Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 29th October 2013 Written Update

The episode kick starts with Kokila upbraiding Raashi as usual. Kokila reminds Raashi that Raashi divorce had not taken place and that Raashi is still the daughter in law of Modi family and She, Kokila still the In Law.

Kokila asks Raashi to change into a saree and signals to Gopi, who then takes hold of a bag and takes Raashi inside.

Hetal and Kokila take over the kitchen and prepare some kind of Roti – Dal Roti. Urmilaa watches with a sour face, things are not to her liking and she wants the Modi family out of Shah home.

Later Urmilaa says she cannot host them, Modi family, with her meager budget. So when Kokila asks Ahem to list out the things, Jitu says that they are Shah Family’s special and important guests and he cannot make them spend

a single pie. Jitu leaves, so does Ahem. Urmilaa is piqued, I mean to say, she does not like the situation.

Jigar in office, asks someone if his Dad and Ahem are in office, someone says they would be late.

Gopi tries to imbibe some sense to Raashi, but to no avail. Raashi tells Gopi not to trouble her. Kinjal says that it is of no use, Raashi does not understand that because of her, other people, family people, are put to trouble. Just as Raashi is about to retort, Gopi lays a calming hand on Raashi. Raashi leaves, Gopi follows her out.

Urmilaa not able to bear the goings on, switches of the mains, power shut off. The Family feels the heat.

Gopi gets some old rugs and sheets from Kinjal and wets them. Then she and Parag drape the wet rugs on the window curtain rods. Her mother Madhu feels happy and proud.

Urmilaa’s dirty plan fails and she switches on the mains, fearing that she might be caught.

She then gets out her bunch of keys and lay a challenge to Kokila to run the house on meager budget. After few sarcastic remarks from Urmilaa, Kokila accepts the challenge. Then Urmilaa develops cold feet and lays down a condition, that the keys of Modi home should be handed over to Urmilaa. After a pause, Kokila gives her key bunch and takes Urmilaa’s key bunch. Rest of the family, sans Jitu, are mute spectators, taken aback by Urmilaa’s dirty move. Madhu tries to intervene but Urmilaa is adamant.

Jigar tries to talk to Ahem in Ahem’s cabin, asks when will they be back, Ahem says when Jigar brings Raashi back.

Hetal tells Kokila that giving keys of Modi home would spell bad for Modi home. Kokila says that she gave the keys after due thought ; with a very angry Jigar around, Urmilaa would not dare to be in and around Modi home. This brings smiles to Hetal.

Cooking is done and Kokila tells Hetal to freshen up before serving the food to the family.

Urmilaa sneaks into the empty kitchen and loosen a handle of a vessel. Pours the gravy into the vessel.

In the hall as the family is seated in two rows, facing, Radha brings in the gravy. And the handle comes off, gravy spills missing Meera by inches, Gopi pulls her daughter out of the danger area.

Episode Ends On Kokila’s Stern Face ! ! !

Preview :- Hetal And Kokila ; Kokila is having a warm water treatment and Hetal says that there is definitely lot of improvement of her foot, swelling has come down. Kokila replies that it is because of salt water treatment. Urmilaa barges in to say that they are taking so much trouble for a person who is not willing to return home with them.

Update Credit to: Manzz

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