because he will be present there until naiya’s marriage as a matter of respect to help dharam and meera in the wedding arrangements.

  19. Nandhini

    Its okay dat meera is still furious over dharam but then why didnt she confront naiya after knowing about her?? She could have called and warned her not to do these kinds of evil acts again.

  20. meera is again not believing her sister she will definitely pay for this i think vidya needs to tell about naiya to dharam

  21. Boss(Siddarth)

    Yes,Akshay SNS is bestum best serial ?. Hi Sunshiners today for me its holiday so common friends let us comment. Akshay Indian army taught very good lesson to enemies.??.

  22. Nandhini

    Hi sunshiners! Good noon to all! Sid dats so good! Enjoy ur holiday! Nisha and Aisha are missing. I think pari is also acting good inorder to save the modi house and once everything becomes alright then she wil get back to her old form..i.e.,arrogant paridhi.

  23. Nandhini

    I gave an on-topic comment but its again deleted…ok Akshay the answer for ur question is Ritesh is still staying in suryavanshi’s house because he should be present there until naiya’s marriage gets over..he is helping dharam and meera for the wedding preparations..if he gets out before the marriage it will be disrespectful to the family as he should help them now in return because they helped him when he was in tough situation…and you are right meera is a dumbo though she is educated…all of a sudden she will care for naiya even after knowing her cruel acts and will add fuel to fire by going out with rithesh infront of dharam.Her anger on dharam was right because dharam suspected her for having an affair with rithesh..she could have made it clear in some other ways dat dharam’s suspicion was wrong…instead she is acting stupid…some people wont realise their stupidity..they think they are always right and they will ill-treat other people by their harsh words and actions and they will put the blame on others…but actually they are hurting themselves like meera is doing…pity on them…

    1. I got it nandi thank u. Acp ritesh is grateful to meera dumbo.

  24. Boss(Siddarth)

    Telly Updates team why u people always delete sunshine group comments why u don’t delete john’s comments he always comments about off topic . If u are deleting our comments u shud delete john’s comment right now . I need response from u .

    1. Nandhini

      Sid cool! This forum is to comment about the serial…we can comment both in positive and in negative…people who dont like this serial also have rights to give their opinion here…it is only above the line when people talks ill about other people or individual…so if anyone talks bad or harsh on us or any of the sunshiners and their comments are published here, then we will raise question on telly updates and on the negative criticizers.

  25. Right nandi sid a big salute to our brave indian army Jaihind ki sena. I m proud to be an indian. Jaihind vandematram

  26. Tellyupdates has proved u r the boss…Thanks for clearing this forum again from off-topic chats and now for others who get irritated for not able to comment off-topic its already given clearly in comment guidelines that comments should be related to posts…
    Telly is reviewing comments only because to avoid unnnecessary fights…
    When telly gives liberty fpor friendly chats ,people here start abusing negative commentors who doesnt like some tracks in seris..So better telly is following its guidelines…
    Only after implementing reviewing pages looked awesome and today its calm to see comments…
    Haha…wish people wont boss around telly again…
    Good luck telly and Big Big Big thanks for considering our requests…

  27. Boss(Siddarth)

    Hi Sunshiners Tmw our Sunshine group completes 1 month . Our Sunshine group was formed on 1 st September 2016 with 6 members
    Adithya HP . But unfortunately Adithya was playing with us and he created drama. K let us leave this .
    But today our group consists of
    now it is 15 members ??.
    Thanks to all Sunshine members for joining and being part of our group. Hope our group continues for years??.

    1. Absolutely siddarth iam so happy bz iam an impt part of the group i mean all the mmbrs are vry impt here

    2. Nandhini

      Yes Sid! Congrats to all of us sunshiners! Saath Nibhana Saathiya is an awesome serial that revolves around not only with husband and wife but importance of all family relations! Tomorow is our sunshiners one month anniversary and the next day is Akshay’s birthday!!! Two awesome days back to back! Yes our group will continue for years and years and it wont be broken down or affected by anyone not even the telly updates.! Cheers to our Sunshine group!!??

    3. wow i don’t know it that’s a great news siddarth congratulations to all the sunshiners
      and yeah cheers nandhini

    4. Definitely Siddarth Bhai. May this group run for years to come

  28. i wish now gopi gets her happy days back
    for me i am ok with jaggi’s track and no problem even if they not reveal now whether he is ahem or not but if he is ahem , gopi will definitely be angry with him for hiding the truth

    anyways guys today we celebrate a festival in telangana called bathukamma wish u all a very happy bathukamma and happy navrathri

  29. Hi sunshine friends,today episode is very funi,i like see Ahem pregnent.congrats to 1 month to sunshine friends we are family now forever.i’m happy to be part of this family.i love all of u and sorry because my english is no good.i’m half asian and half brasilian.

    My father indian and my mother brazilian,i born in Brazil now i live in England.have a nice day all sunshine friends.

    1. Nandhini

      Hi saba! Today’s episode was nice na! The way how jaggi acted as pregnant lady was very funny! Yes very happy and congrats to our sunshine family! Love you too saba! We all from different parts of the world are united as one family because of saathiya serial!??

  30. Yes Nandhini we are one family because of SNS.i,m very happy to be part of this family and I hope we be friends forever.

  31. Boss(Siddarth)

    Shameless Ahemji Sunaina and Prerana idiots just check September 30 th episode forum u wl get to know Sunshine power . And by the way lunatic people jst get lost ??

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