Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera says Ahem that he does not need father anymore. Ahem says even he will think he has only 1 daughter. Gopi asks not to say that. Ahem says he means it and asks Vidya to come with them now. Shravan asks Vidya not to go. Vidya says she cannot tolerate lies. Shravan walks towards her, but Ahem stops him and asks to stay away from his daughter. Gaura says it is good they came here, hugs chatanki/Gopi and says if not Kokila and her, she will torture her daughter Meera now. Kokila asks Ahem to rethink about his decision and requests Meera to come with them as Gaura and her family are very cruel and will torture her. Meera shouts she will never come with them. Kokila says she will do whatever she say if she comes with them. Meera says no..

Kokila drags Meera till door

and says she will not leave her in this house at any cost. Meera pushes her out and locks door from inside and says she is not Modi now and hates them all. Kokila says she will not go from here and Gopi pleads, but Meera says she hates them all and will never come with them. Gopi asks Ahem to call Meera. Ahem holds her hand, pushes her into car and asks Kokila also to come now. Shravan cries seeing Vidya from balcony. Vidya gets into car and leaves.

Meera asks Dharam why did he hide about his first wife. Gaura says she will explain her everything later. Shravan says they did wrong with a good family. Dharam shouts not to shout in front of elders for strangers. Shravan says modi family is his in-laws now and they did wrong wit them. Dharam asks him if he does not know what Kokila did with Karunesh mama. Shravan says Kokila did not know about it and cried truly hearing about karunesh’s death. Dharam says she was faking tears. Shravan says she was not and they took revenge from an innocent family and ruined many lives. Gaura interferes and says he is right and is angry as Vidya left, but she will bring back Vidya soon.

Meera tries to interfere. Shravan asks her to shut her mouth and stay away. Meera says she is his mother now and he should respect her. Shravan holds his mother and says she is his mother and not Meera and she is modi family’s big culprit. Meera says he does not know what Modi’s did to her. Shravan says he stayed with modi’s and knows how they are and she is responsible for her condition. Dharam shouts. Shravan asks him to stop shouting and says he showed his true colors and now he is ashamed to call him as his father. Dharam tries to slap him, but he holds his hand and says he is not kid now.

Gopi cries hugging Hetal and says her both daughter’s lives are spoilt. Baa says they should console Vidya first. Kinjal shouts how can meera marry such an old man of his father’s age to take revenge from them, she has gone mad. Jigar says Gaura is the big culprit. Urmila says she knew from before that Gaura is a big cheat. Vidya walks towards home temple and falls down.

Precap: Ahem burns Meera’s pic and says she is dead for them now.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Meera ako ab akal aayenge ki gopi devi se panga lekar use shrap mil gaya hai jis se vo ab dukh sayenge i means toture gaura and dharam ke torture hahahahaha

    1. Right???

  2. the servant is lakshmi from nisha aur uske cousins,nisha’s mom

    1. sry,shravan’s mom is laxmi frm nauc nishu’s mom

  3. gopi and gaura say the same dialogue
    all r crying
    vidya prays to god
    precap-ahem says meera mar chuki hai

  4. Gaura n dharam plz torture meera in such away that she ahould come n realize how moms r mean to their childrens

  5. People hate this serial and say that they are gonna stop reading the updates but then they come here, change their name and put horrible thing about this serial. I think this is the best serial.

    1. Exactly what is so ‘best’ about this serial ????????????????????????

    2. pretenders even god know them.

  6. Nice episode

  7. I totally agree john this serial is very interesting and i don’t feel bore and sad ?

  8. Please i request all those viewers who criticize this serial should stop commenting as this serial is going long and doesn’t dishearten us by ending so soon like that boring youth serials

  9. I agree too. I love this seriel. But I think if Shravan actually loved vidya, then after getting to know the truth he should have walked out of the house with vidya!!!

  10. I think shravan should leave after what he heard n meera will perish with them now

  11. Meera bht puchtawoge tm aik din…i love this serial…

  12. meera she will realise what is mothers love but till that it will be late.

  13. i love saathiya serial

  14. Its not like that shravan abhi samaz nahi raha hai ki use unke saath reh kar mahi balki aginest jakar modis ki hrlp karne chaiye

  15. Its like ramanyan
    Vibhishan is sharvan
    Kumbkaran is dharam
    Ravan is guara
    Ram side betrayer is meera
    Good side team contains gopi,kokila,ahem and other modi sena
    Vidya is here like sita who is hunged in between all and got fascinated by sharvan as if sita got attractd by deer lets see war men age kya hota hai jai shree ram

  16. Omg!!!!! From which planet you viewers are from ????????
    Teenage girls can be rebellious that doesn’t mean that Meera should now be treated like an animal by that baby elephant….. This serial has been going on for long and majority of ladies are from older generation physical abuse in India on daughter in laws are not common in rural areas and this serial will surely give some ideas to all that aging non educated class on how to torture their daughters laws
    I did saw trailers in news of physical abuse like slapping pushing going on between Meera and Gaura in upcoming episodes no matter what the reason is physical abuse on screen should not be acceptable at any cost!!!!!!!
    Just like we like and appreciate the fashion styles in these serials some people do pick up bad habits from these serials we need to understand that

    Please reconsider where this serial is headed and what it is teaching us before writing anything….
    I just hate this serial in current state writer should consider what he/ she is writing and what the consequences be
    Star plus just cannot get over this saas bahu bullshit is seems to be the base of every serial

    women torturing women on screen it is PATHETIC and SICKENING
    Wake up ladies!

  17. Ya its right ,meaningless story

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